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  1. Raz

    New to the forum!

    Hello all, just to introduce myself How are we all?
  2. Raz

    Yossi Benayoun

    Re: Yossi Benayoun Benayoun is a very under-rated player in my opinion and in the next rating will go to 90 undoubtedly, but 91 is too much at the minute. This season is the first season he has been a 'regular' part of the first team and just because he plays well against the 'lesser' clubs of the premier league doesn't mean he is worthy of a 91 rating. Has anyone ever seen him have a good game against a top 4/5 side in the EPL? Because I haven't
  3. Re: my arsenal.. help much appreciated =) Buy a new defence
  4. Now I know people are probably sick of hearing about Chelsea's huge drop in form and by the looks of it... confidence aswell. I know people are barking on about how Scolari probably isn't a day-to-day manager and I can agree to a certain extent, he looks a bit out of his depth in the Premier League and a move to Spain or Italy first may have been a better option than to jump straight into the Premier League, but money talks we all know that. But.. after watching Chelsea on several occasions over the last few games I just think they are missing the solidarity, consistency and drive from Essien. Ok, Mikel is a decent player - granted. But he is no where near the level of Essien and he gives players such as Ballack, Deco and of course Lampard the freedom those types of players need to be dangerous and mount attacks. But since he has been out I just don't see any of the dangerous Chelsea anymore. Lampard will create on his own, and his performance against Stoke on Saturday (all be it they were lucky) was a performance to be admired by any football 'wanna be'. He was up and down the field like a robot, and let's not push the truth aside, he is getting on so to speak now, but even Lampard's game and construction towards attacks and his ability to roam into the penalty area and get goal's seems to be lacking a tad as he seems to be having to do more of a 'central midfield' job without the grit, determination and reliability of Essien behind. This is my view, what do you lot think? Ps, yes I know it's been a long time again but I've just had a career change and haven't really had time. Hello all
  5. Re: New Portsmouth Manager? Portsmouth will go for Curbs I think. He's the type of man pompey fans and players will like. He's very good man to man.
  6. Re: Italian rating predictions Anyone know if Giovinco will rise?
  7. Re: Gold Championship 39 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread If someone can get the grand old Raz a Man Utd in a Gold Setup, I will personally drive to your house and deliver you a brand new crisp 20 poudn note!
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings I haven't seen an awful lot of Spanish football this season so far, which is highly unlike me! But has anyone seen anything of Caceres for barca? I rated him highly and was unsure if the move to Barca was the right thing. Has he been playing for Barca, if so - has he been playing well?
  9. Re: Does Tevez still have a role to play for Man U It will certainly show how much of a professional Tevez is. I would love him to stay, the United fans love his desire, dedication and commitment that he puts in when he pulls on the shirt. Fergie has always said he likes to operate with 4 strikers, and he's never really upset the apple cart before with rotation, as long as the players win trophies they're happy. I think Carlos will be fine, of course he has a role to play. There's something wrong with the game of football and in particular Alex Ferguson if he doesn't . The only thing you can say about Tevez is that he isn't exactly prolific, but Rooney wasn't until he played alongside Berbatov and we all know this was because Rooney and Tevez are very similar in style. Fergie said after Wednesday night in the interview after game, that he is going to try Tevez with Berbatov as well. He will know where he stands that's for sure.
  10. Re: Multiple selection boxes in Squad Page same here david, I have about 36 teams and it takes me a long long time to offer new contracts to all players necessary or to move a dozen youth players to the youth squads at the same time, I end up spending about 15-20 mins on 1 side sometimes and my missus does not get very happy
  11. Re: Club Swap Page!! How do you know that we are the only people that want the club swap page? How do SM know? Did they ask every member individually? We are the only people SM know wants the feature added because we are all part of the forum community and we come on here to voice our opinions and the others don't?
  12. Raz

    SM Private Messages

    Re: Funny SM Private Messages Whappy lee that was hilarious!! haha
  13. Re: Club Swap Page!! You're absolutely right. I said it wasn't a BIG problem, unless like me and obviously yourself, you've been in the game a long long time and have loads of teams and accounts scattered about from when you could only have 1 team per account. Ive also made other accounts to accommodate forumer's custom setups in the past, that have gone down the pan and have added standard setup teams onto accounts that I've ended up doing extremely well with and want to keep and move onto my main accounts.
  14. I have also bought this up before myself and I got quite a decent response to it, but as of yet, still nothing. The things I ask to be implemented aren't rocket science and are just features that are aesthetic or just improve playability and reduce the time you need to spend on each club. This one is simple really. Put a check box either to the left of every player in your squad or to the very right, it doesn't really matter where it is - So that a manager can move multiple youngsters to the youth squad and back to the senior squad in one go without having to go through about 15 new young purchases and move them one at a time (managers like Bestpay for example ) This would also work for offering contracts come the end of the season. At the end of most seasons, several players come to the end of their contracts, it would be easy just to go to your squad, check the players you wish to offer new contracts to, and VOILA. This again would save a lot of time and effort and wouldn't be hard to implement. I would be the first in line to applaud SM for their dedication to improving the game as a whole with regards to the BIG improvements and additions. But now translation is well underway, stadium building has been added to a degree and international management is running, I think it's time the guys spent a bit of time on the smaller features that reduce the time you have to spend on each team. This isn't a problem to the standard members who have only 3 clubs on an account. But the number of gold members is rocketing due to all the new features/bonuses that you receive. And in turn this means that over 7,000 members now have about 13-15 teams per gold account which is extremely time consuming. Some don't mind this - but I don't have the time and commitment like I used to have, to spend about 10 minutes per club, and I'm sure there are plenty others out there with family commitments or long work hours that are in the same boat as me and are crying out for features like these to be added. Raz
  15. I know this has been bought up NUMEROUS times before, many many many in fact since I've been using the forum. This is starting to annoy me now, because this has been something that has been put in as an improvement to be added a long time ago but has kept being shoved to the back of the queue due to international management etc etc etc. This should take a matter of priority now, I'm sure it is only a very small thing to implement and shouldn't take a lot of time as per translation, international management etc and it is very important to managers with a lot of clubs such as myself and I'm sure many others out there. The managers in question have several accounts, with lots of teams spread throughout, but every now and again the managers decide to quit clubs to free up space. This is what I did the other day. I now have 4 accounts. 2 Gold accounts and 2 Standard accounts, I've got rid of around 8 slots on one of my gold accounts so that I can put the teams from my standard accounts onto my gold account and just have the 2 accounts instead of having to log into four different accounts. Until job offers came in, you could still get round this by going on two accounts on two computers next to each other or getting a close friend to help you out by claiming the team after resigning on another account. But now ----- Job offers have arrived and as soon as you resign from a club, the job is offered out straight away and you lose the club. This is the mistake I made with two clubs yesterday as I forgot about Job Offers. This needs to be sorted asap. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to implement to the brain boxes at SM. When you go to the quit club screen, just put another button next to each club 'Switch Accounts'. You click the button, put in the password and email to the account you wish to move them to, and VOILA. It would save a lot of time and hassle for me and other addicts with lots of teams if they could trim them down without the fear of losing sides they have put many months and possibly years in to. PLEASE give it some thought. Raz
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