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  1. cram715

    Andy Jeffo

    totaly agree with the above mentioned. Jeffo is also known for discriminatory abuse in private messages. Have reported him many times in several GW's... SM just ignores. It can't be too difficult to just but a ban on an IP adress right?
  2. cram715

    Wc 28209!

    Re: Wc 28209! New season about to start, please join!
  3. cram715

    Wc 28209!

    Worldchampionship 28209 is competitive and fun. We can use a few fanatic managers. Can you stand the challenge? Good teams available, id 152967!
  4. Re: Anyone know of any Competitive Game worlds? ali5: try worldchampionship 28209 and approach Rinus Michels!
  5. New season about to start! World championship 28209 is looking for new managers to join and make this Gameworld More competitive. Good teams still available so please join!
  6. cram715

    Underrated Players in the game

    Re: Underrated Players in the game Balotelli is definitely underrated, 91/92 should well be possible in next review. Another underrated player is Guidetti, still a 85 rating. Guy has been excellent for Feyenoord last year with lots of goals. Compare him with other Feyenoord players and a rise for Guidetti to 87 or 99 should be reasonable....
  7. cram715

    Ricardo VAN RHIJN

    Re: Ricardo VAN RHIJN Good right back, talanted player. Probably a riser to 88 eg as he sometimes plays in NT. can't see him rise above the 88 while playing for ajax in dutch league. In 2 or 3 years and a move to bigger league a rating of 90 should be possible. So i would keep him for the moment.
  8. cram715

    Marc Bartra

    Re: Marc Bartra I'm about to sell him. definitely not a first team regular and i doubt he will be the next year. with the money from selling hem you could make better investments imo...