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    Playing Football (still!), few beverages with the old man, watching football etc..
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    Manchester United
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    GC2, GC6, GC13, GC26, GC27, GC28, GC29, EC1, WC2, WC4, WC115, WC181, EC27, Couple of customs.
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    Plenty - Main one is winning the treble with Liverpool in EC200.
  1. Re: Spanish Ratings I haven't seen an awful lot of Spanish football this season so far, which is highly unlike me! But has anyone seen anything of Caceres for barca? I rated him highly and was unsure if the move to Barca was the right thing. Has he been playing for Barca, if so - has he been playing well?
  2. Raz

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    Re: Funny SM Private Messages Whappy lee that was hilarious!! haha
  3. Re: Gold Championship 6 Match Report Thread Raz's Lyon crush the french division Another season passes by, and Olympic Lyonnaise managed my Raz the reject win the French division in style. Finishing on a staggering 107pts Played 38 Won 35 Drew 2 Lost 1 Raz will now turn his attention to the Polish national side in an attempt to gain qualification to the world cup knockout stages.
  4. Re: Chat room mods. Seems as though I was released of my chat mod status/powers
  5. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. thankyou all! much appreciated
  6. Re: Goalies Are Invincible!! The match engine is constantly being improved so just be patient When it's all complete all members will be informed via the news on the website i'm sure
  7. Re: Squad Sizes It would be interesting to know after all this debating wether a cap was actually ever introduced? Because we have known things happen without being told or asked..?
  8. I've asked for this time and time again and Im sure it isn't a hard feature to implement as it would be similar to the check boxes on your club/private messages screen. Can we have a check box next to every squad player so that we canmove multiple players to the youth squad and vice versa as I am one of many (im sure) that buy youth players in bulk if they have the money and it takes endless time and is extremely tedious moving about 20 youth players to your youth squad 1by1. This could also work with adding players to the transfer list.. Simply select the players you want to add to the tra
  9. Re: Players regaining Fitness.. I have noticed this with several injured players I've had before and they haven't recovered properly like your Beckham hasn't. It would be nice for SM to tell us if there are any variables which cause this (ie age or injury).
  10. Re: SM doing wrong things at wrong times? Im the same as Neller SNR here and agree with what he said totally. You have to respect the fact that swapping clubs between accounts isn't a priority as far as keeping a good customer base is concerned. Where as aesthetic touches/improvements and actual game play enhancements are. Like has been said - it takes literally 2 mins to make a new account and make it active so this isn't a big deal? I'm the same as Alan with accounts. I have 2 gold accounts and 5 normal all currently full and I dont find it frustrating either to go between them all one
  11. Re: help please? Like teb said it's more of an accuracy thing I would imagine. Players with secondary positions that arent roughly the same position as the first struggle to turn in good performances (ie, 4's and 5's). For example: Schweinsteiger RM/LM (ive found) plays well on either Right or Left midfield where as Robin Van Persie F/W plays poorly on the wing as it is a midfield secondary position compared to the Forward primary position. With SM announcing (hopefully) new positions this could get cleared up as its pointless giving players the 'flexibility' that they have in real life -
  12. Raz


    Re: Bentley Try and push him for a couple more mill and if he accepts you've got yourself a good deal. 19 mil is a lot for Bentley , but maybe not enough temptation for me to sell. For any '90' rated player if I ever see 20 mill, I will 95% sell.
  13. Re: Should i accept A lot of people always come on here asking questions like this.. and the same answer basically applies to 90% of those questions.. If you have decent enough cover for someone like Schweinsteiger PLUS you could do with the cash, then the answer would obviously be yes. If you already have plenty of cash... think dos santos is rubbish then simply... NO. Dos Santos is a big tempter for me in your side of the deal, and if you have another decent RM or W in your side then I would personally let him go, the choice is entirely upto you. Just take into account all the diffe
  14. Re: Top 10 worst flops in the Premiership Cristiano Ronaldo Carlos Tevez Fernando Torres Emmanuel Adebayor Kolo Toure Didier Drogba Thierry Henry Nicolas Anelka Gianfranco Zola Eric Cantona .... Someone mentioned goalkeepers....... You have to put a shout out to Massimo Taibi
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