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  1. HATEBOER: 1210 min 3 gol and 2 assist.atalanta sixth place in serie a.SM VERY VERY VERY VERY RIDICOULOUS!!!!!
  2. plus they did go up gregoritsh to 89, at the same level as gnabry.... really ridiculous.....and ascacibar rise to 89 when his team was last in thebundesliga.hahahahhaha great job SM
  3. even for me it is right 89 for bentancur. the 90 of pavard is too much....
  4. bentancur play in juventus not in stuttgart.bentancur he played very well in the world cup,serie a and champions league
  5. pavard+2 then also bentancur +2....i hope...
  6. a few months ago ... when mustafi was 91
  7. some time ago, there were people who said that mustafi is better skriniar, are you still convinced tm costa? XD
  8. se avevo dubbi lo avrei chiesto prima.è solo per sapere cosa pensa la gente.poi a fine stagione ripasso
  9. certo!,piu che mai,però credo sia l iwl creata la seconda volta,ha circa 6 anni di età.
  10. +1 for me 2000 min 7 gol and 8 assist in season,and lyon qualified in CL.
  11. fiorentina eighth place in series a wolfsburg two years save at playoff
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