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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Norwhich Manager has Confirmed he Feels his Team Cannot Progress Much More, With Him at the Helm Norwich Manager has this to say... "I feel since i first became manager of Norwich i have never really settled in as the manager, and the results that have been played out have not pleased me. Out of 7 games, Norwich have taken a measly 8 points. Yes 8 points out of a possible 21. We have won just 2 games, and have lost 4. I feel that on most matchdays, we will lose." "I feel i am not the right man for the job here, and that the fans are al
  2. Re: 20yo Striker- Big Rating Increase - Jonathan Biabiany So am i to tell you the truth... And, i can really see Dzagoev reaching 86 That would be amazing...actually now i think about he should reach 87, no 86. I dont know But something big
  3. Re: 20yo Striker- Big Rating Increase - Jonathan Biabiany
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Norwich vs Stoke Norwich's last game of the season was somewhat un-successfull, as they fell to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Stoke City. It was a closely fought game, however Stoke just proved that little stronger. The goal was scored by loan boy Lisandro, he equalised after Joseph-Desire Job put Stoke ahead. The man of the match award went to Joseph-Desire Job, and Lisandro ended the match as Norwhich's best player. New Season, New Chance The Norwhich manager is hopeful of a succesfull season next season, and is hopeful to get off t
  5. Re: Nas' World Scout for Future Superstars Very nice players mate...keep it up
  6. Re: Aleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Also know as Oleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Definate Anderlecht Riser thank you mate...i was thinking about giving you a mention actually...but i didnt want to drag you into it cheers
  7. Re: Aleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Also know as Oleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Definate Anderlecht Riser
  8. Alfred N'Diaye (He is the larger guy on the ball) Alfred is a central midfielder, born on the 6th of March in 1990. Making him just 18 years old. He stands at a height of 6ft 2inches. He was born in Paris. Alfred plays for French club Nancy-Lorraine, and wears the number 29 shirt for them. He has recently been promoted to the first team after spending 2 years in the B team. So far this season Alfred N'Diaye has participated in 3 games. He has started 1 and been subbed on 2 times. This may not seem great however considerning he is only 18 years old it is a feet in itself. Also the mat
  9. Re: Aleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Also know as Oleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Definate Anderlecht Riser i respect your opinion...HOWEVER IT IS WRONG 1. He has scored 2. The first was against Kortrijk in the 79th minute. The second was against Standard Liege in the 56th minute. SO ABDEL, I HAVE NO IDEA WERE YOU GET YOUR STATS, BUT THEY ARE WRONG AS I HAVE JUST PROVEN HE HAS SCORED 2 2. He plays as an attacking midfielder, which is stated in SM, on GUARDIAN and on my best source which no1 can no sorry So yer he plays Attaking midfielder. 3. Stop making up stuff to put people
  10. Re: Vladislav Ryzhkov and no regular means usually. (usually/most of the time) is what it means.
  11. Re: Vladislav Ryzhkov Spartak have played 26 games, the player you are mentioning has only participated in 5. I think this says he is not a regular. Secondly i never said your English is bad, i thought that is what you said on a previous post, but reading it back you said' i am not English speaking'.
  12. Re: Vladislav Ryzhkov cheers for the stats Ben, however Abdel you stated how he plays on a regular basis. It is all good saying you are not a great English speaker, but i am sure you know that 'REGULAR BASIS' means 'PLAYING REGULARLY', Which he is obviously not
  13. Re: Aleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Also know as Oleksandr Iakovenko<<>>Definate Anderlecht Riser mate...OK, he didnt 'cut the mustard' at Genk. however i am on about this season at Anderlecht. He is 'cutting the mustard' there and is in for a rise without a doubt. So why try to put people off this thread and player when i have done nothing to you People he will be in for a rise, and i know Abdel is blabbing on about how he didnt perform at Genk last season, but this season he is playing for a much bigger club, Anderlecht and is performing. Also Abdel and people Abdel st
  14. Re: how to post a video from other sites well dat is annoying, as a video of one of my scouts is 'no longer available' at youtube, but is at dailymotion. Ahh well
  15. hi, dailymotion seems to hold many videos taht Youtube does not, and i really need to add a video from dailymotion, however i dont know how to. someone help please
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