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  1. Re: Best football songs in britain Fiiiiive Cantona's!.... Four Cantona's.... Three Cantona's.... Two Cantona's.... and an EEEEERICCC CANTONA!
  2. Re: English Championship 1 RONNIE PUTS PEN TO PAPER FOR LEICESTER CITY An already strong Leicester City side have added yet more fire power the their frontline in a bid to push for the prize of all prizes - the ec1 division 1 title. Brazilian superstar RONALDINHO has finalized his move to the foxes after lengthy negotiations between Raz and new Hammers manager Danny Williams. The deal saw Leicester's beloved Carlos TEVEZ and Brazilian winger Correira ADRIANO go in the opposite direction. This is a big gamble, and almost certainly some supporters are upset at the decision to let two great talents leave the club. Wether or not the gamble pays off will be for all to see in the coming years of EC1. Meanwhile on the match front, Raz's Leicester picked up a fantastic result by beating Mr Dave Leighs beloved Bolton Wanderers 3-0 at home.
  3. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers You need to beat me in the final game by 7 goals nick, I can't see that happening Good luck though
  4. Re: Nikola Zigic at a dead end? This subject was kind of on Setanta Sports News last night, Koeman said basically - that there has been too many players of a younger age that he hasnt seen perform on a regular basis since taking over and he want's to see how good they are in some bigger games. He did also say that the more experienced players ie zigic, canizares and albelda etc will still be in the frame to claim regular first team opportunities but will never guarantee a place for any player every week. I think Koeman has it pretty much spot on, he wants his players to fight for their shirt and why not? If the players arent happy with this then they arent proper professional footballers. If they want to play week in week out whilst earning mega bucks, go and play in Qatar or America. If you want to play for a top club, you have to earn it and rightly so IMO. Herb, Hildebrand will be starting the next two games. Canizares will be taking more of a backseat and will be rested following game in UCL with Chelsea.
  5. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers MILAN DOUBLE UP! Raz's Milan, after being crowned division 1 champions in season 1 - only to be relegated into division 2 the season after - got promoted back to top flight for season three, and have won the division 1 and cup double, barring a major upset of results on the last day of the season. Raz's side have regained the confidence from their first season and it seems all is swell in Italy. However, if manchester united now under new management, win by 4 or more, and Milan lose by 3 or more, United could still be crowned champions, but this is a very long shot, and Raz will certainly be fielding his strongest side as he hopes to wrap up the double. In a very close season in division 2, the top 4 are already all promoted, so the pressure is off for them as they climb back to the top stack. NOTE I will not be sacking anybody anymore from the setup, as it is too hard to re-fill, so good luck to all in charge for next season. SEVILLA (division 2) Are also now available after Eazy decided to retire from his post. If interested, please apply.
  6. Re: Millionaries Row ££££$$$$(coming soon) Have replied kev Count me in, been inactive last few days had problems with lewis.
  7. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers Man Utd available, 2nd in division 1. Squad is: Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale SM Val Chair Val TB AvP App GS - Dutch VAN DER SAR, Edwin G 37 94 97 Superb £1.3M £1.7M - 7.09 11(0) 0 - Argentinian HEINZE, Gabriel LB/CB 29 92 100 Okay £6.7M £10.5M - 7.33 6(0) 0 - Czech JANKULOVSKI, Marek LB/LM 30 92 81 Superb £6.1M £5.9M 21 Jan 7.75 8(0) 1 - English NEVILLE, Gary RB/CB 32 93 83 Excellent £5.4M £7.2M - 7.43 7(0) 0 - Portugese BOSINGWA, Jose RB/CB 25 91 100 Excellent £7.9M £11.2M 18 Jan 8.00 1(0) 0 - Brazilian JUAN, Silveira CB 28 93 81 Excellent £7.9M £14.4M - 7.45 11(0) 1 Int Serbian VIDIC, Nemanja CB 26 93 78 Superb £9.1M £24.6M - 7.45 11(0) 0 - English KING, Ledley CB/DM 27 91 100 V.Good £7.1M £8.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 - Argentinian RODRIGUEZ, Maximiliano RM/AM 26 91 100 V.Good £7.7M £10.5M 21 Dec 0.00 0(0) 0 - Italian GATTUSO, Gennaro CM/RM 29 96 76 Superb £9.2M £27.9M - 7.45 11(0) 3 - Italian AMBROSINI, Massimo CM/DM 30 92 79 V.Good £6.1M £7.4M 21 Dec 7.40 10(0) 3 - Portugese JOAO MOUTINHO, Filipe CM 21 91 100 Average £8.9M £17.6M - 7.00 1(0) 0 - English CARRICK, Michael CM/DM 26 91 100 Excellent £7.7M £10.5M - 0.00 0(0) 0 - Brazilian RENATO, Dirnei CM/RM 28 91 100 Okay £6.6M £7.7M - 7.00 1(0) 0 - Argentinian MONTENEGRO, Daniel AM/F 28 91 100 V.Good £6.6M £7.7M 21 Jan 0.00 0(0) 0 Int Portugese RONALDO, Cristiano W/F 22 96 84 Superb £13.0M £42.8M - 7.60 10(0) 1 Int Brazilian RONALDINHO, F/AM 27 98 85 Superb £12.3M £38.8M - 6.18 11(0) 2 Int English ROONEY, Wayne F 22 96 84 Superb £13.0M £39.2M - 8.27 11(0) 5 Int Peruvian FARFAN, Jefferson F/W 23 92 82 Superb £9.2M £20.5M - 6.55 11(0) 3 - Bosnian BARBAREZ, Sergej F/AM 36 90 100 Good £1.4M £910k - 0.00 0(0) 0 Setup is on Application, so if you want them, get your offers in and I'll select who to accept. Raz
  8. Raz


    Re: Anderson Danny your very biased when it comes to ratings, you overrate arsenal's players massively. To say Theo Walcott deserves the same as Anderson is ludicrous. Anderson has played for Brazil in the Copa America, and played superb in that, like has been mentioned by someone because Kaka and Ronnie didn't want to play. Theo is only making an impact on under 21 national football, and although I rate him highly and Wenger will groom him well he just doesnt play enough nor does he make an impact on any games he does play in. Anderson is currently bossing a Man Utd midfield as well as anyone in the premier league at the moment, his passing is tremendous nevermind his speed and strength for recovering. There is never any end product with Walcott at the moment, but im sure it will improve over time. Anderson --> 90 Nani --> ok at 89
  9. Re: Who will increase to the 90s? Lucas?! PLEASE PLEASE state your reasons for thinking that Lucas will go to 90+?? Friedel might just about have the capability for a 90, not so sure on Lucas Neill though?! Been out a lot through recurring injuries? Maybe next time round? Petric for dortmund?? You must be kidding me, same as for Lavezzi and Rosina? Have you got any valid reasons for the above to go to 90+ apart from Friedel?
  10. Re: new look pitch on tactics Your very demanding Darsh!! Although Home and Away is something I want to see aswell, as you probably know I'm a stat freak. I love the new pitch and shirts on the tactics interface aswell, very smart. The last one (no offence) looked pretty cheap and for some reason took longer to load than the new?
  11. Re: Tactics page - New or Traditional? The only reason I can see why some people would prefer the traditional style is because they can change multiple positions at once? The new layout looks a LOT smarter, and by the time youve scrolled up and down changing the numbers in the drop down boxes, you would of done it on the new tactics page anyway? Its also better having all aspects on a seperate page, subs, player assignment etc, agreed? Cant see why anyone would prefer the older style, but then again some people just dont want to try and use 'new' do they
  12. Raz

    Stood down for good

    Re: Stood down for good Good luck with your family life Razza you will be missed
  13. Raz

    Raz - Standing Down.

    Re: Raz - Standing Down. After discussing with my wife today, I have decided to drop half of my standard setup teams so i can balance my SM time out with the Forum and the Game - im sure you will all not be pleased to know :confused: I will NOT be on at night after 5pm nor at weekends AT ALL, but can still continue to come on throughout the day at work. Weve decided between us that home time is for home and family, and work time be for whatever i want it to be, and have discussed this with a few of my colleagues at work too. The overwhelming messages on here and an oblivious amount of pm's swayed me to try harder to keep myself here because the response from all was absolutely astonishing - so thankyou all for this.
  14. Raz

    Raz - Standing Down.

    Re: Raz - Standing Down. all these posts from members/admin and dev, well just ste.. have been absolutely overwhelming im gobsmacked in all honesty, thankyou all so much it actually bought a tear to my eyes
  15. Raz

    Raz - Standing Down.

    Re: Raz - Standing Down. All I wanted to gain when I was appointed as admin was to just try and help bring an extra dimension to the forum, an extra and not always as serious point of view. I wanted to try and appeal to the younger aswell as the older audience in the way that I could try and help all ages as much as possible. In my eyes, some take this forum idea a little too serious. The forum was a better place when all they had to do was post their opinions/queries. I will pop on once weekly for sm predict
  16. Raz

    Raz - Standing Down.

    Hi to all forum members. I've posted this here because I have plenty of friends out of admin/mod status that I would also like to see this post. I have given this consideration over the last week or so and I have decided to stand down as forum admin. I don't want this to cause a great big fuss as Teb/Alan/Herb/Ste etc could do without the hassle of umpteen posts and PM's about who is to be the next forum mod, they have enough on their hands as it is. This forum is a fantastic community where I've thoroughly enjoyed discussing football related issues aswell as the beautiful game it's self. It has been an honour to be so involved with the forum as to be an admin and I've had a great deal of pleasure and self satisfaction from helping forumers daily with regards to the game or the forum and I would like to thank all forumers for all the help that I've received aswell. Some people I've met on here have been fantastic acquaintences, and have at times filled me with tears because of thoughtful words of thanks and wishes through times of hardship and times of joy. But times change, life moves on, and the staff at SM and the admin on here are brilliant people who give their everything for SM and I hope everyone understands when I say that I have tried my best to be in the same boat. The game is absolutely fantastic and is increasing at a rapid rate and all of us are extremely lucky to be a big part of this development and improvement. I would personally like to thank Steve (teb), Alan (neller snr), Herb and Stegore for giving me this chance to share all my experiences and use all the help that I can provide to all you lot. It has been a fantastic experience. Before I stand down, there are a few more things I would like to say. I will still be playing the beautiful game, but I won't be visiting the forum anymore. There are no concrete reasons for this other than family commitments and me having to spend more time working at work because of losing some staff recently - so please dont start with any rumours. Try and rest a little on giving SM such a hard time, they are a fantastic bunch of fella's and what some of you have to remember is that this is their job, but also their enjoyment and their hobby. They strive to give to you as much of this as they can for as little as they can and they do a fantastic job at this. Keep happy people, keep the forum going, people come and go - people will be missed and I will most certainly miss all of you for one reason or another. It has been a pleasure. Happy SM'ing. Raz
  17. Re: happy bithday Kamil happy b-day to the one and only respect creator
  18. Re: Custom Setup Giveaway! Id ask for it but you dont know me teb Don't want anymore really fine with the two i've got. I may be interested - depending on who teb gives it to.
  19. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) From my experience (because im an old man ) I have always found any formation playing 3 at the back to be a lot more effective for attacking styles of play and I have always - ALWAYS played attacking or very attacking since I started playing the game. Ive always struggled to find the correct advanced tactics / style of play to suit the bog standard 4-4-2's or 4-4-1's etc, and find it tough to score goals. 3-5-2 would have to be my overall favourite, had a lot of success with it over the last year and a half or so.
  20. Raz

    Miguel Veloso

    Re: Miguel Veloso Totally agree with Perry on this one. Sure Veloso has bags of talent, and I see you point somewhat comparing other peoples rating to Veloso's, but like Perry said, these players are knocking on the door now and have been playing at top drawer standard for seasons, Veloso is only just coming through, and we all know he is a talent and we all know an increase will be on the cards for sure, but by what? Id only say 1 maybe 2 at a push.
  21. Re: Hatem Ben Arfa for Gakpe??? Gakpe has become an integral part of the Moncao side at the moment in France and has been a regular for the U21's for France, so a call up to senior level isnt too far away providing his improvements keep up with his ability level. Gakpe undoubtedly has a lot of talent and is a similar sort of player to Ben Arfa, who will both go up in time, providing they fulfil their potential. I would go for it for sure - this is a good deal. Wether it will go through or not is another story as Gakpe is a rating higher (87) than Ben-Arfa (86) and is the same age, so 7million might be too much aswell as Gakpe, and I think their chairman may intervene.
  22. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 11 Congrats this week Craig Seems everyone didnt have the best of weeks this week - myself included But im still top of the stack so its ok lol. My predicts for this week are as follows:- Mechelen 1 VS 1 Brussels ------- Caen 0 VS 2 Le Mans Karlsruhe 3 VS 0 Duisberg Osasuna 0 VS 1 Getafe Napoli 2 VS 1 Reggina Hibernian 2 VS 2 Hearts Uthrecht 2 VS 1 NAC Sivasspor 2 VS 0 Kasimpasa SK (ESB) Good luck to everyone participating this week.
  23. Re: "Glory XII Hunter's" Can Fabregas play in my cup squad? He IS under 21 but isnt in my youth squad. Does my cup starting 11 have to be only players from my youth squad? ----- ARSENAL 3 - 2 BARCELONA Arsenal maintain their winning streak in the Gloryhunters Division 1 as they steam-roll Shel's Barcelona at a packed out Emirates, ien what turned out to be a pretty even encounter as the supporters expected given Arsenals current form. It also turned into a pretty ugly encounter after the visitors' midfield maestro Andres INIESTA got sent off a minute before the stroke of half time after lashing out at his marker with his right boot right under the nose of the referee. The gunners went in 2-0 up at half time and deservedly so through on form Robin Van Persie and spanish wonderkid Cesc Fabregas. Barca however came out fighting in the second half and managed to get a reply 10 minutes into the second half through RONALDINHO. Barca piled on the pressure looking for the equaliser but left themselves bare at the back and Arsenal broke quickly through Thomas ROSICKY who squared it for Clarence SEEDORF who's first attempt got blocked by the advancing Victor VALDES but was allowed to toe-poke in the rebound to put the hosts 3-1 up on the stroke of 60 minutes. However there was going to be one more stint for Barca as they pressed Arsenal, and their persistance paid off when a hurried Fernando MEIRA at that back gifted the ball to an advancing Thierry HENRY who smashed the ball past Jens LEHMANN to make it 3-2 to the gunners. Tempers started to fray when Romanian new boy Adrian MUTU hacked down Henry when he was the last man back. Barcelona feel they should of deserved something from the game with the amount of chances they had, but in the end it was Arsenal finishing in the final third that was the difference between the two sides on the day and Barcelona are going to have to prove more clinical if they are to achieve something this season. Arsenal face premier league rivals Liverpool in this weeks Youth Cup at Anfield, where Arsenal manager Raz will be fielding a squad with an avg age of 18. Arsenal go 4 points clear at the top after taking maximum points from the first 5 opening fixtures and scoring an amazing 19 goals along the way, whilst Barcelona have now dropped to 5th having lost their first game of the season. The division 1 table looks like this after turn 5: 1 ARSENAL 5 5 0 0 19 8 11 15 2 Manchester United 5 3 2 0 10 6 4 11 3 Milan 5 3 2 0 8 5 3 11 4 Internazionale 5 2 1 2 10 13 -3 7 5 Barcelona 5 1 3 1 9 7 2 6 6 Valencia 5 2 0 3 6 6 0 6 7 Chelsea 5 1 3 1 6 6 0 6 8 São Paulo 5 2 0 3 9 14 -5 6 9 Sevilla 5 1 2 2 11 12 -1 5 10 Liverpool 5 1 2 2 6 8 -2 5 11 Real Madrid 5 1 1 3 8 9 -1 4 12 Bayern Munchen 5 0 0 5 3 11 -8 0
  24. Re: What if!! new set up ill have a crack then Kev, Inter for me thanks for making me aware of thread, dont check this board much at all, so u just caught me
  25. Raz

    New addition?

    Re: New addition? Loving all the new little eye pleasing, realism touches. Good job.
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