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  1. Re: Eventual player ratings? you decide!
  2. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? yeah mate greatread repped.
  3. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? can you post what you expect these to finally rise to when there best please great great side though cheers
  4. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? yeah another great youth squad cheers
  5. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges hi brilliant thread keep up the good work great stuff mate ill rep you cheers
  6. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? yes very good what do you think these players will rise to though
  7. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? also what do you think off mauro zarate after impressing for birmingham last season he made his debut for lazio scoring 2 being rated at 88
  8. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? yes great team what do you think these will rise to mate cheers
  9. hi guys been trying to build a great youth squad for 1 off my teams this is the team I'm trying to build is this 1 off the best on sm or is there post your teams let me know rep for people who better this we know about fabregas messi aguero etc players between 18-21 who are going to get to 93-98 cheers Gk- Lloris 21-90 Rb- De silvestri 20-86 Lb- sakho 18-82 Cb- garay 21-91 Dm- banega 20-88 Lm- buonanotte 19-87 or diego Capel 20-89 Rm- giovinco 21-87 Cm- hamsik 21-89 Cm- kuzmanovic 20-89 F- bojan 18-87 F- pato 19-89 Subs hart-88 bale-86. Fellaini-89 jovetic-87 di maria-87
  10. Re: Ars4nal_4ever's impressive list of cheap hot prospects/imminent risers...
  11. Re: Best Talents great thread mate keep adding like the look off the list also you may want to add marek hamsik massive talent for Napoli and Italy
  12. hi guys after fellaini`s 15million pound move to everton what can expect of this youngster can he get to 93-94-95 in a few years or will we be let down let me know cheers by
  13. Re: lloris-makoun-benzema Surely if benzema carries on scoring like that he will be 94-95 a goal a game any other big talents I should know about cheers
  14. Re: The manchester united assistance thread!
  15. hi guys what do you all think these lyon players will rise to hugo Lloris- 90 highly rated keeper with big future jean Makoun- 90 just signed 2 goals in first 4 games karim benzema- 93 outstanding player with 4 goals in 4 games already let me know cheers
  16. Re: Left Back Help what about tommy spurr sheff weds highly rated left back
  17. Re: Kerlon im surprised like alot off people i think kerlon is a major talent and it was a massive coup for chievo who have just been promoted to serie A alot off people expected kerlon to go to a big european club however he was hampered by a serious knee injury but has recovered very well big things are expected off moura kerlon yes you should see his rating rise and rise in serie A before a move to england or spain
  18. Re: stars of the 2008 olympic football touurnament
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