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  1. Batista Meier rise .....9 game 1 gol 1 assist
  2. Igor Gomes no doubt.Sao Paolo is one of the strongest teams in brazil,Igor always plays.I have seen several matches of the Sao Paolo,i really like it!
  3. my favorite young player! 8 months ago,swap Barella and Dayvinson sanchez for Veron!big big talent!
  4. swap Barella and Dayvinson sanchez for Veron...8 months ago is my favorite young player
  5. Gabrel Veron 18.76.... 17 game,6 gol and 2 assist(serie a,libertadores,copa do brasil) probably +6 to 82???
  6. HATEBOER: 1210 min 3 gol and 2 assist.atalanta sixth place in serie a.SM VERY VERY VERY VERY RIDICOULOUS!!!!!
  7. plus they did go up gregoritsh to 89, at the same level as gnabry.... really ridiculous.....and ascacibar rise to 89 when his team was last in thebundesliga.hahahahhaha great job SM
  8. even for me it is right 89 for bentancur. the 90 of pavard is too much....
  9. bentancur play in juventus not in stuttgart.bentancur he played very well in the world cup,serie a and champions league
  10. pavard+2 then also bentancur +2....i hope...
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