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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need some fast replies i get Tottenham in new world. Utd manager giving me RVP for Gareth but i decline deal. What you think about the deal. Thanks in advance
  2. Need some fast replies i get Tottenham in new world. Utd manager giving me RVP for Gareth but i decline deal. What you think about the deal. Thanks in advance
  3. Re: 60 million for Xavi Only fair deal for him is to change him for example Xabi, Bastian + one player od 91. Better is to sell him now then when his value start to drop
  4. Re: lahm or alves better are Lahm he can play Lb and Rb best full back for me
  5. Re: Hazard Vs Mata I would rather have Mata he is right now best player in England Premiership
  6. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread FC Porto lose tonight in hard game against Real Madrid lose away 3-0. Hope so that hard work and better training will get result in other fixtures.
  7. Re: European Championship 5025 LOL matie before you make world i write you that best and most real are to put some realistic name of world just example World of Youngster, and pls dont put Alen s World or Dave s World that is for litlle kids name i think that when we want to join we see who created world no need to write in to name of world i send you private message i am sry one more time but that is only reason for quit, nvm you are my big friend
  8. I take Real Madrid, hope so that some good managers (forumers) will fill this world and have a great competition. I have a lot good players for sell change. All are welcome to join.
  9. Re: Getting Tevez You need to belive me City want to get rid of duo Maicon and Nasri and also Dzeko. Tevez will stay in City and will be rotated with Aguero and Cavani
  10. Re: Jorge Koke, Alarcon Isco or Iker Muniain?
  11. Re: James Rodriguez or Miralem Pjanic? I am from Bosnia and i will say: James James James
  12. Re: Getting Tevez That is no true Tevez droped before 6 months and he will not go away from City i want to say he will stay and Dzeko will be sold. Tevez will be long time 93 keep him
  13. Re: Domenico Berardi delete one post you make two matie;)
  14. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sry matie but you asking very logic quest Kun by miles
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep Garay he is twice better then right back Carvajal and Wolfski who is nothing for me
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cesc becouse of Cm position
  17. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... keep Koke he is first team player he is 91+ Gervinho is peak on 90 dont have place in Arsenal and not so good player for me overrated
  18. Re: eduardo salvio of benfica He is best Benfica player for me, he score few goals and very good playmayker, also play good on winger see him rise to 90 at the end season when they win Port.liga, Cardozo with him best Benfica players. If he move to other better club he can peak at 92 but dont see that becouse Benfica payers last summer for him 14 milions
  19. Re: Lloris vs Cech keep Hugo he can be better then Cech maybe will raise if Tottenham win Liga Europa
  20. Re: Best Striker in the world right now? Ibracadabra better then all toghether he is striker on another level behind him is El Tigre then others from list
  21. Re: Mehdi Benatia or Rio Ferdinand? For short term Rio he is first team player and play in very good form in United dont see him droping, also have Benatia in 2 teams and hope so that he can rise but first he need to move in some better club
  22. Re: Getting Tevez Take Tevez no one of the duo will be better then Carlitos keep him for sure and he will not drop;)
  23. Re: Riferimento: Vidic deal Thanks a lot for fast reply i will go for Nemanja Vidic i am big fan of him but will wait for some more replies
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