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  1. Oh thanks a lot ! It's just to know if it's a ban or if I can come back to the club I was managing (Brentford)
  2. Euuuuh, no, I don't use facebook, though I do have an account (somewhere) XD
  3. Hello, I got kicked of the TFSL for 12 days of inactivity, how can I contact James Murray ? Sorry to bother you with this !
  4. I think you've probably got it spot on. He'll struggle to get past 94 at PSG. If they win CL and he gets Ballon d'or then maybe 95. I can see him moving before too long though. I do agree on this. At the moment (the whole first half of the season) Mbappe is not playing well (not well by his standard I mean). He is still in the process to recover from the World Cup efforts and his new status of World Cup Champion is not easy to wear : he wants to do too much, and if he has the energy, the technique and choices do not allways follow. So, to get a rise he needs to improve a l
  5. Strakosha. It's weird that SM missed him in winter review. Also Alban Lafont, the new keeper of Fiorentina, would be a good choice. Areola will rise next season I think, if he becomes number one
  6. Now we will wait to see if he can get through to the first squad... that may be a bit long...
  7. It's quite a fair bargain. Depends if you need a good player at once (Laporte) and still on the rise, and that can play left back, or if you have time to see DeLigt arise... For me Laporte
  8. About Kenny Tete at Lyon : He suffered a setback when Lyon signed Leo Dubois as Right Back this summer. Dubois immediately went first squad, with Rafael (who should have left during the market) on the bench as substitute. Being third man was tough for him as he explains in french interviews, but he stayed focus and worked even harder to gain back his place. Then after the international break in november (he played against France and against Germany) he was given a chance by Genesio and just played better, and better and better at each match. Yesterday in the Coupe de France he d
  9. Hi, keep thauvin at the moment. He has the 92 maybe 93 level in him, but needs an other club or an other manager than this buffoone. Unfortunately for you he won't rise this season...
  10. Happy new year to all ! (and Mkhitaryan drop to 91 I'm inconsolable) *sob*
  11. Keep him until he drops dramatically. I mean, you won't sell him for the money, so better keeping him, just like Pirlo or Xabi Alonso or Iñesta at the time.
  12. Ok thanks for this tip, maybe Azpilicueta is better in 3 men-at-the-back formation then.
  13. Maybe some people don't realize the amount of work it takes to rate thousands and thousands of football players around the world... The only solution would be to put an AI engine on this job, which would cost a lot of money. I'm sure someone will get to that in a few years
  14. Ricardo Pereira is a nice right flank player, I follow him since is great seasons at OGC Nice (15-16 and 16-17 I think) on loan from Porto. Then he played the last season with O Porto... He did great with a good Champion's league season. And then he rejoins Claude Puel this time at Leicester in the PL, and is immediatly good... but not yet great. In the meantime he was part of the Portugal squad for the WC where he was dropped (🚽) in favor of Cédric Soares. Unfortunately when he had the chance in the final 1/8, he failed against Uruguay, as an offensive RB he was des
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