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  1. lol it doesnt when about 12/20 of your squad are new transfers and are DCT and you have no choice but to keep playing the same team over and over.
  2. welcome all! age is just a number, we just all love football as much as each other
  3. Raz

    Age 14

    lol that was funny, some people are just all over the place arent they hahaha
  4. Raz


    pure class, one of the best at passing a ball the world has seen for some time, his trickery also. excellent unselfish quality player. french or not he will be missed, superb talent. Goodbye Zinedine
  5. pure stupid. plain and simply, PURE STUPID. Its unrealistic Your players play 3 games and their condition is 50% look at other teams in the league, and they are all still 90-95% STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID I go and get knocked out by spurs in the cup because even though his starting eleven avg rating is a massive 89, all his players are still at 100% condition, what the hell SM?
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