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  1. First player to go hazard a guess ?
  2. Yes mate you can bid as soon as you want hasnto be 48 hours after GW was Created so should be tonight
  3. Last Team available if anyone wants it
  4. Got 1 more spot available in the GW @NickTheBizif you know anyone off the forum
  5. Option B for me .. You've already gave my QPR to someone else 😲😲😲
  6. I'm shocked they were absolutely brilliant today πŸ‘real hope of staying up if they carry that form forwards 2-1 win at Barnsley narrow 1-0 defeat at Watford in a goal that should of been disallowed then today Darren Moore did say he's gonna get his ideas across in the 2 weeks off they look a different team with a fight in them as well sky pundits said its the best team performance they've seen all season including Norwich & Watford West Brom fans speak extremely highly of Darren moore he seems to know the problems with the chairman but got everyone else in the same boat fighting boro Blackburn derby forest Bristol City Swansea all coming up apart from forest all teams are struggling our 2nd goal today was awesome πŸ‘Œ
  7. As some of you know I've started a New Forum League with a few different rules in place 6 clubs remaining GW ID - 434635
  8. Straight in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Haha I wish πŸ˜… I know its been so long Yes true just can't remember the last time I had it been years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ took over a Blackpool in bottom div in prem now tough season
  9. Anyone Interested New Forum League ID 434635
  10. Thanks mate hopefully you will join up one day πŸ‘
  11. As some of you may know I'm starting a New forumers league up after leaving QPR as I was involved in the relagation run in ...which I was excited about...I really really enjoyed this GW hence why I'm setting a new 1 up to participate in and run I appreciate everything jaybee did ...for this GW but his silence since Thursday nights events are deafening and then almost defends what pop at 1 stage I thought his account had been hacked as he is a well respected guy and his help on discord for the upcoming changes have been brilliant as for pop tate I find him rude arrogant and not very nice if you can't respect other people how can you expect to be respected yourself
  12. Hi guys Rules- all open to debate Empty Squads Capacity - 25 or 30k 2 Divisions - 10 12 or 15 teams a division Normal economy Starting budget - 100 or 150 Million Squad cap - 33 Players Drafting players - 1 plater per team Absolute respect for 1 or another any abusive messages to be reported to GW Admin Final 4 games of the season when Cup etc is over all teams must play the strongest side available to them Please let me know your thoughts many thanks
  13. @Hrodulf @gyanthecat @NickTheBiz @Sir Rahul @PokerDaddy @Dek @Soccahappy @Kieran_S91
  14. @thorgan lesar @hoochy koochy @russj @AnthonyKegher17 @crvena_zvezda @Kev @Cvilhete
  15. Hello all .... I'm starting a New GW For forumers with a few specific rules if interested leave your name below
  16. I decided to quit cause of purely last night its wrong ...regardless what has gone before you cannot do that a competitive GW full of trusted forum members ends like that I also appreciate everything jaybee has done I honestly do however his response astounded me almost as it was planned between the 2 teams I think jaybee knew he was not going to go down which took all the shine of last night and ruined a season of extremely hard work....and his response to me being 1 of the 3 teams that could of gone down was it didn't impact you anyway and got the old its worst managers selling to external and buying back its madness ...i find pop extremely rude and arrogant ...that's why I'll start a mew league within the forum but with honest players
  17. Unbelievable that a GW set up with all trusted forumers would end like that in match fixing apparently selling a player to external clubs for a profit then signing them back is against the rules but match fixing seems to be ok absurd...I wouldn't go back in that GW if I was paid and I loved it before last night always the 1st result I looked at on a Thursday such a shame I'll be starting a new GW with specific rules if anyone is interested
  18. Nope smfa don't affect players conditions only in gold championship
  19. Son 94 socca great effort love your spreadsheets... Highlight of my day ✨
  20. WHY YOU SHOUTING 🀣🀣 Gundogan 93 Ederson 94
  21. Very special Press that accept button ...quicker than you would a gambler in the pub after hitting the jackpot 😁😁
  22. I'm in a few golds ...they certainly do
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