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  1. Re: Top 5 hobbies Hmmm this is a tough one 1. Weightlifting 2. Walking/Hiking 3. Computer stuff (SM,Ebay,research etc) 4. Shopping 5. Watching television (Football, Documentaries, Wildlife programs).
  2. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! Manchester United obviously don't want Ronaldo to leave but if his heart is set on a move to Spain and Real come in with an offer, not much can be done. I can't see the Glazers "sitting him up in the stands to prove a point" like Fergie said they would. In my opinion though, If Real hadn't courted him so much with so many comments from Bernd Schuster and Ramón Calderón then I think he would have stayed for at least one more season. Real do this all the time, they bully clubs and try to unsettle players but it seems that every man and his dog has been urging Ronaldo to head for the Santiago Bernabeu, even Luiz Felipe Scolari it seems has advised him to move the Spanish capital. United should bite Real's hand off. If the fee is 80 Million + then that is one hell of a lot of money which could buy them 3 or 4 world class players. Real are reportedly ready to offer Ronaldo a world-record five-year contract worth £300,000 per week after tax to make him the richest footballer in the world so let him go and let them pay that extortionate amount of money for one player. Anyway he may not move to Real. Barcelona are obviously interested in him too and may make an offer. Remember, Manchester United accepted a bid from Barcelona for David Beckham before selling him to Madrid.
  3. Man United winger admits he desires Real move http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_3654140,00.html
  4. Re: 3-2-2-2-1 Just spoke to my friend who logged on about 5 minutes ago. He used it last night with his Valencia and got hammered 5-1 by Villarreal. Results weren't going well for him recently anyway so maybe that has something to do with it. I won't be trying it anyway
  5. Re: need help lost 4 of last 6 Your tactics are similar to mine that I use with 4-4-2 Diamond with a few clubs to good effect. I will suggest that you change the passing style to direct to get that ball up to your strikers quicker and change the attacking style to mixed to benefit from your wide men as well (Ronaldo in particular). Also if your playing attacking football I would suggest using a fast tempo. As for players to buy, If you can get another player rated at least 93 to partner Rooney that would be a better front line. Try and add a few more players to your midfield and your defence in particular to give your side some depth because you only have 1 LB and 2 RB so when one gets injured or another isn't match fit your performances will suffer (and your in trouble with Barzagli and Vidic out). I can see a lot of your players aren't match fit. Do you rotate the squad? Having players not match fit will reduce their ability to play to their full potential.
  6. Re: need help lost 4 of last 6 You say "go into detail" but you yourself haven't given enough detail. We need to know what kind of setup you are in, how much money you have and most importantly you need to show us your tactics and tell us results of recent matches so we can try and figure out what is going wrong.
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Right now I'm listening to... Amerika by Rammstein http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w9EksAo5hY
  8. Re: Your First Film You Ever Saw In The Cinema? Jumanji with Robin Williams. Came out in 95 I think. Fantastic film. Special effects still good to this day. I don't think that was the first film I ever saw in the cinema but it's certainly the first I actually remember seeing.
  9. Re: New Additions to GM Thanks to SM for adding this holiday mode. I have 12 clubs so when I go away over the summer this will prove very handy as I'll not be able to access the internet.
  10. Re: Need a CM who is going 2 rise? Marek Hamsik who plays for Napoli. He is rated 89 and is only 20. Scored goals for Brescia and he scored a few this season for Napoli. Apparently Mourinho wants him at Inter but a lot of big clubs are interested in him. He is quality and will definately rise in the future.
  11. Re: Say Goodbye To Gilardino:(:( As msissio said, I believe that your comment is bigoted and also prejudiced. Leave the nationality out of it because the fact that Gilardino is Italian has nothing to do with how he behaves on a football pitch. When you say "another dirty Italian player" you sound like you are tarring all Italian footballers with the same brush. It is true that some Italians dive and that some Italians cheat. However this diving/cheating is not limited to Italian footballers by any stretch of the imagination. Players of all nationalities can cheat! C.Ronaldo is Portuguese and he has dived, Didier Drogba is African and he has dived, Robert Pires is French and he has dived. I don't need to go on, you get the point. It also just so happens that my favourite footballer, Paolo Maldini, himself an Italian, is one of the most exemplary and emblematic players in the world, a true professional with a blemish-free career. I'd rescind that comment if I were you, or at least explain what you meant.
  12. Re: Yoann Gourcuff He will get a lot more playing time at Bordeaux so now we can really see what he is made of. He was great in his last season with Rennes and this will give him even more experience I watched his debut in the Champions League against AEK Athens when he scored a goal and was fantastic the whole match.
  13. Re: John Terry spitting at Tevez? Just look at this picture and the way Terry's lips are. After watching the video many times I now believe that Terry did spit at Tevez. If you watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E8WQRLONwU which has been slowed down a little, just look at Terry's lips at about 0:04/0:05 (the time that the picture above was taken at). Sorry, but he's not talking there, he's putting his lips in that position to spit. Then he wipes his mouth/nose on his sleeve and then at about 0:07 his head juts out quickly and again you can see the way his lips go.
  14. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008 Well, there is a right few of us signed up now. The more the merrier. It seems everyone is entered into this Head to Head league. At first I thought I had entered it by mistake. I can't see anyone from the forums here in my Head to Head league, looks like it's just all random teams from around the world with my first "match" against a team called da oranje from Malaysia
  15. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008 I'm in Joined all 3 SM leagues. Can someone explain to me what the Head to Head league is? I clicked on it and my team are shown with some other random teams. Haven't got a clue what the Head to Head thing is about.
  16. Re: Cheating ? Hi curlylad. I found myself asking the same sort of questions that you are now when I started managing my first club. Getting a win proved very hard and for ages I was suffering big defeats. The only thing that ended my miserable run was experimentation with different tactics and formations and also moving players around to see what position best suited them (or gave me the best performances from them). This may not be the case for you, but I found that my tactics and formation were just too elaborate. I was just trying too hard. I don't really like talking about tactics and formations and I think people would get a lot more out of the game and enjoy it more if they actually worked hard to find the right tactics/formation by themselves (not saying you haven't). What I will say is that I reverted to a simple 4-4-2 or sometimes a diamond 4-4-2 and ticked only two of the boxes beneath play style and I started getting wins here, there and everywhere. Sometimes common sense wins a game for you. If I'm a 4th division team competing in an English Championship then I really wouldn't choose to go attacking or very attacking against a team like Manchester Utd or a team with a significantly better overall rating than me in a cup game. If I wanted to maximise my chances of actually beating them I'd go defensive and under play style I would tick Men Behind Ball and Tight Marking and probably go with a Slow tempo and Hard tackling style. Sometimes if you keep it simple like this and think about the opposition and have a look at their previous match reports it can become a lot easier. I hope you get better results in the future mate but just don't give up. Keep trying and change things around. I don't want to argue with you and I'm not saying your a rubbish manager but I just think you are doing something wrong if your always losing. I guarantee you though that you will start winning more if you just change things around and experiment until you find the right tactics and formation for your team. That's all I can say
  17. Re: Injury rules Babel out of Euros This is very unfortunate and disappointing. He was one of a group of players that I was really looking forward to seeing at the Euros. I was also looking forward to seeing Gokhan Gonul but he's injured too.
  18. Re: The Luck Of The Lottery - Discussion? + 60 Nice one. At first I wasn't sure how you were working this but I completely understand now. Great idea.
  19. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Wow, the 18 year old wonderkid finally waves goodbye to Partizan. I have him in nearly all my teams. (Off topic but grab him now while he is at Partizan in the game). I'll look forward to seeing how he gets on next season.
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