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  1. This is definitely a post after your team as been 3-1 up and draw been there myself when a mates text me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Some real talents there mate the difference between fighting for relagation to being at the other end ..hope you stay up I want to go to the new plough lane ....looks impressive little ground
  3. Cracking goals cantwell was superb today will surely get a move ...Wednesday played well one of the best performances this season 1st half then invited them on us 2nd half I did a write up for Rahul the other day mentioning about osaze cracking player hope he signs
  4. An owl mate moved to Burton a long time ago there flying atm
  5. I absolutely hate football atm 😒😒😒
  6. As much as I dislike Chris Wilder for what he's done there what a fantastic job he's done amazing really league one prem in 3 seasons or something like that .....I think they will regret getting rid specially with some of the names been mentioned ....Paul heckingbottom favourite they'd of gone straight back up with Wilder
  7. Justin Che - Fc Dallas to Bayern Munich 5 month Loan from Bayerns Sister Club ..after impressing in the dallas youth side...what's the opinion on him ?
  8. Gk Hugo souza...meslier,Trubin Others - Nuno Mendes,loic Bade,Musiala,moriba,truffert,tzolis,Smith-Rowe,gvardiol,Madiueke
  9. Great win for Porto πŸ”΅βšͺ ...always nice to see the underdogs go through HAALAND ....this guy is crazy ...just how good is he gonna be ... CL Games - 12 CL Goals - 20 Insane
  10. I've played SM Worlds 🌎 for 15 years now and been on the forum for 14 years and in all my time no one has helped and advised me as much as Kieran he always straight back with help ....this thread that Rahul started and keeps busy is brilliant .....the forum died for a few years please don't ruin it again people like you are why people stopped coming on be honest polite and only ask questions for a real dilemma not trivial silly questions....if you play in game worlds with few managers or yourself that's fine but when you've got 50 plus 90 rated players you don't need to be asking daft questions
  11. Absolutely robbo pure joke no malice whatsoever However still waiting for a reply 🀣🀣
  12. Absolutely @AnthonyKegher17 I meant nothing by this was just a bit of banter I'm a Sheffield wednesday fan so need plenty of banter 2-0 up yesterday at half time and lost 3-2 also I went to work for 4 hours yesterday morning at 6 and left at 11 at night doing a 18 hour shift so was just trying to entertain Sorry for any offence
  13. Just sent a email to support cheating and multiple accounts on the forum 🀣🀣 AnthonyKegher17 needs to chill out a bit though.....thought he was extremely rude when he first joined the forum and everyone is so so helpful in here no need to be posting at 2AM who's up
  14. How good is he tipped to be kieran huge star ?
  15. You'll get no where reporting them ...SM do nothing sadly mate
  16. Brilliant 🀣🀣🀣
  17. I'm in the same boat gyan but I always think forward and choose the younger up and coming player specially as talented as dayot I sold alaba in GW so ups could play
  18. I would go upamecano gyan looks a top top player
  19. Thats like saying who should I date Susan Boyle or Michelle Keegan 🀣🀣
  20. Liam Shaw (19) Leaving Sheffield Wednesday for Celtic at end of season ...as @Kieran_S91 mentioned him a while back been very impressed with him this season....one to watch As a wednesday fan sad to see him go so soon ....can't blame him the club is in turmoil atm chairman is turning club into a shambles πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
  21. Reece James Serginio dest Tariq lamptey James Justin All have huge futures
  22. 3rd time lucky I'm sure I'm destined next season πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‡
  23. Love this league @russj took them over in div 2 and finished runners up twice on the trot now in div 1 won my last game 6-0 as well needed lens to lose and drew 1-1 Rahul I have no idea conceeded less so thought it would be enough 🀣🀣
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