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  1. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) This could be the nail in the coffin for soccermanager, alot of users will go into debt and have no idea why beceasue there was no annoucment of this change and as such will lose interest in the game, considering there is maybe 20-30 big clubs that this change wont effect and then consider the 100s of small teams that this will effect over all the different gameworlds. I have never played an online game with such bad customer relations between devs and users, it really is astounding that the game is still afloat but they are doing their best to sink it!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Negoatied a deal from My subotic and Bonucci for Hummels to My Subotic and Ethienne Copoue for Hummels. I know it sounds very good but i have a sneaky feeling subotic will rise to 93 if dortmund win the CL.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Negoatied a deal from My subotic and Bonucci for hummels to My subotic and Ethienne Copoue for hummels. I know it sounds very good by i have a sneaky feeling subotic will rise to 93 if dortmund win the CL.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My David Silva + Yaya Toure for iniesta
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... David silva + hulk + 30mil for iniesta?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My subotic and bonucci for hummels?
  7. I have a chance to get cole from a foriegn club, i am just wondering is he worth it and how long will he keep his 93?
  8. A manger is willing to let hummels go for these 2 defenders, is it a good deal?
  9. Re: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules] I would join if there is a place
  10. This tool is a total waste of credits, i thought it was brought in because of unmanaged teams now choosing different tacicts so we could get a heads up on their formation and i know it is ment to be 50/50 success ratio but i have used it 5 times against unmanaged teams now and every time it has given me the wrong squad and tacitcs!!! It should be 80/20 per scent succes ratio given that it costs credits because otherwise its just pure random if you win or lose against the unmanaged sides.
  11. Whats the story with this guy, does he have potential to go higher or will he keep his 92 for a good while?
  12. Re: Gomez for Cavani i get cavani for gomez
  13. Is this a good straight swap?
  14. Re: Rate my Squad What do you reckon i am missing, top quality wingers?
  15. Is there any improvements to be made or dead wood to be sold? GK Joe Hart - 92 Vito Mannone -84 DR Marcel Schmelzer - 90 Baines - 91 DC Sahko - 90 Neven Subotic -91 Leonardo Bonucci - 91 Dante Santos – 90 DR Lukasz Piszczek – 92 Correia Adriano – 91 Midfield Hulk - 91 Arda Turan - 91 Yaya Toure – 93 David Silva - 94 Claudio Marchiso – 92 Anderson Hernanes – 91 Lukas Podolski – 91 Etienne Capoue - 90 Forwards Mario Gomez – 93 Radamel Falcao – 94 Bafetimbi Gomis - 90 Alvaro Negredo – 90 Youth Team IIkay Gundogan – 89 Tom Cleverley – 89 Alex Sandro – 89 Marco Verratti - 87 Wilfried Bony – 88 Mattia De Sciglio – 87 Mendoca Cicinho - 87 Mauro Icardi – 85 Wissam Ben Yedder - 85 Andre Wisdom - 83 Max Meyer - 77
  16. Re: Players hogging and collecting Thanks for that did you read it yourself? Because that has nothing to do with soccermanager unless they let 6-12 year olds onto the database There is actually 70 on Utds books and all the youngsters that are on the books arent top of the cream talent wise maybe 4 or 5 really good ones.
  17. Re: Financial Fair Play [Clubs + Rules] Dont mean to but in, just wondering how would i go about joining this league?
  18. Re: Player ratings on game day Have to agree with sean in that the amount of upsets compared to real life upsets is way off the target, I have seen many games and not just my team where a very decent rated 93 or 92 team goes up against an unmanaged team with and average rating of 84 or lower that have half the players not match fit and from reviewing the many match reports alot would have red cards or 2 to 3 injuries in the game but they still get the win. I actually look forword to the big games because you feel you might get a result as where i am to come up against a lower rated team i feel no confedence at all as i know an upset is always on the cards and about 70% of the time it is, in reality it should be more 10% of the time. And people say that tactics are the key, well i have tried ever suggested tactic under the sun on these fourms over the last 2 years and it makes no differeance. And in respect to Dans post i see more people moaning about upsets than going on about the fantastic wins against big opponents which i never have.
  19. Re: Counter formations Ok, so i have started the season with 7 points from 6 games which is simply not good enough, i have been using a 3-5-2 and it looks to not be working for me this season, so i have decided to try counter opp formation from now on and see if that is the key. My next match is agianst man city who ironically are using the same tacitcs but are 12 points to the good. Man City Tactics So im going to try play to the wings and bypass his midfield, this is my sugessted formation and tactic My Tactics Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated
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