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  1. Did several forum searches and found no satisfactory answers, and I checked the help wiki and there doesn't appear to be an entry for this feature. I am NOT talking about "Chairman has offered the job to the manager". I am talking specifically about "Manager has applied for the job". I'm watching another club in a GC, where a manager has applied for the job. The status has not changed for over a week. He does not appear to have been given the job yet. The starting lineup doesn't appear to be changing, and no offers can be made for his players. At what point is he given the job, or, at what
  2. Re: Can't loan a player (president's orders) I don't know if this is relevant, but be careful about loaning out high-rated players. They start complaining about being loaned out and you get that annoying "Unh" that never seems to go away, even long after being recalled.
  3. Re: New Bidding System Yeah, like I said I think the funds-not-available message was just automatically generated and it just confused me. I got the impression that was the offer it intended to accept. But in the end the high bid won.
  4. Re: New Bidding System The other day I saw a situation where it appeared the offer accepted by an unmanaged club was not the highest offer. There were four or so offers accepted. The very next message said that so-and-so's offer was rejected because the funds were not available. This was not the highest offer. The next message awarded the player to the team who had actually made the highest bid, fair enough. I don't know if the funds-not-available message was just automatically generated, or if the AI was actually going to award that team the player, assuming they had the funds. I wou
  5. Re: Impossible Red Card? If there was ever a forward who could get red carded tracking back behind his own defense, it would be Rooney . Anyone else, I'd agree with the OP. But seriously, the whole corner kick thing makes sense, but did SM finally add corners? I saw they recently added pens and I'm pretty excited about it
  6. Re: Does SM need to bring back the ability to report cheats with a support ticket? Thank you John. I've been trying to report a cheat but can't (see below), and was worried that under the new format you were just clicking a button and not being given a chance to explain. I agree with the Dev that SM has always taken cheating seriously despite probably getting a high percentage of unfounded claims. I have found one small hitch, being if a transfer goes through a day or so before a season turns over, the transfer disappears from the "All Transfers" list as it is now Turn 1, and I can't fi
  7. Re: Reporting cheaters Thanks Hesse, that's what I needed.
  8. Re: Reporting cheaters No. But it appears SM may be on to them. They have tried 3 times to push through another transfer and been blocked immediately. But I don't know if that's because they are being monitored, or if it's just a swap that would be blocked anyway.
  9. Re: how to reoprt cheating I agree with everyone saying this new reporting system is a backwards step. The harder it is to report cheating, the more it's going to start happening. I've been on SM for a couple years now and reported several cheaters. SM always responded, investigated, and reversed any suspicious transfers. Of course, they always said they were already "aware" of it, but did nothing until I reported it I have a clear cheater in an older setup I'm in, and as far as I can tell nothing is being done about it. I went so far as to send them a PM, politely stating it was obvio
  10. Re: SMFA power Any time I reported cheating the old way, using tickets, SM always checked it out and acted on it. I don't like the new way, I just posted another thread about it, you apparently have to be on top of them as it happens or you miss your chance to report. I'm sure SM gets unfounded complaints all the time and they need to cut back on the tickets they receive, but it only takes one cheater to quickly ruin a game world. Making it harder to report them only enables them to do it more often.
  11. (Sorry if this is a repeat, please provide me a link if it is, I tried to use the search function and got a blank screen.) I see SM has dropped the old way of reporting cheaters. They no longer accept tickets about it. Apparently, the only way to do it now is to go to the "All Transfers" list. So if a transfer has already gone through, and it's not on the list any more, how do you report it? I have a clear case of someone using two accounts in WC1245 but I can't find a way to report it. I sent them a PM politely asking them to stop
  12. Re: Bordeaux rises? Here are the higher rated players on the GC18 Bordeaux. I would need a GK, another AM, and a FW, but otherwise a good GC squad: RAME, Ulrich Gk 37 89 JURIETTI, Franck LB-RBLB/RB 34 88 VELARDE, Efraín LBLB 23 87 TREMOULINAS, Benoît LB-LM 23 87 CHALME, Matthieu RB 28 89 DIAWARA, Souleymane CB 30 89 PLANUS, Marc CB 27 89 KRUISWIJK, Arnold CB 24 87 HENRIQUE, Carlos CB 26 87 WENDEL, Geraldo LM/CM 27 90 ALONSO, Alejandro RM/AM 27 88 DIARRA, Alou DM/CM 28 91 FERNANDO, Menegazzo CM/DM 28 89 HUGGEL, Benjamin CM/DM 32
  13. I have been offered Bordeaux in GC18. For an older GC the roster is largely intact, still have Gourcuff and Diarra, and most of the defenders. The only major player missing is Chamakh. http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=8723619 As they are defending champs and at the top of the league again, I am wondering how much their regulars are expected to rise. I don't see any French league games here in the US so I'm a bit ignorant on what to expect. I have won the last two Russian titles with my Spartak Moscow team where I have a lot of good young players and I'm torn o
  14. Re: International Management A lot of teams have been offered to non-gold members who can't accept them, so just wait for the 48 hours to be up and them most teams will be available.
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread Refs shouldn't add on more time because of pointless subs which are made only for the purpose of buying more time. It's foolish. Why even keep time? Just call the game as soon as Man U get a lead and save us all a bunch of grief. Better yet, just give them 3 points for any fixture at OT and don't bother playing them out
  16. Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread SPARTAK BACK-TO-BACK! Spartak Moscow win 2nd straight title on final day of season A 5-1 rout of Dynamo Moskva on the season's final turn, combined with Lokomotiv Moskva's 3-1 loss to Zenit, have given the defending champions Spartak Moskva the Russian league title again. Cross-city rivals Spartak and Lokomotiv were neck-and-neck at the top of the league for several weeks, leading to the dramatic final turn. Lokomotiv manager AM showed tremendous class, immediately offering the Spartak manager his congratulations after learning t
  17. Re: D.Stankovic or Gourcuff? It looks like Gourcuff in a runaway, I've put in the bid for him. Thanks again guys.
  18. Re: D.Stankovic or Gourcuff? Two VERY quick votes for Gourcuff! Thanks guys.
  19. Dejan or Yoann? I am buying one or the other in a German Championship to be my playmaker. Roughly the same price. Does anyone see Gourcuff getting 92 or better this season? If not I want Stankovic. It appears he will stay a regular at Inter and not drop anytime soon. I wanted Arshavin but he's taken. Thanks for any posts.
  20. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Well that didn't take long did it! COME ON YOU VILLA!!! Gutted the game isn't on here, have to settle for the Soccernet gamecast
  21. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Sorry mate, 4-5-1 it is You make a great point and you're probably right, but we seemed like a completely different team on Monday and the 5-man midfield was the difference for me. Took so much pressure off the back and frustrated Liverpool all night, and we did get 3 goals at Anfield so it's not like we stayed on our heels. Alonso not being around probably helped our cause but still...
  22. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Has anyone seen the lineup for today's game yet? The 4-5-1 was brilliant, Liverpool couldn't unlock it and I'm praying MON sticks with it....
  23. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * That's kind of the way I see it. Still disappointed though. We have a better chance of winning Europa than the Prem so we may as well have gone for it. Would have been a chance for the youngsters to get more games too, kind of hard to get them experience in league games. I haven't seen the game, but does anyone know why we switched back to 4-4-2 tonight when 4-5-1 worked so well on Monday?
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