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  1. @Kieran_S91 What do you know about joao pedro (Watford) seen 3 of Watfords games this season.looks a big talent
  2. I have partey as my no 1 rb then James/Dest/Hickey that can play there in the long term as well as dagba
  3. Thanks jaybee I have him as a long term player was just wondering if he's worth keeping more for cups / back up atm
  4. @Kieran_S91 Whats your views on Colin Dagba worth keeping ?
  5. Doesn't look like it seems they wanted to get sm21 out the way first shambles really the amount I've spent on game worlds etc still hoping though 😳
  6. Re: 30-40 millions for youngsters
  7. Re: Should I play same formation every match Anyone ???
  8. Hi people a bit of help really should I play a formation that suits my team best or a different one every game that will counter my opposition and struggling with in game tactics I don't like playing defensive but if it means winning I'm in please help me !!
  9. Since soccer manager changed the match engine formation engine how many of you have found success with your own tactics etc etc i win 1 5-0 lose the next 4-1 it's driving me crazy played sm for 5 years but its driving me crackers any help for me would be greatly appreciated thanks
  10. Re: Player help please ... Sanchez for eriksen & wilshere I've got rooney and another rated 91 but short upfront big time while my midfield is rammed with stars and I have an excellent youth squad players with more potential than wilshere & eriksen players like khedira navas cazorla busquets chamberlain shelvey plus plenty more what would you do he will only accept a bid for eriksen & wilshere ??
  11. Hi guys really need a bit off help with this 1 been offered alexi Sanchez 24-92 highly rated but there manager wants jack wilshere & Christian eriksen plus £15 million money not a issue what would you guys do ? Thanks in advance
  12. Re: HAMSIK Marek this guy is gonna be a star as you say his stats this season read pld- 3 goals- 3 in serie A napoli also had a cracking start roma 1-1 napoli napoli 2-1 fiorentina udinese 0-0 napoli napoli 2-1 palermo great start in 4th doing well with win over fiorentina and draws away at roma,udinese things are looking good for them
  13. Re: HAMSIK Marek yes this player is an unbelievable talent he's got to be at least 91
  14. hi ppl there is a brilliant cb emerging from olymiakos the lad is only 16 rated at 72 on db but has already made his debut for his team at 15 years 283 days he is destined for the top with a big future get him why you can hes gonna be good has anyone heard off him already your views please cheers
  15. Re: 7 cheap must-buy youngsters from France =] well done mate will check them out repped.
  16. Re: Portugal & Spain youth squad players and bargain buys great thread keep it up
  17. Re: French players likely to rise! hi mate great thread repped. hows mo sakho (psg) looking at a rise mate
  18. Re: Diego BUOUNANOTTE not far off lol hes 5 foot 3 inches 3 inches shorter than messi hes tiny lol
  19. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? I asked for peoples opinion that what I'm getting so I'm happy what do you think they will rise to then
  20. Re: Diego BUOUNANOTTE this lad is class mate i brought when he was 74 he went up to 80 then another 7 think 89 in the next changes for argentina but future 93-96
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