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  1. Alex telles or halstenburg? Milik or Y.Poulsen Henderson or sommer TIA
  2. Kante & Soumare (Leicester) for my De Jong ?
  3. I hope the story's and rumours about gyffy Sigurdsson aren't true
  4. Happy birthday @Kieran_S91sorry its late catching me up
  5. Saw a post on here the other day about someone saying they've never had there team score a goal straight after a goal I had it tonight so thought I'd post it
  6. I'm still laughing about them celebrations Friday night ....after the 0-0 draw with England that left them bottom of the group on 1 point hilarious 🤣😆😂
  7. Don't know who he is? Hes the boss of the forum and contributes and helps fellow managers more than anyone 90% of our teams on here are down to @Kieran_S91hard work ... Have some respect
  8. Just joined this GW as sevilla give it a bash see how I do against the big boys 👦
  9. Barnsley is the worst place ive ever visited in my life absolute hole specially around Oakwell place was a dump .....full of little chavs thinking there the next Tyson Fury
  10. How does it make sense ? With how he's performed.....yet you see Bruno getting +2 for similiar stats and no club trophies ....joke
  11. Amazing work mate appreciate everything you do...for the forum and the game
  12. Going to start a new draft league that a few have been asking for please leave your name below if interested? Thanks
  13. If you were going to work Sunday with a broken arm and in a cast but the cast came off Monday would it affect your performance on Sunday at work ?
  14. Haha hopefully wednesday find glory in the papa John's trophy this season 😄😅
  15. We have 1 team free now Astana manager has quit any takers for this spot ?
  16. I remember Wednesday playing in a similiar comp the INTERTOTO CUP 1🤣🤣🤣
  17. I took over Kidderminster in a gold championship div 5 tootling my way up the leagues to the prem now your detailed info on a 1st and 2 11 was quality ......should have a very good team by time I get there ... Pinyaev is quality and hes that cheap I sign wherever possible .
  18. Top work mate ......every player I've seen you post thus far ...seems to get better and better alot of my teams are through your hard work 💪
  19. Thanks @Kieran_S91I have bastoni & kounde as back and a few wonderkids out on loan so will keep him
  20. My Van Dijk for Ruben Dias & Declan Rice plus 12 million ? Thoughts I'm stuck atm
  21. Heartbroken mate looking forward to the new plough lane.
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