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  1. Re: NOBLE-LAZARUS and other low rated Barnsley players Not really sure about him. Can only see him being a used sub, and not a starter. We seem to have a decent set of midfielders that will get starts before him. So at best I only see him maybe ever getting to around 76/77. Don't think he has figured in the 2 pre-season games so far, but I will have a better idea after the next 3 friendlies.
  2. I apologise if he is mentioned elsewhere, but just wanted to give an update on the Barnsley youngster. Currently rated 72 he played 215 minutes, most of them since his last rating change, including a goal in the final game of last season. He started a pre-season game against Hartlepool, scoring a goal and being instrumental in another. He will get a lot of minutes this season and will either be a starter or regular sub. I would expect him to get at least 2000 minutes over the next season. He is only 17 and although he may only get to 80 by the end of this season, he will probably end up in the premier league with a mid 80 rating. Another few players. Kern Miller currently rated 63 will get minutes over the season as defensive cover for injuries and should be at least mid-70s by end of season. Possibly worth a punt considering the low wages. Scott Wiseman currently 74, but one of the new managers favourite players that he signed from his old club Rochdale. Bound to get plenty of minutes as the manager really rates him. Jacob Butterfield, 78 will be a regular starter and important player this season, although he will probably not go higher than 81/82 so scope for profit is not big Craig Davies 76, again will get plenty of minutes due to being one of only 3 strikers, who is the new managers only forward signing, so again should get plenty of games. Should be able to make the step up from League 2 to Championship and get 10+ goals.
  3. Re: Any 91+ LM? What about Giggs - 93 LM. Old but could do a job for a season. I have Iniesta, Santi Cazorla and Mata, but i just bought Giggs, and will loan out Mata until Giggs drops. Then I'll sell him and recall Mata
  4. Re: Forlan + £10m for Eto'o and other deals Thanks guys. My CM value for Maxi is £12m but i can get £17m in the Eto'o deal, whereas i get £20m for Forlan in the deal. Also got a cash offer of £19m for Forlan, and got some spare cash. I'll try Maxi + cash for Eto'o, and if it goes through i'll take the £19m cash for Forlan. I then get to keep 3 wingers, but have no LM or RM, so i'll have to use my wingers pushing forward, and have £20m+ cash for my next deal.
  5. I had assembled a really good squad of mid 90s and lower, but over half my squad had developed concerns, so i have been swapping them for older higher rated players. so far I have Buffon (96), Maicon (95), De Rossi (94), Pirlo (94), Ribas (94) David Silva (96), Iniesta (96), Forlan (94). Is it worth swapping Forlan (94) worth £20m plus £10m (or a player) for Eto'o rated 96. Also, I often play 433Wingers or 352, so need 2 wingers. I have Iniesta, Mata, and Santi Cazorli as wingers, and Maxi Rodriguez as RM. If i was to sell one of the latter 3 (would keep Iniesta) which should i sell. Mata is for the future but is only 91, whereas Santi Cazorla is 92. Whichever i keep would be the lowest rated player in my first XI
  6. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? Amazing. This time it worked. I presume one part of the database had the value at £35m which was showing on the main search page, but the individual tab had it at £33. so the program let me make my bid becasue it exceeded the amount on the player page, but then it got rejected when compared to the other price. Grateful to get the player and dont mind paying £2m extra. Just surprised that during the 8 days its took me to get him, none of the other interested teams have had a go.
  7. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? bought a few more players since without problem, so i've had one last go. Still wondering if it is down to the fact that on player tab the CM value is £33.1M but on the search page it is £35.0M and maybe the player tab has not been updated following a club change due to a glitch. So i have bid players and cash totalling £35.1M. I will keep you informed
  8. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? Thanks Guys Wasnt aware that the new AI was doing this. Within the last week I have bought LAHM (93), DEIGO (94), DE ROSSE (94) all for the CM value, so just assumed that all you had to do was meet the CM value. Only way I can rasie more funds is to sell players, but then if i can't get the target i would be screwed. May need to stick with what i have
  9. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? mine fell through a second time. on the player tab the CM value was £33,010,000, which is the value of the package i offered. When i look at the search page it lists the CM value at £35.0m, which is £2m higher. wonder if there is a discrepency on the player tab. tried a third time with different players. If that fails, i try and raise my package to £35.1m to see if that makes a difference
  10. Re: Why would this transfer bid be rejected ? tried another bid, but the CM value was unchanged - needed exactly the same cash as before, but i've upped it by £100k
  11. I have a first XI ranging from 92-96. Recently made a bid to an external club for MAICON 95 defender, consisiting a 91 CB, 89 RB plus cash to meet the chairman value of external club. There were no other bids for the player, and no changes to any ratings whilst the bid was on the table. I fuly expected the deal to go through, as they normally do. But today got a message 'The deal involving Sheffield United and Douglas MAICON of Internazionale has been rejected. ' Any ideas why this would happen. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that my gameworld has been down lots of time in last 48 hours
  12. Re: FA to probe Barnsley v Man Utd crowd trouble No doubt the findings will stink. The kiosk manager and young girls had to lock themselves in the storeroom whilst the Man U fans raided the tills and took the stock. Apparently, some also kicked open emergency exits allowing fans waiting outside to enter. There was certainly more thans than seats (alledgedly fake tickets were also in circulation). Two numpties from the barnsley end then decided to run on the pitch. I have no doubt that Barnsley will get a fine, and Man U will completely get away with their actions. Lets face it, the FA are scared of upsetting the big teams, in case they join a breakaway league, effectively killing thier income.
  13. Re: Interesting article about canadian striker IAIN HUME
  14. I realise that in the past there have been a couple of posters from Canada interested in the progress of Iain Hume after his unfortunate accident with Chris Morgans elbow. There was a good article in todays paper which can be found at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1220478/Iain-Hume-Scar-pictures-phone-reminder-family-kept-alive.html Iain is probably back to his best, scoring in both the last 2 games, and has a mouth-watering tie against Manchester United in the Carling Cup to look forward.
  15. Re: Should I sell Van Der Saar and buy Buffon I dont really have a problem with rest of my team. I have an average starting XI of 93, with over 30 players out on loan including dzeko, mata, ireland, ozil, hamsik, busquets, rolande, thiago silva, kuyt, etc. Currently 9 points clear of Div 1, with 7 games left. But always looking forward, trying to get the average age of my team down. In my setup, it is rare to find players available with ratings over 92, and existing managers tend not to sell their players, so it was probably a one off chance to get Buffon, but just wondered if it was actually worth it.
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