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  1. Your bang on.....I guess he is busy I remember him saying play Single player and get used to the tactics as that match engine is what is being used in worlds 🌎 don't think for 1 minute they will get rid of sm worlds when discord started thought would work on wiki for a month but it's not moved off that for about 6 months thought we'd work on wiki then squad caps match engine etc etc
  2. Understand that mate but he promised on forums discord etc the updates so he's bound to get the backlash ...tbh it's not on I've pumped loads of money in sm worlds over the year it needs serious attention....and he is one of the 2 or 3 founders so it's bound to come back to him
  3. I'm very much expecting to get booted .
  4. Haha no matter how busy you are surely no update in the world takes 8 years they desperately need to give back that have put in.
  5. I've just asked him on discord Played in sm worlds 15 years thi year absolutely love the game but never seen so many empty GW alot of frustration on the forum and sm worlds about the planned updates @Steven Paul
  6. Tactics advice lads ..... When playing a much stronger team ....what tactics do you use formations and in game tactics TIA
  7. Whats people thoughts on Kaide Gordon (16) Liverpool He lives in Burton and quite local to where I live. Alot of excitement surrounding him virgil Van Dijk & TAA recently spoken out how impressed they are by him. Expect him to feature for Liverpool in some capacity thus season.
  8. Alot of positivity around Hillsborough for the first time in a long Time. Thats due to Darren Moore some of the players like you say wing,Marvin Johnson,Lee Gregory should be big hits in league 1. I'm just pleased it won't be as bad as last season. Be pleased with top 6.
  9. I can't wait Doncaster at home first game at Hillsborough for 532 days Excited
  10. Jarrod bowen Lucas ocampos Ivan perisic Rank please
  11. Alex telles or halstenburg? Milik or Y.Poulsen Henderson or sommer TIA
  12. Kante & Soumare (Leicester) for my De Jong ?
  13. I don't feel as bad now 😁😁
  14. I hope the story's and rumours about gyffy Sigurdsson aren't true
  15. Happy birthday @Kieran_S91sorry its late catching me up
  16. Saw a post on here the other day about someone saying they've never had there team score a goal straight after a goal I had it tonight so thought I'd post it
  17. I'm still laughing about them celebrations Friday night ....after the 0-0 draw with England that left them bottom of the group on 1 point hilarious 🤣😆😂
  18. Don't know who he is? Hes the boss of the forum and contributes and helps fellow managers more than anyone 90% of our teams on here are down to @Kieran_S91hard work ... Have some respect
  19. Just joined this GW as sevilla give it a bash see how I do against the big boys 👦
  20. Barnsley is the worst place ive ever visited in my life absolute hole specially around Oakwell place was a dump .....full of little chavs thinking there the next Tyson Fury
  21. How does it make sense ? With how he's performed.....yet you see Bruno getting +2 for similiar stats and no club trophies ....joke
  22. Amazing work mate appreciate everything you do...for the forum and the game
  23. Going to start a new draft league that a few have been asking for please leave your name below if interested? Thanks
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