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  1. Re: Luis ANGEL his second goal was very nice (thats hard to do lol) ill rep ya
  2. Re: Youngsters?? he probaly hasnt played any competitive games yet m8
  3. Re: Brazilian Risers. ty, thats what i thought
  4. Re: Brazilian Risers. when are they doing the brazilian ratings, i thought they were starting on the croatian ones
  5. Re: Andrea Russotto BUMP: He has just been mentioned by the SM talent scout lol. Just shows how good at scouting I am oj
  6. DB=20-80-F-SM Value=£2,172,000 A young Italian footballer that has been mentioned briefly in some threads. He is currently 20 years old and is playing for Napoli, I think on loan from Bellinzona, but I think Napoli have bought him if not he isnt off loan until summer 2009 and will get a chance to prove himself with Napoli and show how good a talent he is. He started his footballing career in the Lazio youth system were he refused to sign a contract and got sold of straight away to Bellinzona. He has played 12 games and has scored 2 goals for Bellinzona. From Bellinzona he was loaned to Cisco Roma, were he only played 3 games. he was then loaned to Treviso, notching up 5 goals in 67 games. During his time at Treviso he attracted intrest from Napoli who now have him in their team. In the World U17s tournament he played with a very high quality, he shone brightly amongst a dismal Italian squad. He has played for the Italian U21 team, scoring 2 goals in 10 games. The world soccer magazine listed him in their top 50 worlds best players under 21. And he is also hailed as "the nearest thing to Roberto Baggio Italy have". This player is an amazing young talent and should be snapped up for such a low price. He has shown his skill with Treviso and hopefully will show more skill with Napoli.
  7. Re: Paul Anderson Tyvm for bumping my thread Yea he looks like a class player defintly one to watch out for in a couple of seasons. I agree he could easily reach 83 with Nottingham Forest.
  8. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread hey did u guys inspire the SM google earth thing, if so gd job
  9. Re: Come on join in the fun! Nice one, thats sure to bring in more people to compete
  10. Re: Come on join in the fun! ok, count me in
  11. Re: Come on join in the fun! How do I join?
  12. Re: Who Should Bolton Sign Bolton are linked with Simon Vukcevic and I think he is pretty good. Would be a class signing for Bolton IMO. Would easily replace Dioufy.
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