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  1. Re: James Reid In my opinon he's a good prospect, not for a few years yet though. He's played for England at U17, U18 and U19 level, I hope Psychos got his eye on him
  2. Re: James Reid I've just checked and James Reid is now on the database, 19 Years old Rating 65 Pos - LM Rushden & Diamonds
  3. Re: EPL rating changes? The UK leagues should be starting soon, they need to finish doing the french ones. I think the last couple of times they sorted out scotland, ireland, wales first then worked their way up to the prem towards the end of the week.
  4. Re: The "Official" Coca-Cola Championship Rating Changes Thread Here's what I think.. 14/11/09 - Forest currently 8th in the Championship Currently 8 games unbeaten 1. Lee Camp 25 82 -> 82/83 2. James Perch 24 80 -> 80/79 4. Luke Chambers 24 80 -> 80/81 5. Wes Morgan 25 80 -> 81/82 6. Kelvin Wilson 24 80 -> 80/81 7. Paul Anderson 21 80 -> 81/82 8. Lewis McGugan 21 81 -> 81 9. Dele Adebola 34 83 -> 82/81 10. Robert Earnshaw 28 83 -> 82 11. Nathan Tyson 27 80 -> 81 (Change to W/F) 12. Garath McCleary 22 78 -> 78/79 14. Joe Garner 21 78 -> 79/80 15. Chris Cohen 22 80 -> 81/82 16. Chris Gunter 20 84 -> 83/84 17. David McGoldrick 21 81 -> 81/82 18. Paul McKenna 32 84 -> 84 19. Guy Moussi 24 80 -> 80/81 21. Paul Smith 29 80 -> 80/79 23. Dexter Blackstock 23 82 -> 82/83 29. Julian Bennett 24 78 -> 78 33. Joel Lynch 22 79 -> 80 Players On Loan 28. Radoslaw Majewski 22 85 (From: Polonia Warsaw) -> 84/85 Players Loaned Out 20. Arron Davies 25 78 (Brighton) -> 76/77 27. Brendan Moloney 20 77 (Notts County) -> 75 Mark Byrne 20 67 (Rushden & Diamonds) (1102 minutes' date=' 2 goals) -> 68? Joe Heath 21 75 (Lincoln) -> 72 Shane Redmond (Burton) Not on DB (90 minutes) James Reid (Rushden & Diamonds) Not on DB (404 minutes, 2 goals) -> Add 65ish? Matt Thornhill 21 78 (Brighton) -> 76/75 Brighton haven't played Matt Thornhill much, they don't know what they're missing!!! Brendan Moloney is genius, he could cut it championship level! I spose thats why Notts have gone for him cos of their plans to get up there in 5 years, I hope they don't want to keep him cos I want him back!!! I've still got high hopes for James Reid, I believe he's made England U17 apps
  5. Re: Connor's Guide To British Risers. He will definately break the 80 mark thats for sure, question is.... 80/81/82/83? I find it hard to predict ratings I try to under predicted rather than over predict and be pleasantly suprised if he gets more... I'm going to go with 82. I doubt Joe Lewis will rise.... I don't think Paul Smith got a rise last season at this point from 80 and we were pretty much bottom. But then is he England U21? Would they take that into consideration? No way as high as predicted above though. Some of the other predictions look good though
  6. Re: The "Official" Coca-Cola Championship Rating Changes Thread repped you at lunch time, never thought to post though. This threads looking great looking forward to it being finished. Good layout. Are you looking for any opinions, I can give my Forest opinion on who will rise and who will drop if you like, it's not biased I promise
  7. Re: Coventry City - 2 new players I'd like it if he follows in Pearce's footsteps.. then he'd become awesome and come to us... Yes please! We all know Psycho would've had 94 rating or more if SM was around back in them days He could probs still play now for us lol Nice find, will keep a look out if he gets any game time
  8. Re: Midlands team ratings Now that Forest have shot up the table a bit we might have a few risers to come I've tried my best not to be biased.... But the last time i thought about Forest's ratings we were in the bottom half and had only won like 1 game... so opinions changed a lot now... Lee Camp GK 82 - Stay the same Paul Smith GK 80 - Stay the same Chris Gunter RB/LB 84 - Stay the same Kelvin Wilson CB/RB 80 - Very small chance of 81 (injured start of season but did play majority of last season and has been good since coming back) Wes Morgan CB 80 - 81/82 Luke Chambers CB/RB 80 - 81 Joel Lynch CB/LB 79 - 80/81 (Maybe switch to LB/CB) Julian Bennett CB/LB 78 - Stay the same (Injured for a very long time, not sure if players at championship level with ratings in 70s will decrease though?) Paul McKenna CM 84 - Stay the same Lewis McGugan CM 81 - Stay the same Chris Cohen CM 80 - 81/82 (Player of the season last season but didn't get a rise to show that, can play CM/LM/LB) James Perch DM/RB 80 - Stay the same or drop (Injured) Guy Moussi DM 80 - Small chance of 81 (got his 1st goal for the club the other day... but then got sent off for celebration) Radoslaw Majewski AM/CM 85 - Confusing this one... this is his rating from Polish league, but now he's in championship, 85 is top rating.... myself, i would say he deserves to keep it.. key player, but soccer manager may think differently.... so stay the same or drop to 84) Gary McSheffrey W/F Why is he down as still playing for us? I think a Birmingham fan needs to submit a ticket, benefits me I spose, if i start a new setup I can sell him for a couple of mil get more cash in Paul Anderson W 80 - 81 Gareth McCleary W/F 78 - small chance of 79, hasn't played much Robert Earnshaw F 83 - 82 Hasn't player much... injured at the moment David McGoldrick F/W 81 - stay the same Nathan Tyson F 80 - 81 Change to W/F Adam Newbold F On loan somewhere Dele Adebola CF 83 - 82 Dexter Blackstock CF 82 - 83 If earnshaw drops... dex better get 83 to make up for that!! He really is quality from what i've seen Joe Garner CF 78 - 80/81 change to F/W
  9. Re: A few Coca Cola Championship Rating Changes Peterborough 09/10 PLD 11 W 1 D 4 L 6 F 12 A 19 PTS 7 Forest 08/09 PLD 11 W 1 D 2 L 8 F 8 A 20 PTS 5 Peterborough are slightly better off, most of their goals have been coming from their strikers, ours pretty much came from everywhere at this point. Difficult 1 to predict... But I believe they will improve... most of Forest's rating increases took place in the April UK rating changes section. I think Morgan was 79 or 80 in league 1, Cohen was 81 but went down to 80 while we were in league 1, and Mcgugan was 78 and rose to 81 in April. I believe he was injured at the start of the season for a while.
  10. Re: SwanseaJack's 80-85 Great British Leagues Risers
  11. Re: SwanseaJack's 80-85 Great British Leagues Risers another riser for Forest will be Joe Garner, He's still 78 on the database and he's played a few times this season (and last) edit - soz just realised its 80-85 risers although he should get into the 80s
  12. Re: Prikee's Championship Risers! Here's a link to a thread that was made by Wozza not too long ago... some opinions of Derby risers/droppers in there. Derby County Rating Changes Predictions
  13. Re: JamieDab1994's Manchester United Ratings chuckle.... If Rooney gets a hatrick in every game up until rating changes he might get a 97..... other than that..... 96. If he gets 6 goals every game up until rating changes... he might be on for a 98 then
  14. Re: JamieDab1994's Manchester United Ratings Ben Foster = Riser
  15. Re: Adam Matthews not mark noble... i think its frank nouble
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