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  1. Jordan S/M know how some of you feel but keep from referring as everyone ,because i know from all the hundreds of posts about the chairman there is also a lot like me who agree on keeping him ,so it is not all . Just check below , G - CANIZARES, Jose Valencia Le Mans 36 92 £281k £500k N/A G INR VAN DER SAR, Edwin Manchester United Monaco 35 93 £611k £1.0M and Guillaume WARMUZ N/A G INR LEHMANN, Jens Arsenal FC Thun 36 93 £306k £1.0M N/A LB/LM - SERGINHO, Milan Monaco 35 90 £468k £1.0M N/A LB - ROBERTO CARLOS, da Silva Real Madrid Kaiserslautern 33 92 £2.8M £5.0M N/A RB
  2. wow steve, may i just say im absolutely gobsmacked at your reviews. you must use a lot of time and effort to make these reviews as good as you do. id like to just to take this minute to say well done, and keep it up, its fantastic to see someone with this sort of commitment to a setup and to the game. This is what i would have said above Steve ,but "razhooleyuk" beat me to it.And your work that you do will be why EC3 will live on.
  3. Match of the week. Juventus - Fulham Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 3 Fulham 6 2 3 1 10 7 3 9 4 Juventus 6 2 3 1 11 9 2 9 Could this be also a preview of the Cup Final. Both brothers neck and neck . The rocky of all matches.SLICK APOLLO CREED [sir.Bobo] v ROCKY [001] or should it be the other way round lol. Nothing to Decide between them both so get to it lads and lets have a no holds barred riveting game.May the best Bro win
  4. Division 1 and 2 Turn 7 preview. Chelsea - Arsenal [1-0] [4th] [2nd] Big london derby between Monty and Ryan ,Great result for Ryan last turn giving Baca first defeat but think the Blues will just edge this one. Atlético Madrid - Manchester United [1-1] [6th] [5th] Only one point seperates these two sides,Nav will be hoping a good home result will leapfrog him over Kev C.Important result for both to get out of bottom 4 . Barcelona - Real Madrid [3-1] [1st] [3rd] Battle of the spanish giants.Legend Neller will be hoping to put his little
  5. Make sure you keep it to yourself ,its top secret information, if it leaks out i will have to kill you.The answer is dont let me manage them will give them a 200% chance.lol.
  6. For leaving my innerself you get 80 so jump back into my body and i will let you get an increase.
  7. Small private elite league( Game of week.) Preview. Accrington Stanley v Lyon .(0-2) 8th v 7th. Forumer Dexter v Forumer Craig Smith. If Dexter against summounting odds can pull of a shock home result he will only be one point behind Lyon .Craig desperatlly needs the 3 points to give him a nice cushion so he is not having Dexter breathing down his neck . Just as i go to check what players both teams have at there disposal it has just changed to (Processing Transfers... Check back shortly) So if it had been any othergame i would have waited .lol. Anyway it would be nice if a shock result
  8. Small private elite league Div 2 preview. Division 2 » Turn 6 Aston Villa - Fulham (3-0) 2nd v 4th This should be a very close game between Leamington Steve and Sir Bobo.If "NMF" does have a reflection on the game Sir Bobo will have to show all his managment skills because out of a small squad of 22 players ,10 meet this criteria.Wheras Leamington Steve with an even smaller squad only has one player suspended and just DAVIS not match fit. Ajax Amsterdam - Juventus 6th v 3rd. Lovebug v Ghost. (1-2) Herby has both HUNTELAAR and ROSALES out for this game against 001 ,wheras the Juve
  9. Small private elite league Div 1 preview. Division 1 » Turn 6 Arsenal - Barcelona .Result [1-3] 2ND V 1ST. Top of table clash between Ryan and Legend Neller, Arsenal have no injuries or suspension worries but four top players "NMF." may cause selection problems .( Toure,Gallas,Rosicky and Baptisa.) Wheras Legend has just JOAQUIN, out suspended. LIVERPOOL - Manchester United [2-1] 8TH V 5TH. [ snr] v Kev Carlisle. Just one win in 5 games for both sides , both these managers will go down if they do not start to turn their results around. No selection problems for [sNR] but Kev has
  10. Brothers Kept Apart. Small private elite league Cup » Semi Final draw. Tottenham Hotspur v Juventus Bayern Munchen v Fulham Sir Bobo and 001 the two famous Maltese brothers were kept apart in the semi-final draw to give the possibility of both facing each other in a family confrontation in final. The only downfall for them both is both managers were drawn away which makes a meeting between them both in Final not very good. On paper i would say 001 could have the hardest game against a very solid looking Spurs outfit ,especially at home, but at the same time Bayern wont be no pushover
  11. NELLER SNR[ elite league MATCH PRE/ REVIEWS. Arsenal 0 - 0(p) Juventus Ryan will be a dissapointed manager this morning after his Gunners went out of the cup outgunned by 001 mighty Juve on penalties. Even though the homeside controlled nearly all the game they just could not find the back of the net . Fulham 3 - 1 Real Madrid. Sir Bobo followed his brother into the semi-final with a comprehensive result at the Cottage.It was actually Dannys Spanish outfit that took the lead as early as the 3rd minute through ROBINHO ,and they were still holding that slim lead when both teams wen
  12. Welcome and you should have a great time on here,Great bunch of lads here who will help you all they can.If you have time on your hands have a good browse because you will find some questions you might have are already on here and been answered ,but at the same time dont be shy and fire away and lads will try and answer as quick as they can.
  13. From me ,nobody else owes you one.But if you dont watch how you word it ,next time you wont get one.
  14. Stegore/Admin I will easily admit that what i could be asking for could be stupid as i know nothing about programing ,codes etc.So no idea on how hard to implement. But when you go to purchase a player you go on to that player profile. eg, Player Profile Player name: KAKA (Milan) Age: 24 Born: 22 April 1982 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Attacking Midfield Rating: 95 Morale: Excellent Value: £11.4M Contract: 4 Years - £76,000 per Turn Condition: 96% Transfer Status: Unavailable Now we all know nobody will get him for his value price ,but there is a bottom price t
  15. Have gone for Europe Craig ,because even though on paper have the better team ,as a team they allways seem to gell better no matter who they are partnered with,wheras the Americans seem to be more individual. Anyway whatever the outcome it will be great viewing.
  16. Jordan if that is the case then i hope you accept my apolagy for not being as up-to-date as I should of been before jumping the gun ' date='Its just that when i came on to subject the first thread i saw was Bobo`s reply. Bobo Quote: Originally Posted by [email']Jordanmc8@msn.com[/email] ive doubled it and it got cancelled then there is no way you are going to sell him to that guy with that ip address So to be honest i just looked at your threads and the way they was worded came to the same opinion,But i wont use this as an excuse ,i should have read them all and not just yours then i w
  17. Im not sure Fraser but i still think the Godfather Part II is the only SEQUEL to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture.so it shows must be good. One of my modern ones would be Lord of the rings :two towers ,i think with all the big battle scenes it was far better than the first.
  18. ONE WAY TO PUT YOUR FOOT IN IT. 1. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT ' date='YOUR TRYING TO SELL HIM TO ROMA. 2. SO THE ROMA MANAGER HAS PUT IN A BID AND CHAIRMAN REJECTED IT [email']3.Jordanmc8@msn.com[/email] ive doubled it and it got cancelled 4. Well theres your answer , 5.How can you sell and double it ,you can only do one . #28 Today, 03:45 PM Jordanmc8@msn.com Member Join Date: Aug 2006 Posts: 91 the chairman should alow you to sell and bring in players you want your the manager not the chairman [WONDER WHY] #20 Yesterday, 09:18 PM Jordanmc8@msn.com M
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