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  1. Need to find my old team (managed them for over 10 years) so i can lead them to glory again but i don't know the Game ID! The league is called English Championship 90, can anyone help me locate this? 😊 HELP!
  2. Re: Andrei Cristea and Florin Costea
  3. Re: Andrei Cristea and Florin Costea haha well done mate ! saying it how it is
  4. Re: Andrei Cristea and Florin Costea Mate all i can say is the ratings speak volumes!
  5. Re: Andrei Cristea and Florin Costea and look at Trica now 86! hahaha i told you he would never rise and would drop !! i was right again!
  6. Re: Andrei Cristea and Florin Costea Costea now a 86! guess i murdered a Romanian scout! Good times!
  7. Re: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang This is great news for him Gets to prove him self at a pretty high standard!
  8. Re: Dominic Cervi! Looks like its finally happening! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/celtic/8059535.stm
  9. Re: Uefa U-19 Championships!!!! weird looking back at this ! alot of these spots are 80+ just look at Savio now at WHU!
  10. Re: Carlos ORLANDO SA - 10K BUY MUST! Good post but im afraid most of the world knows about him!!!!
  11. Re: 5 Porto loanees that you may want to keep your eye on I remeber that match wher Mano got sent off for decking someone and so did zequinha for taking the card out of the referees hand was hilarious:) gr8 player though!
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    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Harry kewell Galatasaray
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    Re: Pick A 'Pear' david batty (England)
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