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  1. You have to get real with the actual aspects of the game. I have just taken over a 5th Division side with less than average players. You have to start building a squad to compete in the League at the start of the new season. So pre-season build up I get Friendlies against 3 First Division teams,3 Second Division Teams.one from the 3rd Dvision and one from the Fourth. How are you supposed to prepare for a new season building a team and giving them confidence when you have to play out and out defence against these teams to try and keep the score reasonable? There should be a build u
  2. Not so much a reply but more another question on cheating. Not by individuals but by SM itself. I,ve just finished viewing a Cup Final where my team lost to the unbeaten league leaders with their player ratings averaging 92. My team are second in the league. I have a squad of 30 players and struggled to field a fit team as SM`s "Computer" saw fit to savage my team by making the bulk of the first team under 80% fit. Even using below average players I still struggled to pick a team and obviously formation and subs was a nightmare. Needless to say we were thrashed 5-0. Then low a
  3. Hi, I,m going to be away for a week and won,t have access to a computer. I have 3 teams, one who are top of the league. I don,t want losses where team selection is automatic in my absence. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  4. Re: Responses to Transfer Offers Thanks for your reply. I,m much wiser now to the system and will bid accordingly in future. Up to now I must have been lucky as generally my bids of a few million/thousand more have been successful. Having said that many bids I receive for my players are sometime just 1/2 a million more. I find that the clubs who "counter offer" most are the "big" clubs. Man U,Ral Madrid, Bayern. I try to avoid dealing with them now. Thanks again.
  5. Re: Responses to Transfer Offers Many Thanks to all who have responded. I am much clearer now in the dealings of transfers and how "the system works". From the responses I,ve had it does seem as if I have been a bit naive with the offers I have made on occasion. However that was down to inexperience rather than trying to pull a fast one. I still think the "counter offer" reply is silly and I will certainly never use it as I don,t think it,s necessary. The simple "offer rejected or negotiate" is sufficient in my opinion. Thanks in particular to Ja Me. You certainly were,nt rambling and ha
  6. Re: Responses to Transfer Offers Thanks for responding to my post. I don,t want to bore you with a lot of detail but briefly I offered 8 million plus a player of mine valued at 7.6......total 15.6 million This was for a player valued at 13.4 million who I had seen on the Transfer Concern list. The player had only made 3 apps and 7 as sub Yes he was a 92 to the player I offered an 88. However my player was 3 years younger and a first team regular with form 8-7-7-8-8-10 I thought it was a reasonable offer for a player who was Level 3 Very concerned about his lack of games. The club is Re
  7. On occasion I have looked up transfer lists looking for a Goalkeeper. On going to the players stats page and then making a bid I receive the message that the club only has two goalkeepers so your bid is not acceptable. Yet I have seen a few clubs in my leagues who only have ONE goalkeeper. How can this be? Jamtart98
  8. Several times now I have made offers to clubs for players. Either straight cash offer or cash and player. My bids are ALWAYS above the valuation of the player I am bidding for. However some managers respond with a "counter offer" with a ridiculous cash some involved.2 or 3 times the players value. Why do they do this? If my offer is not acceptable to them reject the offer or offer to negotiate. If they want more for their player then they should revalue him. I find it strange a manager has to make a "counter offer" for his own player. Can anyone offer an explanation for this practice?
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi. Sorry if I,m on to the wrong person but I have,nt been on the community for ages and can,t find how to post a new thread. I manage three clubs, Heart of Midlothian,Crystal Palace and Malaga. On my HEARTS information page it says that the deal for Guillermo Ochoa (Goalkeeper) of FC Porto and Malaga of 8,332,000 has been accepted and will be completed in 24 hours. There is nothing on the Malaga information page.Also there is nothing about a bid for this player in the scroll down information pages. I did not bid for this goalkeeper as I already have THREE
  10. Re: Unfair Transfer Yes I understand that. I was,nt getting into a bidding war with a bloody computer (Unmanaged Team). I don,t mind when an actual manager ups the price or blocks the transfer.That,s normal. What bugs me is my bid was rejected because it would leave the players team with less than 21 players. (They only had 20). But the player WAS transferred to the UNMANAGED team so why did,nt the "the team would be left without the minimum number of players" not apply in that case?
  11. I put a bid in for a player, a good bid. A day later I read another UNMANAGED club has put in a higher offer. As my offer was a fair offer I felt annoyed at this and did not increase the bid although I did want this particular player. Tonight I have received a message that my bid has been rejected as the the players team would drop below the minimum requirement. Imagine my anger when in the next line I read that the deal has gone through to the unmanaged club!!! Surely this is grossly unfair and out of order? Anyone had a similar experience? A lot of my transfer offers are being rejecte
  12. How do I resign as manager of an International team? I can,t find anywhere that allows me to resign. I did post my resignation on the "Notes" columns but that does,nt seem to count. Advice welcome. Thank You
  13. I need to sign a Centre Back and want to use a Goalkeeper in exchange. I was blocked earlier due to "you can,t include your second last goalkeeper". I signed another goalkeeper on a loan deal giving me three goalkeepers yet the deal is still blocked. Can,t understand therefore why it,s still being blocked. Any advice on this? P.S. I have seen some squads with only ONE goalkeeper!
  14. Re: Extending Player Contracts Hi again, Can I use your experience again and tell me if you,ve ever come across receiving multiple transfer bids for players on the same day? Yesterday I received 5 bids for players all at the same time. Now I know when I,ve bid for players before I,ve often been blocked from the transfer with the message "your squad will drop below the permitted level" but their was no message with any of the transfers. I was sceptical but agreed all the transfers as I thought nice bit of cash to refresh my squad and get rid of some unwanted players. I made t
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