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  1. Re: 4 point transfers - how to finally beat the chairman! I've always been a fan of more sophisticated transfer options. Like the 2 players for 2 players idea is one I've always had floating around in my empty skull for a while I like your idea's and I may have had more to say had I not been too busy at work I will leave it and see what others' views are and add more detail at a later stage. Overall, I think the idea is good, and was well proposed by yourself. Good job.
  2. Re: More SM Rep for Managing 'less desireable' teams It's a good idea in principle. But putting it into play.. maybe not IMO. But it would more than likely upset the more loyal customers/managers who have been around for 165+ weeks as managers that have only been around for a few weeks but have got 14 different rushden & diamonds teams on their account get more reputation. I think most managers (myself included) take a lot of pride in their rep, and I think its more about loyalty than your ability to manage a 'lesser club'.
  3. Re: Unfortunate turn of events Wow, overwhelming responses from you lot. Wasn't expecting so many responses, but thats not a problem.. Great to be back, and teb.... pfffft stop comparing my belly to yours Just because you've signed Luka Modric doesn't mean your belly is as big as mine Thanks to all of you for the welcoming return. Shels! I know, you keep escaping! not sure how i went down but im on the way back up!
  4. Re: Unfortunate turn of events Cheers Toggs. I remember you don't worry! I do miss Fraser and his haggis a lot indeed. It's about time he rang me actually so I can give him some bad manners!
  5. Re: Unfortunate turn of events LOL geroge - not sure how i went down but it looks like im on my way back up. Thanks a lot for staying active on my setup Ben, thanks mate. Yea im Barca GC13. Very poor start to season, seems as though I've got the chemistry right now though. Will be a closer challenger to your madrid next season hopefully!
  6. Re: Good deal? Id snap his hand off Very good deal, should go through too I would of thought, counter 5mil and Hleb just to make sure. Pato is good, granted. But he isn't going to be 93 for a while. Take into consideration your other forward options too and of course if you REALLY need a RM. If the answer is yes, go for it.
  7. after an extremely unfortunate (for you lot! ) turn of events I will be showing my face around here more regularly after quite a lengthy layoff as most of you will know It's great to see the forum and the community growing ever more day by day and I just want to say a great big hello to all my old mates (and new ones to come) on here. It's great to be back
  8. Re: Premier League 08/09 Luke/Shels. I've literally just signed up to the premierleague fantasy football about 5 minutes ago, so I may aswell get myself in a private league. When you've got the league set-up blast me a pm over and ill get joined. Cheers Chaps. PS, good to see the forum more active than ever, even without my ugly features about
  9. Re: Discussion On Uefa Euro 2008 Raz is in boys & girls thanks to shell for the heads up PM. My team is: G- Van Der Sar D- Gallas D- Cannavaro D- Mertesacker D- Grygera M- Kranjcar M- De Rossi M- Quaresma M- Van Der Vaart F- Torres F- Gomes Sub: Pogrebnyak. Good luck everyone
  10. Re: Chat room mods. Seems as though I was released of my chat mod status/powers
  11. Re: Goalies Are Invincible!! The match engine is constantly being improved so just be patient When it's all complete all members will be informed via the news on the website i'm sure
  12. Re: Squad Sizes It would be interesting to know after all this debating wether a cap was actually ever introduced? Because we have known things happen without being told or asked..?
  13. Re: PLay info box Things like this are always a possibility somewhere along the line snowy, but the only problem is, only a very small minority of managers would use the feature.. So I cant really see it getting implemented for a long time - there are far more urgent/required improvements that need implementing before hand.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 13 News, Transfers and Match Reports! Henry is still available from my Barca if the deal involves a 90+ winger and a 90+ forward or defender and cash if needed.
  15. Raz


    Re: deals They are being completed as I post this I believe. So I wasn't too far off
  16. Re: Lots Brillant Talents, PLEASE LOOK THERE LOTS***** So did I lol. Not as funny as teb as a whole though
  17. Re: england v france You have to look at both squads and say that on paper france have a better squyaad with more depth and international experience. But I can't see past a draw tonight. 1-1 possibly. Im extremely suprised Benzema isn't in the squad? Is it injury? or just out of favour?
  18. Raz


    Re: deals I would imagine they will be complete before noon GMT. Or around that time anyway..Need to give players from all round the globe plenty of time to sort of new tactics etc due to transfers so the delay should'nt be too long.
  19. Re: england v france People should read into things before complaining. Capello is rotating captains in all games before the World Cup 2010 qualifiers so that he can see who is best fitted to the permanent role - come the World Cup. there will be 2 more different captains in the 2 friendlies after tonight before the world cup - so get used to it for a while
  20. Raz


    Re: deals They will be completed in plenty of time before tonights fixtures.
  21. I've asked for this time and time again and Im sure it isn't a hard feature to implement as it would be similar to the check boxes on your club/private messages screen. Can we have a check box next to every squad player so that we canmove multiple players to the youth squad and vice versa as I am one of many (im sure) that buy youth players in bulk if they have the money and it takes endless time and is extremely tedious moving about 20 youth players to your youth squad 1by1. This could also work with adding players to the transfer list.. Simply select the players you want to add to the transfer list and then a confirmation screen afterwards with the usual boxes next o each player asking you how much you wish to list them for. Easier for loaning players obviously..
  22. Re: Players regaining Fitness.. I have noticed this with several injured players I've had before and they haven't recovered properly like your Beckham hasn't. It would be nice for SM to tell us if there are any variables which cause this (ie age or injury).
  23. Re: SM doing wrong things at wrong times? Im the same as Neller SNR here and agree with what he said totally. You have to respect the fact that swapping clubs between accounts isn't a priority as far as keeping a good customer base is concerned. Where as aesthetic touches/improvements and actual game play enhancements are. Like has been said - it takes literally 2 mins to make a new account and make it active so this isn't a big deal? I'm the same as Alan with accounts. I have 2 gold accounts and 5 normal all currently full and I dont find it frustrating either to go between them all one by one. Your loyalty is rewarded by SM for keeping an account active over a certain period f time and we have all had to go through this wait just like everyone else will have to if they want to have 3 team standard accounts etc.
  24. Re: help please? Like teb said it's more of an accuracy thing I would imagine. Players with secondary positions that arent roughly the same position as the first struggle to turn in good performances (ie, 4's and 5's). For example: Schweinsteiger RM/LM (ive found) plays well on either Right or Left midfield where as Robin Van Persie F/W plays poorly on the wing as it is a midfield secondary position compared to the Forward primary position. With SM announcing (hopefully) new positions this could get cleared up as its pointless giving players the 'flexibility' that they have in real life - on the game when they dont perform upto half as good as they do in their primary positions. Maybe Mr Steven Tebbutt could add this to his list of 'annoying' things
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