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  1. Arsenal 0 - 0(p) Juventus Ryan will be a dissapointed manager this morning after his Gunners went out of the cup outgunned by 001 mighty Juve on penalties. Even though the homeside controlled nearly all the game they just could not find the back of the net . Fulham 3 - 1 Real Madrid. Sir Bobo followed his brother into the semi-final with a comprehensive result at the Cottage.It was actually Dannys Spanish outfit that took the lead as early as the 3rd minute through ROBINHO ,and they were still holding that slim lead when both teams went in after 45 minutes. Well whatever was said in the dressing room by Sir Bobo worked because the Cottagers came out like a team possesed and completely overran the Galacticos for the next 45minutes.Goals by Goncalves AILTON(47)ZlatanIBRAHIMOVIC (60) and Jorge MARTINEZ (73) sent the spaniards packing. Tottenham Hotspur 3 - 1 Manchester United The spectators got good value for there money in a very competitive game ,for long periods of the first halve there was nothing to choose between the two clubs,But missed chances by the Red Devils and well taken chances by the homeside meant they went into the interval with a a 2-0 lead.It was about the same for the second halve with both teams peppering each others goal and with Luca TONI (69) pulling one back the hoards of United supporter must have thought that they might be able to take it to penalties.But Teb has installed a hard element into what once was considered a "soft outfit" and restored a 2 goal cushion within ten minutes with a goal from Jose CALDERON (78).This seemed to take the steam out of United and remained the score at the final whistle. The biggest supprise of the game was that even though loosing Kev Carlisle didnt use his substitute option of fetching Star player Rooney of the bench. Evertime Kev turned to Rooney the fans sat behind the dugout thought it was to tell him to get ready but they said he just kept saying "TAKE YOUR THUMB OUT OF YOUR MOUTH." Bayern Munchen 2 - 1 Atlético Madrid Kev d takes his Munich Giants into the semi-final with a well deserved win over Nav.I am afraid the Germans were just to strong in every department and it is on merit that they are the team in the hat.
  2. If any of you have been reading some of my threads on the chairman ,you will all know that i have been pestering Stegore to bits on having more info on chairman rejections. Well i hope Stegore dosnt slap my wrist for copying his Private message to me and posting it on here but i think it will be music in your ears for you all. stegore Evening Mr Neller, I was about to pm you regarding this as the tech team are working on it at the moment. They are not getting rid of the chairman as people would abuse the system. They are going to put more detail(s) down in rejected transfers and are currently working on it at the moment. More reasoning is going to be put into the rejected transfer. So if you were Charlton and made a bid of £15m for Campbell from Portsmouth it would say: "The Chalrton chairman has blocked the deal as the fee is to high." Likewise it would be similar if you made a bid for Kaka for £8m. The message would state: "The Milan chairman has rejected the deal as the offer falls below his valuation." The above are only two examples and there will be many more which will help explain the rejected/blocked deal. Hope this will help. So once again thank-you to S/M lads who once again prove they are watching and listening to the forum and are always on the ball. Lets all now hope this will stop all the critiscm against S/M and the transfer system. Please let us all get back to normality,Also any newbies that come on moaning ,all the Mod team will not be pleased if anyone jumps down there throat ,after all they might not know what is happening.So please be respectful and direct them to this post. The more happy Forumers we have the merrier,we dont want to scare anyone off. Will say again Thankyou Stegore and the team.
  3. Jordan S/M know how some of you feel but keep from referring as everyone ,because i know from all the hundreds of posts about the chairman there is also a lot like me who agree on keeping him ,so it is not all . Just check below , G - CANIZARES, Jose Valencia Le Mans 36 92 £281k £500k N/A G INR VAN DER SAR, Edwin Manchester United Monaco 35 93 £611k £1.0M and Guillaume WARMUZ N/A G INR LEHMANN, Jens Arsenal FC Thun 36 93 £306k £1.0M N/A LB/LM - SERGINHO, Milan Monaco 35 90 £468k £1.0M N/A LB - ROBERTO CARLOS, da Silva Real Madrid Kaiserslautern 33 92 £2.8M £5.0M N/A RB/CB - NEVILLE, Gary Manchester United Hearts 31 93 £5.4M £3.6M and Lee WALLACE and Robbie NEILSON N/A CB INR CANNAVARO, Fabio Real Madrid AZ Alkmaar 33 97 £4.1M £4.0M and Grétar Rafn STEINSSON N/A CB/RB INR THURAM, Lilian Barcelona Real Betis 34 95 £2.1M £4.0M and Alejandro LEMBO and Juan CANAS N/A LM/CM INR NEDVED, Pavel Juventus Real Betis 34 94 £1.9M £4.0M and Paolo CASTELLINI and Miguel Angel LOZANO N/A CM/LM - HUGHES, Michael Crystal Palace Parma 35 85 £268k £475k N/A AM/CM INR DECO, Barcelona Palermo 29 95 £8.5M £16.0M N/A F - DOS SANTOS, Giovanni Barcelona Lazio 17 75 £593k £0k and Igli TARE N/A F INR SHERINGHAM, Teddy West Ham United Cruzeiro 40 87 £10k £30k N/A F - WALCOTT, Theo Arsenal Real Betis 17 85 £5.2M £1.0M and Alecsandro BARBOSA and XISCO N/A CF - HASSELBAINK, Jimmy Floyd Charlton Athletic Hearts 34 90 £1.4M £0k and Juho MäKELä N/A CF - VIERI, Christian Atalanta Le Mans 33 91 £2.5M £2.0M and Yannick FISCHER and Cren PAULO ANDRE N/A CF - RONALDO, Luis Real Madrid Bolton Wanderers 30 95 £7.8M £2.4M and El Hadji DIOUF and Ricardo VAZ TE N/A G - REINKE, Andreas SV Werder Bremen Parma 37 90 £117k £225k N/A RB - MIGUEL, Luis Valencia Chelsea 26 93 £9.1M £9.2M and Renato PAULO FERREIRA and Njitap GEREMI N/A CB/DM - FABIANO ELLER, dos Santos No Club found Borussia Dortmund 28 90 £6.0M £6.0M N/A CF - GOOSSENS, John No Club found Borussia Dortmund 18 75 £578k £600k N/A G - AKINFEEV, Igor CSKA Moskva Borussia Dortmund 20 91 £9.2M £13.0M and Bernd MEIER and Sahr SENESIE N/A CB - AGGER, Daniel Liverpool Borussia Dortmund 21 87 £5.9M £6.0M and Martin AMEDICK and Uwe HUNEMIER N/A CF - PIERONI, Luigi Auxerre Dynamo Kyiv 26 88 £5.7M £10.0M N/A CB/CM - SCOBBIE, Tom No Club found Borussia Dortmund 18 73 £209k £200k N/A AM - STOKES, Tony No Club found Borussia Dortmund 19 73 £203k £200k N/A CB/DM - FERDINAND, Rio Manchester United Dynamo Kyiv 27 94 £9.2M £10.0M and Georgi PEEV F/AM INR TEVEZ, Carlos West Ham United Atlético Madrid 22 93 £10.3M £6.0M and Martin PETROV and Juan VALERA N/A AM - RIQUELME, Juan Roman Villarreal Valencia 28 97 £10.7M £3.0M and Jaime GAVILAN and Luis MIGUEL N/A RB - CUMMING, Stuart Montrose Albion Rovers 21 63 £34k £40k N/A RB/CB INR BEYE, Habib Marseille Chelsea 28 91 £6.6M £11.0M N/A RM INR QUARESMA, Ricardo FC Porto Chelsea 23 90 £7.7M £8.0M and Njitap GEREMI N/A CF - CRUZ, Julio Internazionale Hamburger SV 32 90 £3.2M £3.0M N/A LM/CM - THOMPSON, Alan Celtic Maccabi Haifa 32 84 £1.6M £2.2M CB - DAVID GARCIA, Haro Gimnàstic Real Madrid B 26 76 £656k £600k N/A CB/DM - BESAGNO, Nikolas Real Salt Lake FC Thun 17 72 £96k £200k N/A G INR WILLIAM, Andem Boavista Lincoln City 38 87 £52k £75k N/A CB - JOHNSEN, Ronny Valerenga Wigan Athletic 37 84 £59k £100k N/A CF INR MILOSEVIC, Savo Osasuna Cruz Azul 33 90 £2.3M £1.0M and Daniel RODRIGUEZ and Juan HERNANDEZ Pos Info Nat Player Club From Club To Age Rat Val Paid/Bid Suspicious Deal? RB/CB - FRIEDRICH, Arne Hertha BSC Berlin Liverpool 27 91 £7.1M £12.0M and Godwin ANTWI and Miki ROQUE N/A RB/CB LNL RICHARDS, Micah Manchester City Liverpool 18 86 £5.7M £8.5M N/A RB - VANDEN BORRE, Anthony Anderlecht Liverpool 18 88 £7.2M £13.0M and Jerzy DUDEK N/A RM/F - PETRIC, Mladen FC Basel Manchester United 25 86 £4.7M £5.9M and Ole Gunnar SOLSKJAER N/A THESE HAVE JUST BEEN COMPLETED FROM 4 CUSTOM SETUPS I AM WITH WITH JUST FORUMERS ONLY THIS TURN. So the chairman cant be doing that bad. If you want to get people to e-mail support ,then tell them to do it with the deals there not happy with and ask for a reason ,not to just come whinging on the forum about chairman.
  4. Been discussing it with Fraser he will take up your case for you ,so please give him full details and any other info he asks for through his PM it will be kept in strict confidence ,never give anything out on here.
  5. No just going to refer any chairman complaints to this thread in future.Also have asked S/M if will look into the workings of the chairman and any chance of more info on collapsed deals etc,So as far as i am concerned the ball is now with them . If they dont want to do anything else with him ,then we will all have to come to terms with it.
  6. Chairman is telling truth ' date='he can only do what he is programed to do.Unless we get more info on why deal cancelled ,if you have offered the correct ammount then all any one on here can do is guess the reason why,only support can tell you 100% why. For instance Bobo has been trying to by Thuram off me ,he has bid 5,6,7,mill.All rejected. Thuram might be 95 rated but he is getting old ,hence value rating of 2.1 mill. If you take what the chairman says for rejection, 1.Age of player (too young or too old is not good business) 2.Value of player (too much or too little offered is not good business) 3.Players Rating to the average squad rating of both the selling and buying clubs(selling a star player for less than value or poor player for more than his value) 4.Size of transfer budget (spending all budget on one average player is not good business) 5.Your managers reputation level (less than 40 is a potential unsporting manager, 40 is a new player and a potential higher risk) 6.Manager's length of service (brand new manager blowing their transfer budget or selling their stars is suspicious and unrealistic) 7.Both manager's past transfers (Multiple dealings between two seemingly unrelated clubs) So Bobo bid could come under no1,2,3,also chairman says , After playing the game for a while you should be able to decide what is an acceptable deal and what is not. Buying a player who is worth £6m for 3 times his value, £18m is not, but buying a player who is worth £10m for three times his value, £30m is. So if you take that into account you would think any player valued under 6 mill especially if their old must be under 3 times his value so Bobo 6-7 mill bid to high reason why rejected. [WRONG'] Adam just bought Thuram in his set up and this deal has already gone through. CB/RB INR THURAM, Lilian Barcelona Real Betis 34 95 £2.1M £4.0M and Alejandro LEMBO and Juan CANAS Altogether deal with players was 8.8 mill so not under 3x value in fact just over 4x value. So I could be wrong but your player is valued higher so does it mean your bid was to low[.?] But becauseThuram is higher rated does it mean your bid was to high.[.?] Or is it 1,2 or 3 . Like i said i have no problem with what chairman is doing except to many reasons what we dont know on why deal collapsed ,hence need more detail.
  7. Chairman hits back Everybody hates me, Nobody likes me , I think i will go and stop deals, But only the unfair ones, Only the bad ones , So why do you forumers Squeal. I really am important, Things would just fall apart without me , I'm the one who holds things together, I'm the best person for the job don't you see , "I hate you", do you really mean what you say, They are very strong words, you may regret one day, You need to think about what you said, Because its now time for me to process fixtures instead. "I hate you", well that’s really rich Am I really a bit of a bitch It’s not always easy being a Chairman Trying to do what's best for the Forum.
  8. Carl Carl Tremarco 20 yr old /rated 74 /value 351k. It says when added to your short list will cost around 480k so therfore will need to bid above that but not to high or reject as to much. Try 550 k./600k etc if dosnt go through by 800k or if you have already tried these bids in this price range contact admin because it will not be the price it will be a different reason. For example if your school chums and using computers at school will stop bids' date=' same for work etc,will be to much activity of same ip address. At the end of the day only support can give you reason. So can you please let me know how many times you have e- mailed support over this deal and what your bids were because it might not be straight away but you would of had a reason from them [if it had got rejected in the chairmans price range]
  9. The Last two threads were very well thought out and presented with may I say " a lot of intelligence" I think if you keep trying to make everything in S/M on tap and at a touch of a button then it will take all the fun out of game.
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