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  1. A user in one of my Gameworlds has 74 players out on loan - all to unmanaged clubs, despite only 1 round of fixtures having been played this season. They do the same every season. Is this allowed? If not, how can this be reported / stopped? I can find no way to do it on the help etc, and can't do it through the dubious transfers button because they're loans.

  2. Hi,

    when I log in, one of my Game Worlds (Brazilian Championship 610) comes up with the message "This game world is due to permanently close at the end of the season".

    Has anyone else had a similar message for a different league? And if this is true, then can anyone explain why this is going to happen? - I've not seen anything similar anywhere else & it doesn't make sense.

    I am currently the only manager in this league - is it a way for SM to cut down on space?

  3. Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

    Hi all, thought I'd update on my Rotherham at the end of my second season in charge (1st season screencaps are on page 20 of this thread). As with most people on this thread I won the league again - but managed to go undefeated throughout the season, taking my unbeaten run to 68 league games. I would also like to know if anyone has had a higher number in the goals scored and goal difference columns.

    I only got to round 3 of the cups, but that doesn't really worry me. Hopefully I'll be able to take them to the Second division title next year.

    Here are a few screencaps:




  4. Hi. I've just got a result back in an Australian Game World, where I lost the first game of the season 4-2. My team is a good team & has won the league 2x out of 4, and in this game myself & the other team were fairly evenly matched. However, the opposition played a 35 year old goalkeeper in central defence, he only got a 3 rating & I had 30 shots, but I still lost.

    Now I appreciate that their is an underdog element in the match engine, & this is great, but surely it is going too far if someone can play a goalkeeper in an outfield position & still win. This is not helping managers of small teams, but aiding incompetence/people who don't care (this was the first game of the year remember - no 'injuries' etc as an excuse). I find this really infuriating, & unrealistic. SM keep talking about realism, & in reality anyone who played a Gk in defence, against Luca Toni & Adrian Mutu, would get ripped to shreds. This is not a one-off either, in another setup a team with a Gk in centre midfield & 72 rated Rb up front (Avg rating 86ish) won 2-0 against my team with an avg rating of 89. I am glad Sm allows small teams to win occasionally, but this is unfair. The game should see the best managers win games, and playing a GK in defence should result almost automatically in defeat surely? As I said, I've a good solid team, all fit & at least equal rating to them.

    Sorry for the rant, but I feel that this is ridiculous and the match engine needs sorting quickly.

  5. Re: Asian Championships

    A few months ago (just after the Latin Amerian and Irish setups were made available) SM did a poll asking what new custom setups people would like to see. Turkey came out with about 26%, 'other' was 20% and Japanese next with 10%.

    I personally feel that a Turkish standard game world and an Asian one along the lines of the Latin American one should be the next in line.

    In terms of Uefa coefficients it should be Romania (which I would also like:D), but I think Turkish and Asian setups would be very popular and make SM plenty of cash. Who wouldn't want to manage a team like East Bengal: 120,000 capacity stadium and scope to shape the team however you like. There are loads of Japanese, South Korean, Chinese, Thai and even Indian, Iranian etc teams with huge stadiums that would be fun to manage. And the low standard of the existing teams would spice things up too.

  6. Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

    Haha, yes, 'only' 100 points is rubbish:D

    I have £5.8 million & (hopefully) an injection of cash from the chairman on Monday. I also have another 20 risers to sell in my youth team. I expect I'll go into debt but I should get out of it once I sell off the risers.

    My wage bill is now £650K per week & my gate Receipts only £300K last year :eek: That should go up next year but finances are still a bit precarious. I thought that my big 4 (Amauri, Fabiano, Senna & Simao) were worth the risk though, because if I wait someone else will snap them up & my current squad 'should' win Div 3 fairly easily. Anyway my squad value is £180 million with risers to come so I can always sell a few off if it gets too much. The likes of Gourcuff, Brighi & Molinaro will all be signed up on 5 year, £20K a week contracts on Monday before they hit their expected 90/91s so the squad should remain strong regardless.

  7. Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

    Hi, I've just finished my first season with a Rotherham side & wanted to take the opportunity to brag about my success:D

    I'll try and put some screenshots up (hope they work) - has anyone ever started a 'Division 4 Challenge' more emphatically than winning the league with 102 points, +118 goal difference & 30 consecutive wins?




    NB: My squad has only just got to be so good, most of the year I played with a team of mostly South American risers. This squad was built on the back of Seftinho's and Radebe's risers threads, so credit to them.

  8. Re: Smallest Ground in World

    If you want a really small ground, try VVV Venlo (6,000) or Excelsior (3,500) in a Dutch setup. I created a thread in the 'Other Standard Game Worlds' bit of the forum for people who want a challenge like this one,but nobody seems interested. I manage Venlo in one setup & took them to 7th in my first year.

    Trofense in Portugal also have a tiny stadium: (3,164), ni Latin American setups you can get at least one team with an 8,000 capacity ground, and then obviously some Div 4 teams in England.


  9. I'v seen many people on these forums talk about the next 'challenge' that they want to take on, but a lot of the time these aren't really tough challenges, but fairly easy ones. I decided that I wanted to take on a really tough challenge, an on scouring the Dutch Championships I noticed that these 2 are available in nearly every setup, and that managers that do take them on tend to leave after only a day or two.

    So, I decided to take on VVV Venlo in Dutch Championship 10, to see how well I could do with a club that has a stadium capacity of only 6,000 (Excelsior is 3,500). This means that I have effectively no income other than wheeling & dealing in the transfer market, and a guaranteed struggle for a long time to come.

    As usual I sold off the whole squad & rebuilt, with some shocking results along the way. I lost 5 out of my first 6 games, then only 2 wins out of 11, and my reserves even lost 10-1 to Ajax in the cup.

    However, what followed this has been a remarkable turn around in fortunes. Shortly afterwards I won 6 out of 7, rising to my current position of 9th (out of 16), and beating FC Twente 9-1, Sparta Rotterdam 8-1 and the millionaires of PSV & Feyenoord 4-1 & 3-1 respectively.

    Even with injuries & no expectations, Venlo are great fun to manage & have provided the most exciting results I have experienced in SM. I am aiming for a top half finish and silverware in the future, and hope that the ground will be extended in the future to help me pull this team up from the very bottom to somewhere near the top. I hope other managers will follow me in taking on these minnows in what is a REAL challenge, and this thread is for anyone that wishes to do so.

    By the way, it is also a great way to progress to a bigger Dutch team - I have already turned down about 8 job offers.

  10. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything

    what about Mehmet Topal?

    edit: I've seen loads of predictions for him to go up to between 88-90, but little justification as to why. He looked good in the Euros but doesn't seem to have been playing much this season (injured?) and more importantly, I don't know how good he was last season.

  11. Re: Reuben Noble-Lazarus - Youngest Player In English Football League History

    The lad is on a 4 year contract that's why no ones been in for him.....see what happens when he leaves school..:eek:

    No he's not got a contract.

    The REAL reason why Lazarus has played recently was alluded to in the local paper (and elsewhere) this week. Basically, it sounds as though some Premiership teams have been sniffing around (I know this doesn't mean he's any good), and as he's too young to sign a contract, we've put him in the first team and hyped him up in order to get as much compensation as possible if a big gun like Villa offers him a contract. I.e. we can claim that he's a first team player and get more cash for him when he's nicked.

  12. Re: Reuben Noble-Lazarus - Youngest Player In English Football League History

    Just to emphasise the point, this kid has only just started his last year at school - so won't be playing regular for a long time yet. Added to that, our manager is an imbecile who has bought over 7 strikers in 2 years - only one of whom has scored over 4 goals- so he doesn't exactly have an eye for striking talent, more desperation. Davey first wanted to play him in the last game of last year, not in the League Cup (whatever he may have said-he's a liar too) and is most likely to be getting the sack very soon. So while I hope he becomes good for our sake, I'd wait and see first - normally guys who are as good as Lazarus is being made out to be have already been snaffled by one of the big guns at this age.

  13. Re: Turkish Rating Changes

    Mehmet topal plays regular for Galatasaray and he has great future for national team. Keep him' date=' future 90 ;)[/quote']

    on espn, it says he hasn't been lpaying in the last few games - is he injured atm/out of the team /is espn wrong (wouldn't be the first time)

    I really liked what I saw of him in the Euros - looked top notch

  14. Re: Defensive Midfielders

    Cheers guys, I do know about most of these guys but the help is appreciated nevertheless. Think I'm going to go for Denilson in the short term as he has a chance to really cement his place in the Arsenal first XI and should go up at least one this fortnight. I think Lucas is a bit too expensive a risk at the moment but will keep an eye on the likes of Topal, Marchisio, Medel (never taken him seriously before), Fernandes, Banega, Javi Garcia et al as I will be buying at least one more of them in the upcoming months.



  15. Re: Defensive Midfielders

    Cheers for that, some are already taken, (Sunny, Diarra, Huddlestone) whilst of the others:

    Ottl = definitely an option, despite the criticism he gets on this forum.

    Javi Garcia = probably a good prospect but doesn't seem to be playing much just yet.

    Lucas = I can get him, but he costs £10m and with both Alonso & Mascherano (and Bentitez chasing Barry) I'm undecided on whether he's worth the money compared to the likes if Johnson (first-team regular) & Topal (a Turkish regular now?) - although Lucas has played for Brazil recently

    Now I'm even more confused :)

  16. Hey, would like some thoughts on who to buy for my DMs.

    I'm currently in an EC Div 3 but due to get promoted soon. I play 4-2-3-1 and my DMs are both 88 rated but knocking on a bit, so I'd like to bring in some medium-long term replacements who should rise soon.

    At the moment I'm torn between

    Mehmet Topal (Galatasaray) £5.9m (chairman value) 87 rated - played well in Euros but according to espn isn't playing much this season.

    Michael Johnson (Man City) £7.3m 87 - surely due to rise soon

    Denilson (Arsenal) £7.3m 87 - will probably go up 1/2 at most

    Any other names would be useful too, I'm prepared to spend up to £10m (but they've got to be good to warrant that)



  17. Re: Recent SM Improvements.

    The only one of the recent "improvements" I don't like is the removal of the info from the pitch on the tactics page. I would use the info on positions' date=' condition, etc when deciding on substitutes for a match and now have to keep flicking back to the team selection page... which is mighty annoying. Just please put the information back :).

    All the other improvements I agree with and love Soccermanager.com overall... this is just a minor niggle.[/quote']

    Although I hate to agree with a Wednesday fan, I think this guy is spot on- it will now take me at least twice as long to do anything and give me a headache in the process. This is the worst change I've seen by far

  18. Re: Setup Overview

    Thanks for adding this. :)

    But i'm not sure about the new club overview page. I preferred it as it was' date=' with the Setup Overview and Club Overview on seperate pages. I preferred the last 5 messages in the middle.

    But then again that's just me being fussy and others may disagree.[/quote']

    I agree, whilst I like the Setup Overview page, I don't want to have to see it every time I select a club- I'd like it as an option but keep the old home (club) page

  19. Re: German Changes

    Hi' date=' could you give any thoughts on Stefano Celozzi of Karlsruhe? I don't think he's played much but I believe he's started the new season at Right Back- is he first choice & do you think he's likely to rise this tim round??- Can get him for a million.

    Edit- any thoughts on Guy Demel from Hamburg too- as long as he doesn't go down he would be a bargain for one of my teams, and would he stay as a RB/DM or is he a midfielder


    Any thoughts?- Somewhere else on the forum I read that Celozzi was in for a "massive rise" but it seems doubtful to me. Anyway if I'm going to buy these I need to do it quick cause my wages are draining away my money

  20. Re: German Changes

    Hi, could you give any thoughts on Stefano Celozzi of Karlsruhe? I don't think he's played much but I believe he's started the new season at Right Back- is he first choice & do you think he's likely to rise this tim round??- Can get him for a million.

    Edit- any thoughts on Guy Demel from Hamburg too- as long as he doesn't go down he would be a bargain for one of my teams, and would he stay as a RB/DM or is he a midfielder


  21. Re: German Bundesliga Hopefuls

    This is a brilliant thread, but I'd like a bit of help RE: the left backs on there. I'm in an EC Div 3 and have a strongish squad, but I have no good left backs (I'm loaning in). I'm looking for someone who may go to 88+ eventually, but want someone who can be 86+ in the next rating changes. I will be buying Djakpa, but am considering getting Boenisch as well. Is Boenisch likely to go to 86+ this time around?- The only stats I can find for him say that that he has only made around 20 career appearances, so is he really likely to go up so soon? £4.7m is too expensive for me if he doesn't make 86. Also, will Marin go up just yet or does he also need more game time?

    As I said fantastic thread for medium/long term prospects, but I don't have much money and need to look at the short term.


  22. Re: My youth team

    Just to back up the likes of Seftinho, I'm in charge of a Barnsley team in EC 3rd division, and my youth squad looks quite similar to this one. I haven't got a cat in hell's chance of buying those that you mentioned, and have bought many of the players on this list 'cause they'll make half a million plus profit each, as I gradually try to work through the leagues and pay the wages of the good players. I think to get a true perspective of the quality of this youth squad you need to know what level the guy is competing at

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