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  1. Re: Transfer Cheating? Have to disagree. Looks very suspicious. Majority of deals in and out are with same clubs. Also players brought in been bought at just above their vaue whereas players going out are going for higher fees. Look at some of the deals, if you were Werder, Hamburg or Fenerbahce manager no way are u going to agree to those deals.
  2. Re: Future 94+ Players Cheers mate. Glad to see at least some people on here willing to give help and opinion (never heard of that site before). Never known a forum with so many people bein touchy and smarmy (not just goin on this thread alone). Unbelievable but i guess there must be alot of youngsters on here with alot of growin up to do.
  3. Re: Future 94+ Players Cheers ma man.
  4. Anyone know why he aint been picked in Germany squad? He injured or just not in managers plans?
  5. Re: Future 94+ Players Maybe u could point me in the right direction.
  6. Re: Future 94+ Players I dont see where ive put any timescale. Im asking peoples opinions of players who have the potential to reach a rating of 94+. As for Pato, He could easily reach way higher than 94 in 3 years. Look at Benzema, hes gone from an 89 to 93 in just over 6 months playin in a much poorer league than Pato.
  7. Alot of great help goes on in this forum about risers, whether they be for quick term financial reasons or as long term prospects. What Im looking for is for players who are rated upto about 91 who are likely to really hit the heights and reach ratings of 94+. Most of players mentioned here will more than likely been mentioned elsewhere on the forum but looking for peoples views on tomorrows superstars as opposed to players reaching an international level rating of 91/92. Two that stick out for me are Micah Richards Alexandre Pato So come on guys, who are the superstars of tomorrow?
  8. Edit : Just realised i posted this in talent scout, i have copy and pasted to players ratings if someone could delete this post. Thanks.
  9. Which 2 out of the 3 above would u have? Also.... Hanke - Agbonlahor - Borriello Again which 2 out of 3. I mean these for squad and not to actually play together. Can have 4 of them but not sure which ones.
  10. Re: Has anyone else had this problem? My teams all got their cash injection this morning. Not actually showing on finances page but my funds have gone up considerably. Edit : Not had a message either stating chairman has invested money into club but funds defo been put in.
  11. Re: Has anyone else had this problem? Never not had one.
  12. Re: Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. Re: Players to sell + Money to spend. Will who fill in as right back? Alves will go to Barca and be 1st choice right back. Hinkel has been at Celtic for 6 months so dont know who will be Sevilles right back if/when Alves goes.
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