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  1. which is better? i have had more success with 4-5-1 defensive but i have INIESTA in my team an he is the best player in my team so i wanted to take as much advantage of him as possible, if i went to 451 defensive an put him on the right, would he still be as effective than in the AM position?
  2. Re: is kaka worth this? its been accepted, just depends on whether the chairman allows it. touch wood.
  3. £20.0M (Undisclosed Fee) Wesley SNEIJDER + Mahamadou DIARRA http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=601015&clubid=7169323&sid=12052 theres my squad... cheers
  4. Whos gonna have the better ratings after the next changes????
  5. Re: clarence SEEDORF whats Gourcuff's chances of rising?? and i have diego capel, but i play Riera on the left, should i sell capel?
  6. is he going to retire, i have him in my marsielle team an he is a big part of that team, so should i try an replace him asap? also would VDV be a good replacement? if not who else? cheers..
  7. i have moutinho atm =] whos the best cm, now and in the future. cheers
  8. someone has bidded trezeguet and riquelme for RAUL, so i was wonderin if riquelme might drop as i dont know much about him. So what two players should i have? trezeguet, riquelme, or hleb?? Cheers
  9. Re: Striker help - KLOSE, MILITO, LISANDRO, VAGNER LOVE, ANELKA OR PANDEV the ones i named in my post are the only ones available to me unfortunatly
  10. Re: Striker help - KLOSE, MILITO, LISANDRO, VAGNER LOVE, ANELKA OR PANDEV He's a CF. im after a F
  11. Striker help - KLOSE, MILITO, LISANDRO, VAGNER LOVE, ANELKA OR PANDEV Im bayern munich and im trying to get a new F because TONI and KLOSE arent performing, so they are all the F's above 92 that i can get so which one do you reccomend and has the best future, or should i just stick with KLOSE? Cheers
  12. hey, ive got a marseille team in a WC, im in division one, into the 3rd game of the 3rd season, an my goalkeeper [steve mandanda] has got 6-5-6 so far, its not my team underperforming as ive W-D-W just him, im wonderin why?? And have the french rating changes past? lol. cheers.
  13. Whos better to have? is it mascherano cuz he is younger?
  14. Who would you rather have in your team? is essien gonna decrease? xavi gonna keep his rating i might be able to get xavi for essien, should i do it? cheers
  15. i can get PEPE for carragher + 15 mill??? what you think???
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