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  1. Re: CM to increase at least 91 I'd opt for Ledesma myself. He has a chance of moving onto 91 next time, not so sure about Palombo though - will stay at 90 for now.
  2. Re: Perry81 Retires From Sm Perry I was looking forward to this seasons EC14 battle between your Millwall and my Everton again but never the less - all the best for the future buddy it was an honour being part of the same setup as yourself. Speak soon Im sure. Raz
  3. Re: Match Engine Moan hahahaha some excellent ones in there - and i thought mine was bad. shels the match engine is having a total new look and overhaul.
  4. Re: Match Engine Moan Next thing you know Meis he will be scoring from the bench
  5. Raz

    The One

    Re: The One Okee dokee thanks for the invite Col. Had a good look about and I'm going to have a crack with Dynamo Kiev Never managed them before in 2 years of playing almost 30,000 stadium exactly good luck everyone! I will take great pleasure in winning yet more trophies in another custom setup or not..?
  6. Hi people. After what somebody bought up on my other thread today on my moan about the match engine - gave me a thought. I sent a ticked to support about this a while and got a reply saying it was solved but to my knowledge it isn't as I believe you can still do this. The other week I left a severely injured Francesco Totti on my subs bench by accident (injured for 4 weeks with a fractured cheek bone). I also had a sub setup for someone coming off in place of that position which Totti was in on my bench (also by accident). Totti still came on in the 60th minuted, got marked a 10 (getting man of the match in the process) and scored the winning goal in the 82nd minute with a 'spectacular volley'? WITHOUT any further damange to his fractured cheek bone which I find amazing. All I ask is for a simple implementation (hopefully). When a manager picks his starting eleven and subs for his side's next fixture is there a way that SM could introduce a code of some sort whereby managers CANNOT have any injured (INJ) players in either the starting 11 or substitutes bench. This surely isnt too hard to implement. If a manager for one reason or another doesnt get chance to log onto his side to make his starting 11 selection before the next game, the INJ player gets replaced by the best available rating in the nearest position OR would still play - but would inflict further damage to his current injury. For example:- Totti gets left in the starting 11 with a gash to his leg and was out for 2 weeks prior to the game, plays the game, but afterwards a random amount of time (probably with a limit say 2 weeks maximum) is added to the time he is injured and the player will achieve a maximum rating of 3/4 in the game (to counter act managers playing injured players even if they are). This rating will decrease everytime they play. The above is only a second option to not being able to put in a code making them totally unavailable for selection at all and would be a lot harder to implement im sure. But something needs doing regarding this as it is highly unrealistic players are going to come on and score and get man of the match with a broken leg or ankle. What do people think? idea's appreciated.
  7. Re: Match Engine Moan You can still also bring on an injured player as a sub if he is on your subs bench its rediculous. I left Totti on my bench in a setup the other week by accident and there was a sub setup for his place on the bench which I also left by accident. Totti was injured for 4 weeks with a fractured cheekbone - came on and scored the winner in 82nd minute and got MoM with a fractured cheek bone - nice on Totti!
  8. Re: ANDERSON, luis (man utd) Anderson just gone up to 89 this morning and rightly so IMO. Lucas is down to 87 as most of you said, and he is 1 behind flamini which IMO again is a fair reflection on his performances for united this season. If he manages to keep his place we all know we are looking for another increase into 90+ next time. Good going SM You all know he deserved 89
  9. Re: Gold Championship 6 Been Lyon in this GC for a while now and haver managed to coup Van Nistelrooy, Rooney and Torres and I am willing to part with Fernando Torres if anyone is interested? Will sell in part exchange for another good forward (91+) and a good defender (92+). No stupid offers please, we all know how good he is and has just increased to 94. Will make him available in setup - only when I think an offer on here or by PM is good enough. Good luck
  10. Ok, I know what most were thinking when they saw the title to my thread - but I feel like I have to mention this as it is absolutely amazing, and not in a good way may I add. OK - we all know that the match engine is currently being worked on and we all know it needs a majour overhaul due to the amount of negative posts regarding the engine, with people expressing utter dissapointment regularly, and I am now going to agree with the majority in saying make this a PRIORITY! OK, in GC2 as many will know on here I am Chelsea. I played Birmingham last night in the league - away from home - with the outcome being 1-0 to myself (no problems there). Then I scrolled down to check out my stats which were as follows:- 1. J LASTUVKA 5 2. S KELLY 7 3. P KONCHESKY 7 4. M TAYLOR 6 5. S LUCIO 7 6. J POLAK 7 7. N KILKENNY 6 8. S CLEMENCE 7 9. A MAKUKULA 6 10. F MENESES 3 11. K RICHARDSON 7 Substitutes 12. R FOWLER - 13. A TAYLOR - 14. F LIMA - 15. O OLBERDAM - 16. P EBEDE - 10 (MoM) P CECH 1. 8 J ZANETTI 2. 7 C CHIVU 3. 7 R FERDINAND 4. 8 H XAVI 5. 8 1 F LAMPARD 6. 8 D BECKHAM 7. 7 D STANKOVIC 8. 7 L REY 9. 8 C TEVEZ 10. 8 RONALDINHO 11. Substitutes - F CANNAVARO 12. - J CASTRO 13. - C LEANDRO AMARAL 14. - S SANTANA 15. - A NESTA 16. Injuries Silva Ferreira LUCIO ----- As you can see Petr Cech got man of the match (no problems there I thought). I then scrolled down again to see match stats and saw the following: 33% 67% Shots On Goal 5 22 Shots On Target 0 9 Corners 5 10 Yellow Cards 0 0 Red Cards 0 0 ------ Birmignham supposedly didnt test my Goalkeeper Petr Cech ONCE, yes ONCE! the whole game....... which amazed me seeing the he got the MoM award? Ok but theres one more... I scroll down again to read my commentry just out of interest to see if there were anymore oddities and low and behold!: ------- 0: Kick-Off 2: Stephen CLEMENCE has a free header which goes wide of the post 3: After the keepers initial save Ariza MAKUKULA runs in for the rebound but agonisingly blasts it over! 4: Back-peddling clumsily the keeper can only watch as Carlos TEVEZ lob goes over the bar 13: 14: Hernández XAVI takes the ball around two defenders but then fluffs his shot 16: A snapshot by Jan POLAK on the edge of the D flies just over 21: Fernando MENESES wins the aerial challenge 22: Kieran RICHARDSON places a left foot shot wide from twenty yards out 23: Before Fernando MENESES shot could nestle in the corner of the net it is clattered away at full stretch for a corner! 31: RONALDINHO gets the blind side of the defender but is forced to hurry his shot 35: Stephen CLEMENCE nods down a high ball across the face of goal 37: A 14-metre effort is fired goal bound only for Jan LASTUVKA to gather 40: Stephen CLEMENCE strays offside 45: Half Time 49: After twisting and turning with the ball Javier ZANETTI is finally tackled 50: A lovely ball falls to Ariza MAKUKULA but he shoots wide 51: A free header by Luis REY hardly troubles the keeper 56: A great run down the wing by Jan POLAK, but a poor cross is delivered into the box 63: GOAL!! - An amazing goal by Frank LAMPARD! The keeper had no chance! Were running out of superlatives to describe this guy! He's on fire! 69: A cross from deep by RONALDINHO goes out of play 76: Petr CECH spectacularly palms over a half-volley 77: An inch perfect tackle by Cristian CHIVU wins the ball 81: Frank LAMPARD places a left foot shot wide from twenty five yards out 82: A mazey dribble by Kieran RICHARDSON but he is unfortunate as he fails to get his shot on target 84: A mix up in the defence allows Kieran RICHARDSON to hammer his shot over ----------- I've highlighted the 76th minute which clearly shows that Petr Cech had to tip over from a volley yet it stated on the match stats that Birmingham hadnt hit the target once. So:- 1) Birmingham had 0 shots on target (Yes they did according to the commentary) 2) Petr Cech got MoM based on the match stats which said he didnt have a save to make until I read the commentary which clearly stated that he did have a save to make? It just seems rediculously poor at times IMO and I know it is in progress of getting fixed and having a revamp but seriously - how long is it going to be because this is horrendous. Even the match stats, player ratings etc dont even match up with the commentary. Has this always been like this? It just leads me to believe that the match engine IS TOTALLY RANDOM at all times. I always knew there would have to be some sort of randomness to it but i never thought it would be this bad. There has to be drastic improvement on the new match engine and im sorry to moan but you have to see my point. What does everyone else think? Has anyone else ever noticed that the engine at present is TOTALLY random? Have you had any experiences like the above?
  11. Re: Kevin Keegan rejoins NEWCASTLE! The simple fact is that Newcastle will never give any manager a good year or so to turn things roung and if they do - that still doesnt mean they will be a top 6 club, IMO they never will be. All be it that they are a big club, a well followed club, they never have enough funds available to compete with the top 6 and I dont know what Newcastle fans and the board expect from the club? I really hope Newcastle and Keegan can turn this round because they are a fantastic premiership club. But I just cant see it unless they make 50 odd million available in the summer (providing they stay up ) and that is the kind of funding they need if you are to get to the top 6. Will newcastle supporters settle for 11th/10th/9th?
  12. Re: Kevin Keegan rejoins NEWCASTLE! confirmed on both SkySports and BBC: Sky: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_3053440,00.html BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/newcastle_united/7192457.stm
  13. Kevin Keegan has just been named manager of Newcastle United! Gobsmacked myself - what do you lot reckon? Good appointment?
  14. Re: Inconsistent Rating Scheme thats gattusos job every game to man mark and (if possible) hurt opposition star players. he does it week in week out and is the best in the world at taking top players out of a game. Ronaldo isnt the only person to get man marked and battered out the game by gattuso I remember an interview I seen on tv once with Kaladze from Milan - hes even like it in training aswell! runs round like a mad man! top player.
  15. Re: Jan Huntelaar - To Chelsea??? Franco Di Santo is a Chelski player officially - see skysports website and view Chelski's squad. I dont think Grant will buy another striker personally because I dont think Drogba will leave now, hes always wanted a good striker alongside him and now Anelka has joined I think he will be chomping at the bit for goals again. Kalou is also coming along nicely, Shevchenko has improved a little due to more starts, and it would be nice to see Pizzaro get a few games run too before they start buying more strikers. Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, Shevchenko and Pizzaro 5 top class strikers? I cant see them wasting money on Huntelaar to already warm their full bench. They may try in summer for him IF Drogba leaves, but he might of already gone by then. Huntelaar will be a united player if any.
  16. Re: Inconsistent Rating Scheme I cant honestly believe people are asking for eduardo to get an increase? He has only started against poor opposition and scored against poor opposition and is only there because van persie is still recovering. soon as RVP is fully fit - eduardo will be back to the bench. dont get me wrong i think hes a great finisher but we all know RVP and adebayour is arsene wengers preferred pair up top. SWP - why hasnt he increased? I agree with Sam and Perry here. I think there are some vital ones that havent been done yet...adn hopefully like said - there are still more to be done?
  17. Re: Inconsistent Rating Scheme Exactly right Danny. Barry has been a consistent performer at both club and country level for years - Ashley Young has only recently started to show some promise since his move to Villa and you can't increase a players rating on this basis only. Some of the ratings for the EPL I agree are a little strange, but as a whole (mainly the top 10 sides) I agree with the changes. Chelsea's players needed decreasing as did 60% of Liverpool's and this is exactly what has happened. Im also glad to see players from sides such as Portsmouth, Man City, Villa etc etc get increases as before they never really used to as the emphasis was mainly on the top 6 clubs IMO and the odd player or two from 'lesser' premier league opposition. How anyone can Cristiano Ronaldo's increase I will never know he is the best player in the world along with Kaka at the moment, and should definitely be on par with him as far as ratings are concerned. Like someone has mentioned earlier in this thread - Sam I think - it seems that SM have finally decided to admit that they have basically overrated the english players in the EPL and its good to see that - because we all know that they have. There are always going to be people protesting some ratings as all people have different views on certain individuals throughout the premier league. I personally feel that some of the Arsenal youngsters regime got far too big increases, Denilson, Walcott, Diaby etc. They are good players but Diaby isnt an 88 the same as Anderson? has Diaby even played for his country at senior level? Denilson is still a fringe player likewise Walcott. They have never made huge impact on games at the top level and their ratings have increased souly on FA Cup and League cup appearances which I think is a shambles considering the opposition they have faced. Even players like Aliadiere who have done absolutely nothing have had 2 point increases its crazy. But SM must have their reasons for these increases it would just be nice to know exactly what these reasons were. Thats just my views anyway. Discuss / argue as you all please
  18. Re: Best Free Kick Taker on the planet?! Maybe, but he doesnt hit the target anywhere near as often. I've seen him take several free kicks and he has the ability to bend round walls, but he tries too hard in most circumstances resulting in it sailing wide or over. But he has time to develop and put any problems right only being 21. PS, would of put more options people but can only do 10, so simply put the best 10 players I could think of, off the top of my head.
  19. Re: Kevin Nolans goal vs Blackburn I would say it is certainly up there with a chance. His technique reminded me of Marco Van Basten Nolan is good, but not quite that good :/ but his technique certainly reminded me of him. He watched it right onto the end of his foot and to put it in the reverse top corner was fantastic. Brad had no chance. I do believe that the weight of the ball and the angle at which the ball falls to a player counts significantly to the way a player can strike the ball, power wise and accuracy wise. The more a player has to alter his stance the more awkward it is to maneouvre a shot on target aswell as get good power. Take nothing away from Nolans finish it was top drawer - he went for finesse and accuracy rather than power IMO unlike most players who just go for velocity. Good finish. Van Bastens similar volley for holland against what was then USSR in the Euro's in 1988: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBNDlQvPYxw Van basten had more of an accute angle but the technique and precision very similar.
  20. Serious question guys, one that has played on my mind for a long time now so thought I would make a thread. Im a massive fan of top drawer set piece takers and my personal favourite is Juninho of Lyon and Brazil. Reasons here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsqMICg9TjE He can score a set piece from almost anywhere, his ability to move a ball in mid flight, aswell as power from almost all angles is sensational. Who is your favourite? and do you have any reasons for this? I know there are hundreds of excellent set piece takers worldwide, just thought Id ask opinions. Get voting, and leave some clips of your favourite if you can
  21. Re: Best/loudest fans in britain pompey all day. not only are they the most consistent (even when at most times they have less supporters than other sides) but they have the best away following in England if not Europe. Liverpool only sing when they are winning as do most clubs. Pompey are number 1 imo.
  22. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Another crazy result! After winning the double - I go into the new season feeling confident, with my nicely set up 94 av start 11 side, aged a mear 26 and I get hammered 4-0 away against bobo's man united in a very even game - CRAZY! well done bobo last time that is happening! On the transfer front: After weeks of negotiations Milan manager Raz has finally caved in to Micheal Essiens 'dream move' to Valencia. Raz was reluctant to let the star midfielder go, but eventually accepted 12.5million, David ALBELDA and dutch starlet Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Raz said: "We tried our best to keep Essien, he was the engine in our strong midfield, but we have to respect the players requests. He wanted a move abroad and was totally honest with me and the board and on this basis we have allowed him to move on." "The deal will see Albelda come in, who will more than likely slot in place of Essien in our starting eleven, and Klaas Jan Huntelaar who we all know about - could be on his way to united in real life and is a fantastic striker for the future. The 12.5million aswell will give us more in the kitty for the next time we feel we need to strengthen as a club." Pictured: Michael Essien - completes his 'dream move' to spanish side Valencia providing he passes a medical early tomorrow morning.
  23. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? LMAO at the Sloth pic and Dirk Kuyt. That's seriously funny that I always had it in my mind that Kuyt reminded me of someone and that was it all along it just wouldnt surface in my brain! Bouazza is a good one also, as is Tevez. But the real ugly meister IMO has to be Peter Crouch or Marlon Massive Forhead Harewood.
  24. Re: English Championship 1 Leicester City rested 7 of their regular starting 11 for the trip to the emirates in a bid to keep all the squad happy and fitness levels high - and paid the price in doing so. The foxes strongest eleven will be fielded for the next league game as leicester city manager Raz hopes to push up after yet another poor start to the season in EC1.
  25. Re: New and confused!
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