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  1. Re: Gundogan & Alcantara 2014/15 ratings thiago was sensational in the games he played last season ,he alone controlled the games he played and thats difficult to do with great players around him and at such a young age also bayern really struggled when he got re-injured p.s , if he stays fit he could be recognized as one of the worlds best
  2. Re: World Cup risers i agree with the majority if your predictions apart from pogba, 91 is right for him at the moment but i do think james rodriguez should get a plus 1 for sure
  3. Re: Pogba Vs Isco isco, has so much potential its scary hes the closest thing to zidane when it comes to ball control and also he knows how to put the ball in the net! if he continues to grow and learn hes a serious future candidate for the balonDor
  4. Re: Best player in the world this last season sadly ronaldo will win this because everyone seems to love him, but suarez is the one who deserves to win this poll
  5. Re: Daniel Carvajal imo his form of late is easily worthy of a 91, been brilliant most of the season and only getting better
  6. Re: Barclays Premier League Risers suarez should be at least 95
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread koke has been amazing and will only get better at least future 94-5, at least
  8. Re: Suarez or Bale bale has age on his side but doesnt even compare to suarez when it come to playing football, IMO suarez is the best in the world right now
  9. Re: Luis Suarez' rating his the best in the world at the moment deserves at least 95 ,IMO 96
  10. Re: David Luiz and Emboaba Oscar. oscar has played close to every game lol, if chelsea were to go on and win the EPL then for me yes he deserves a rise luiz on the other hand has not played enough games and although he has alot of potential its unlikely he will get a rise
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion watch thiago play he has been sensational, give it till the end of the season and there could be a plus 2 for him given all the talent on that team he still stands out with the things he can do on the ball, his near future will be huge
  12. Re: Jese The only one I would swap for him would be Wilshere or veratti, do not swap any of the other 4 for him!
  13. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread jese is a very good young player but not near the level of isco, the reason isco isnt playing is because he doesnt fit in the new formation that ancelotti is playing, but it is only a matter of time before he starts getting his minutes on the pitch again.
  14. Re: Draxler or nastacic draxler for me plus nastacic has been error prone this season
  15. Re: Thiago Alcantara he has been amazing thus far for bayern, any chance of a rise IMO deserves at least a +1
  16. Re: Suarez surely to 95 by the end of the season? he is a truly phenomenal player and i agree he deserves to be 95, not just because of the goals what he can do with a ball that only ronaldo and messi can do
  17. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread there is no way on goods green earth that neymar should be rated 2 higher than isco, isco was phenomenal last season and almost carried real for the first 4 or 5 games when he was played in position
  18. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread did you not see him play against barce he was the best player on the pitch by quite some distance , do you guys think that Koke, Isco and sanchez will get a rise??
  19. Re: How high can the lad isco go to?? best young player in the world when we peaks minimum 95 granted his only 21
  20. Re: Luis Suarez Rating watch suarez play for 90 minutes, if he was to go real or barca it wouldnt be long he would be 96 like him or hate him just grow up , his truly amazing on the pitch
  21. Re: Luis Suarez Rating never seen anyone with this goals per game ratio ever in the prem, just bcus he doesn't score against the top couple of teams in the league doesnt mean he doesnt play well lol 95 for me and rooney is carrying a better team to a lower position , so how on earth is he on a par with suarez ????
  22. Re: Luis Suarez Rating 95 at this moment the best in the world
  23. kyle walker vertonghen suarez zlatan isco lloris dante soldado alaba thanks guys
  24. Re: Jorge Koke A huge talent, should be spoken as in the same breath as Neymar,Gotze,Isco ect, depending on where he moves in the future i believe he could be as good as xavi but more versatile
  25. Re: Which youngster is most likely to win the Ballon d'or first? is bale really a youngster?
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