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  1. Hello. Just rejoined SM after a break of a year or so. I have joined a game of my friend's but in the 4th div of 4 (for the challenge!) I'm finding not many players will sign for me, despite me being fairly rich. How can I work out realistic targets for the club? Does it go on division / av quality of existing players / transfer market or what? Thanks in anticipation of your help
  2. Re: Just Another Money Making Guide Great thread! I could do with you for a couple hours a week working for my company!
  3. Considering picking him up for 11M. Is he likely to stay at the same rating...? Not sure what the competition is like up front for Liverpool... Thanks in anticipation
  4. Re: Biggest Risers - The History
  5. Re: Biggest Risers - The History We already went through this on the last page! Insider says, original poster gets the initial increase, any thereafter goes to anyone who first predicts the subsequent increase - with evidence I would guess.
  6. Re: Biggest Risers - The History
  7. Re: Biggest Risers - The History Talking of homage/legends - Does anyone know whats happened to Bestpay?
  8. Re: Biggest Risers - The History It does... but it would be a HELL of a lot of work for anyone to maintain this database, and I suspect probably too much to maintain for any length of time, which is a shame. I don't scout, as I run my own business which takes up all of my time, but I have a lot of respect for those who do, and felt that this was quite a cool way of paying homage
  9. Re: Biggest Risers - The History By that example though, insider, surely you'd have had to have mentioned (with an in depth report) each time he was due a raise for this system to work. Otherwise say someone comes along and says Turnbull, the GK of Fulham (or is it sunderland - i've forgotten) is due a raise as he's now playing first team football regularly and gets a credit for that, but the guy who a few years ago FIRST mentioned Turnbull in a report misses out..... Who would be due the credit of the most recent raise?
  10. Re: Biggest Risers - The History BenReado - one idea, to keep it to 'serious scouting' only would perhaps be to only include players predicted to (and then go on to) rise by a certain minimum, say +4? Just a thought. It doesn't answer all of the negatives people have put forward, but it may help to streamline your idea (which i quite like btw)....
  11. Re: Cruz, Shevchenko or Morientes?
  12. Re: Cruz, Shevchenko or Morientes?
  13. Hey guys, I've got £6.9M for a striker, currently i'm a div 2 club and my two strikers are both 86s. Who should I buy? Julio Cruz 33, 92, £4.75M Andriy Shevchenko 31, 90, £3.75M Fernando Morientes 32, 90, £5.0M Other possibilities.... Roy Makaay 33, 90, £5.0M Christiano Lucarelli 32, 91, £6.9M I'd prefer to keep £1-2M in the bank if at all possible, so unless Lucarelli has massive reasons to be chosen above the others, i'd rather not have him due to his price! Any help / guidance / notes on the players would be highly appreciated!!
  14. Re: 3-4-1-2 losing matches !?! Gretna system.... i've not heard that in a while, but ihave heard it.... Please remind me!!
  15. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players) Sorry if this is a noob question! Do all of the increases for a certain region (case in point here obviousl Russia) happen simultaneously? I'm wondering whether its worth looking at any of the players that haven't yet changed rating on the initial post now or whether if they've not increased now they won't until the next review?
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