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  1. Re: Best striker on SM ? I've found afterplaying this game for a couple of years almost now, that you get better results playing a Forward (F) with a Centre Forward (CF) up top. IE, Henry and Berbatov or Eto'o and Van Nistelrooy. I've got a Sevilla side nearly finishing their first season and I am top of division 1 by 9 points with 4 games left, I play Kanoute and Robbie Keane up front - Kanoute has scored 25 with 15 assists and Keane has scored 19 with 24 assists. My best strike partnership and most consistent scorer in my experience on SM has been Klass Jan Huntelaar 91 (CF) for Ajax and Wayne Rooney 96 (F).
  2. Re: Ghana 2008 - African Cup of Nations I struggle to look beyond Ivory Coast. But Nigeria and Ghana and more than capable of performing an upset.
  3. Re: ANDERSON, luis (man utd) That's a fair point re Anderson. 89 would be fine on that basis. Barry will go upto 91, there's something wrong if he doesn't hes a key man for villa and a top player at international level too as he has already proved. Like you rightly say Adam, if Anderson continues progress like he is proving to be doing so now - you have to be looking at 90+ next time round because there's no doubt that bossing the premier league champions midfield is going to flick the switches for the Brazil scouts in the near future.
  4. Re: ANDERSON, luis (man utd) A regular in the manchester united midfield is enough to warrant a 90? 91 is too much agreed. But hes been phenomenal for us this season filling in for Scholes and now hes going to have a huge job on his hands getting back into the starting 11. Hes started to show that attacking prowless more and more as his season goes on and hes going to be a major asset to both united and brazil in the future thats for sure. Compared to some of the EPL's midfielder ratings he has to be 89 minimum - but surely not too much to ask for 90? He's capped for the brazil senior national side, and played very well in that too (copa america). Note: Adam, he broke his leg before coming to united, was out for nearly 10 months, before that he played on a regular basis.
  5. Re: A New Setup will be created only if u guys r interested. Oh... Go on then! You've twisted the great mans arm I've got 1 space left.. Order of preference: 1) Valencia 2) Porto (adam changed his preference to Benfica ) 3) Werder Bremen Good luck filling setup, let me know when your starting this, and what team I have got. I personally think it's better if the setup owner chooses what teams he is going to put in his setup and then pick clubs for managers in a random draw. That way there's no dissapointment from managers who all want Liverpool, Bayern, Valencia, ETC ETC. But of course its entirely upto you I just thought it would be a lot fairer. Raz
  6. Re: When two people buy a standard setup but want different clubs ! please read I didn't mean to put GC :/ was just on a typing mission and just typed whatever was in my head at the time of typing lol I'd be suprised if most dont agree with the point that you agreed with that I pointed out.
  7. Re: José Bosingwa Queiroz is very good with finding portugese talent that he knows can adapt to the pace and strength of the English game, and most Portugese seem to adapt very well to the EPL and SAF puts a lot of trust in Queiroz's judgement on this front and it seems to be paying off greatly. Anderson, Nani, Ronaldo and also Bosingwa?? Bosingwa is a brilliant right back there's no doubting that, and fergie knows he is short of depth in that position, and it is true that Fergie is showing a lot of interest (hence the inflated price tag as adam rightly sai d ). He's been an integral part of Porto's squad and is playing at a consistently high standard for them at the moment, so I dont see any reason why he can't increase to 92? He will almost certainly be number 2 to Luis Miguel for Portugal in Euro 2008 and other future internationals.
  8. Re: When two people buy a standard setup but want different clubs ! please read Maybe what I wrote earlier wasn't worded correctly by myself Like Adam also said, we still think that the advertisement could be worded differently. IE, 'Buy a team of your choice in the next WC/EC/GC created'. If you ask me (which you probably won't ) It is just a money spinner as I said before. Can someone please explain to me why it is that you can BUY a team and create a standard setup - when SM are creating them for free at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm? Why can't you just put your name down on a waiting list for a club of your choice for a small price, in one of the SM created 'free' standard setups which are EXACTLY the same as the 'Standard Setup' that you purchase to have your name 'Immortalised' on?
  9. Re: When two people buy a standard setup but want different clubs ! please read SM can't help the fact that most setups are not going to be full because it's a well known and obvious fact that 90% of managers want to manage 'big clubs'. Thus they have to try and get as many 'better' sides into the WC's as possible - but even then they will not fill them. I personally think that WC's would be better with three divisions instead of 4, or even keep it as four but reduce the numbers in the leauges to 16 or something, this would encourage setups to get filled on a more regular basis I would imagine? But is still leads to the point that Standard Setups are falsely advertised IMO. Would be nice to hear from a dev regarding this?
  10. Re: When two people buy a standard setup but want different clubs ! please read Well pointed out Adamski (which I created may I add ).. This is something I did think of a while back when the chance of being able to purchase a 'Standard' setup was introduced, but slipped my mind when I realised when I got back from work I had a kid to look after . Anyway, this is a fantastic idea as far as tidyness is concerned and Im sure most are in favour of this - myself included. But why would SM change it, theyre making a lot of money from this? Theyre selling to people what they describe as a 'Standard Setup' which isn't controlled by you - but by SM, which you correctly pointed out also means you are only buying a team of your choice. This could in fairness be portrayed as misleading advertisement and is something that should be looked into and changed to prevent customers from being mislead. I do know a couple of people who have bought a standard setup as preferred to a Custom Setup through Gold Membership because they thought it was the same. OK some people mis-read the concept but SM advertise it falsely IMO by asking the customer to purchase a 'Standard Setup' - but this is another arguement of mine and I'm going off topic (sorry adam ) As far as your idea is concerned, without it SPINNING MONEY for SM, it is totally correct and should be the proper way of doing it, but it seems SM would rather triple fold their income from the selling of the 'Standard Setup' and having only 50% of every setup full.
  11. Raz

    Petr Cech

    Re: Petr Cech Wow that really is a BIG IF Oliver lol. You could say that about any keeper, any player in any league all over the world? Cech is a world class keeper, and I think it could be down to that daft helmet that he's wearing to keep his noggin together . You cant seriously be saying he deserves a decrease because of a couple of mistakes? Every keeper in the world makes mistakes wether it be Cech or B. Johnson in a Sunday league pub team, and you have to give a player of cech's quality - a rating based on consistency throughout a whole career, not just on a few performances. look at the czech republics defensive record since cech has been in goal, same with chelsea (which isnt SO GOOD this season due to carvalho and terry missing for quite a period of time). But to say that he needs decreasing is madness IMO.
  12. Re: 3-4-3 Diamond Formation Shouldnt really make too much difference if you just play one of the CM as an attacking orientated midfielder and one as a defensive? You could end up with about 40 threads on here asking for new formations altered on ones currently provided, when you can just play the same players anyway and there really isnt THAT much difference unless your playing a totally different formation altogether ie, 4-4-1-1.
  13. Re: Goalkeeper and Defender Improvement Ive always been in favour of defending stats aswell as attacking stats, as these are just as important for picking your starting eleven as attacking stats are? Your obviously going to pick a defender who has kept more clean sheets for your side than someone who hasnt, likewise with goal scoring strikers / midfielders.
  14. Re: 3-4-3 Diamond Formation It's already there as 3-4-3? I don't understand exactly what you are asking? To use the formation as you want to Braders - just use number 5 in the provided 3-4-3 as a CM/DM, DM/CM or DM and the number 6 as CM/AM, AM/CM or AM. Or vice-versa? number 9 as your CF, 10 and 11 as forwards or wingers? Seems to all be there as you require anyway? Doesn't need to be added?
  15. Re: Help Me! It depends if you need the extra cover in defense or not? If not - then don't sell Terry. Depends entirely on if you need the extra cash and extra cover? Seems a decent deal to me, neither are going to go down rapidly I wouldnt of thought. If they do you can always flog them on but I cant see Zambrotta going down, Marquez maybe to 93 when Spain is done, Milito has took his place. Your decision should be based entirely on your clubs circumstances.
  16. Re: Why Manchester Utd will win the league this season O'shea can cover at both Right and Left back?
  17. Re: Manager history Fantastic idea Smartdoc. SM were discussing improving the amount of detail/history etc that the site publishes to managers as it is very limited, but the database stores every bit of history and record from every manager whos ever joined so this would be a welcomed introduction for many people im sure, myself included.
  18. Re: Why Manchester Utd will win the league this season Everyone on this thread has been biased towards their own clubs and are not looking at a decent perspective. Anyone who knows me on the forum knows I am a die hard united fan - and we ALL know it is a two horse race now. OK - Arsenal are going to be missing a few players for the African Nations and Arsenal fan or NOT, you cant say that this isnt going to have SOME affect on the squad and the performances on the pitch. Arsenal are playing some fantastic football there is no doubting that, and that providing they keep the current squad, have the ability to be one of the best in the world in years to come undoubtedly. But I still really do doubt the experience in the side. You do need a mix of both young and experienced in order to win the league and I think this will be the telling tale come the end of the season. Arsenal's back four is a young back four with (again) undoubted natural ability, but without Toure there is no experience and they will miss Toure greatly, Gallas is good but is only good when playing alongside a better defender. Fabregas is another with wonderful talent, fantastic vision and creativity but he has the job of holding arsenals side together IMO. Hleb and Rosicky are good players but none of them do the job as good as young Fibreglass. It's going to be a close one, but SAF knows this time of the year from now on is when united always push on best, and the main reason for this being the players and influence that other clubs lose due to the african nations. We are a second half of the season side and always have been, liverpool are normally the same and both man u and liverpool never buy any big african stars because of this reason. Chelsea will be the biggest sufferers. I just think man u do have a lot more quality in depth compared to Arsenal and I this it will tell later on in the season. Arsenal are undoubtedly a top class side with some phenomenal talent on-board but I think the premier league will come down to experience later on in the season, experience is as good as fitness IMO in the latter stages. Arsenal, United, Chelsea will all drop pts in this second half of the season but I think Arsenals rarely un-rotated side (due to not have a great amount of premiership standard quality) is going to start and get tired and that's when I think we will win the league and on this basis only.
  19. Re: minimum number of players for a squad You need some sort of consistency with the number though as I'm sure it would be a pain in the arse for SM to have to lower the number after being knocked out of certain competitions, 20 would suit better IMO.
  20. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread You'd only be taking on a team that I built
  21. Re: A newbie needs some help with signing players You will get as good a performance from a Winger on the Right or Left of midfield as you would a RM or LM yes. I've always preferred wingers obviously due to them being able to play both sides and thus making them interchangable and thus being able to rest them more frequently.
  22. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread I'm excited A historic double is on the cards for Milan! I'd rather of gone to somewhere else to confirm the title though (if), not my old club Bayern Munich Wish everyone luck for the final game of the season though - it's been an excellent season. Whatever happens I will be happy with my sides performances this season. When I took over they were around 15th and struggling under Dan Payne. I took them over, and with not too many alterations as far as players are concerned I've managed to win the cup the season after and got them sitting top with 1 game to go.
  23. Re: 3 points needed on final fixture Whoever said play 4-3-3 on the final game of the season, and ATTACKING style must be crazy. 4-3-3 is the weakest formation on the game for letting in goals whilst playing attacking. Id personally go with BlueBrazilian, 3-5-2 is a fantastic formation for attack and defense and as midfield IS your most equipped position and you want to use as many of your best rated players as possible, then 3-5-2 looks to be your solution.
  24. Re: minimum number of players for a squad I agree with Meis. Look at teams in Gold Championships. Im Chelsea in GC2, and struggle to buy players in ANY of the gold championships. Basically because people won't sell unless it's for a ludicrous sum of money, and then it doesn't get through the new transfer system/chairman/club valuations anyway. It's getting harder and harder to buy decent players now throughout the game, and those with small squads that are trying to build are struggling to do so. I also think 23 would be a good number for a minimum squad size as stated by mattyjewl earlier in the thread like internationals. 11 Starters 5 Subs ----- 16 total (minimum needed for matchday) ----- Leaves 7 more squad members, which would allow (for example only) 1 reserve gk, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, 2 attackers. The only downfall I see to this, is that clubs that start with 23 players etc (english champs mainly) are going to have a slight disadvantage when it comes to doing deals as they arent going to be able to perform part exchange deals until theyve managed to increase their squads buy a good 10 players or so, thus implying teams that start with around 35-40 players are given an unfair start. So 18 players on this basis gives everyone a fair chance to barter once they first join a club. Pro's and con's to altering the squad size as there are pro's and con's to everything, but I think putting upto maybe 20 or so, increasing it by a couple would be ok. But I'm sure people will be inclined to disagree, but thats what the forum's here for
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