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  1. Mane (mine) for alaba & De Jong whats your views
  2. Sorry its late happy new year to you all ... What a shocking year
  3. Amazing thought he'd get 91 what can be his ceiling ?
  4. Just noticed 1st game of season is Sunday no one is gonna have any players apart from the ones the chairman signs
  5. In mine affecting customs and standard ones mate not had this for years
  6. I had a few from Wednesday and Thursday kev about 10 overall
  7. When you create a GW you get an extra club spot anyway jaybee
  8. @jaybee Empty Squads - yes Rating Cap - yes Age Cap - No Squad Cap - yes Economy-Medium Drafting Players- No
  9. You've got decent brother & father in laws haha WAWAW
  10. Yes good idea see how you get on I've sent you a friend request 👍 I know all the thousands of GW and were in same haha
  11. Didn't realise you was in them 2 leagues pal they work well tbh im Everton in prem one has spurs in giants one
  12. @jaybee I'm in a couple of game worlds where you stick with original teams no signing players who don't play for that team irl works extremely well to work it being forum will be a massive scramble for players original teams show who's the best manager just a thought
  13. Apparently doesn't matter who bids 1st anymore its where the lille chairman thinks he's best suited players of similar rating where he will play regularly
  14. @Kev I'm trying to use the old interface but when I click on tactics my phone doesn't let me switch any players or when I click on instructions it just does nothing Are you having this problem
  15. @chris16 I've played since 11 December 2007 I absolutely love the game and can't wait for some of the updates mentioned I've spent hundreds and hundreds on SMW Do you need to spend 100 of thousands when the game isn't far off perfect imo My proposals * bring back the old interface * a few years ago you had a rating Schedule of set leagues on set dates can this be brought back ? * being able to see your squads average rating matchday Squad not just your opponents * Match Engine is the biggest issue for me no goals from corners or free kicks after a player has been booked/Sent off - Introduce Extra time - get rid of the 6 max goals 1 team can score in a game as we've seen irl teams score more than 6 * I've seen teams where the aim is top 4 but finished 16th - could you introduce managers being sacked as they are irl after a poor season or.poor start *manager/Player of the month awards awarded each month * kit choice on matchdays *stadium building / Expansion is a great idea *think the rating in GWS is a brill idea but only by + or - 2 as you could end up with Phil Jones being rated higher than mbappe 🤣 *if your performing extremely well with a lower league club a big club offers you a new managerial post as irl *all clubs/Managers have to submit 25 players as irl for League/Europe Comps and can't use anymore players *Squad Caps I have 95 clubs so spend an awful lot of time on smw would hate to see more people leave I really don't think the game needs to much to be back where it was a few years ago
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