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  1. If you were going to work Sunday with a broken arm and in a cast but the cast came off Monday would it affect your performance on Sunday at work ?
  2. Haha hopefully wednesday find glory in the papa John's trophy this season 😄😅
  3. We have 1 team free now Astana manager has quit any takers for this spot ?
  4. I remember Wednesday playing in a similiar comp the INTERTOTO CUP 1🤣🤣🤣
  5. I took over Kidderminster in a gold championship div 5 tootling my way up the leagues to the prem now your detailed info on a 1st and 2 11 was quality ......should have a very good team by time I get there ... Pinyaev is quality and hes that cheap I sign wherever possible .
  6. Top work mate ......every player I've seen you post thus far ...seems to get better and better alot of my teams are through your hard work 💪
  7. Thanks @Kieran_S91I have bastoni & kounde as back and a few wonderkids out on loan so will keep him
  8. My Van Dijk for Ruben Dias & Declan Rice plus 12 million ? Thoughts I'm stuck atm
  9. Heartbroken mate looking forward to the new plough lane.
  10. Congratulations 👏 @Kieran_S91some good form of late For me Absolutely Huge Day today ...in the context of things so nervous I can't believe we are still fighting... living in burton (10 Miles) from Derby few derby fans round here lots of love for the owls on social media though WAWAW 🦉🦉🦉🦉
  11. Thanks mate hopefully good seasons for both of us a good clear out needed at swfc Keeper with concerns will be sold and leave you 1 keeper @NickTheBizyour choice weather you sign another one had thos happen a few times
  12. At least I'll tick some grounds off the list 😂😂😂 yeah my home town beat them last night I just prey with chansiri finally realises he needs to listen to advisors and not do it on his own maybe relagation will open his eyes 20 mins from the prem to league 1 in 5 years I'm depressed 😂😂😂
  13. 2 good wins for you Accrington & Ipswich expect you to beat Swindon only 2nd team all season to lose at Rochdale last night the other being Fleetwood I'd look forward to going to the new plough lane. We are actually playing well under Darren Moore atm but he was brought in way to late...said to Kieran a while back we were down Tony Pulis 10 game spell killed us ...
  14. See you next season @Id rather be in SW19
  15. Some of the changes are frustrating and I've had to change alot around for my teams.. But it's for the best we want the game as real as possible so I'm more than happy with the changes. The work @Sir Rahulhas put in on here discord and wiki is incredible making the game better each day were lucky to have someone who dedicates so much time on improving the game...
  16. Leao or Immobile Davies or Robertson Competitive GW. Cheers
  17. QPR Attendance - 12,325 ST Receipts- 1,574,910 Gate Receipts- 8,096,660 Tv - 6,974,490 Sponsor- 2,982,693 Merchandise- 994,231
  18. So the drafts seem to have gone down an absolute storm 😀😀😀
  19. Ah the ever lasting mls the main man on discord is saying they will be going back to it and there's hundreds of edits ....and the leagues they've switched to are primilary to get them done before the new seasons start....
  20. Do a grand job socca hope you're feeling better soon
  21. I am truly sorry if I offened you @jaybeeit was not you I was getting at I'm here to make friends not enemy's I've got nothing but respect for what you do in game and on the forum however I find pop extremely rude and almost he finds all this a joke and it's you taking all the flak ....for him don't worry about QPR I may see whose free
  22. @LauraAFCA your pick now 1- Haaland 2- Mbappe have gone
  23. Haha yes I just meant have a guess 😅
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