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  1. what formation would you suggest for my team?? thanks in advance!
  2. This is my Chelsea team and i really do not know which formation is best, i currently use 4-4-2 diamond, with my squad what other suggestions do you have with regards to formation?? Many Thanks. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Re: Edin Dzeko what do you reckon
  4. Re: Edin Dzeko Just bump this, anyone got any other opinions, adebayor is available at unmanaged club, do you think i should do the deal and buy him instead??
  5. Re: Edin Dzeko I suppose i should add who my current strikers are, Ibrahimovic 96 David Villa 96 Van Persie 93 Anelka 93 Higuain 93 Dzeko 91 Defoe 91 Agbonlahor 89 then theres a few players ive got who could play striker as secondary position such as Robinho 94 Arshavin 94 Mata 91 Marin 89 Pedro 88
  6. What do you see this guy achieving, wolfsburg dont seem to really be performing this year, he's not going to the world cup is there any chance he'd realistically rise next time german ratings come around, someones just offered me 25mill for him pure cash unsure whether to accept or not, views are appreciated!! thanks in advance
  7. Re: Vagner Love someone just paid 20mill for him in my championship, i lol'd!
  8. Re: Pernambucano JUNINHO 93>90 I find it quite amusing, someone in my setup just brought him for 15million from another managed club, what a fool haha
  9. Now i know both of these players have good prospects, but in the short term who do you think can achieve a higher rating the 89 rated VALENCIA at man united, can you see him starting often this season?? or 88 rated HULK at porto, a likely increase but stuck at porto i cant see him getting much above 90 thanks in advance!!
  10. i already have gignac in my team, but dzeko is at external club. i can swap gignac for dzeko without having to spend any money, What are the prospects for each player in the future? should i hold onto gignac and find another way of buying dzeko. Or should i do the swap thanks in advance
  11. caceres rated 89 only 21 not really getting that many games arbeloa 25 rated 90 17 games started and 1 goal possible 91? your views are appreciated
  12. which of these players do you think has better prospects GLUSHAKOV's rating rocketed last time while IBISEVIC has been banging in the goals and getting plenty of assists should i hold onto GLUSHAKOV or swap him for IBISEVIC views are appreciated
  13. Re: Should i sell essien? WHOAAA okay lets calm it down, WW3 is about to start here Thanks for all your opinions, for the record im in a english championship so de rossi and zarate are at external clubs, I will hold onto essien in the hope that his position will change to DM is this highly likely?
  14. Re: Should i sell essien? i play 4-4-2 diamond and he doesnt even make it into starting 11 the bid is from unmanaged club thinking of buying de rossi and zarate with the money
  15. Essien long term injury, rating will probably drop i have a 40mill+ bid from unmanaged club should i accept? your views are appreciated
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