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  1. Re: Brazilian Rating Predictions Anybody know anything about Jessue Jonas of Internacional? He is only rated 78 so I bought him for around £700k after he started (I am led to believe) at leastthe first 3 games of the season . I can't find anything more detailed than this this though. Anyone know if he's still in the team? Should be a good riser if he is. Cheers
  2. Re: Bestpay's South African rating change forecasts - 15 players Does anyone know why Gaxa is a Mamelodi Sundowns player (real club) on SM and not Supersport, and if this will affect rating changes?
  3. Re: Anybody Having Problems Selling Players? sorry that's a typo, the offers to me are by managed clubs, the other guy's are often unmanaged
  4. Re: Anybody Having Problems Selling Players? I understand this is not quite the same thing but didn't want to start a new thread. I am having problems loaning my players out- out of 55 that I put on the loan list, only 2 have have loan offers, both from unmanaged clubs. some of these players are quite good, e.g. 80-83 rated, and would be a good addition to lower league sides (am in an English setup). However, another club in my setup managed to loan out 66 players in around a week, all from their youth team, many to unmanaged clubs and plenty of whom are very poorly rated (in the 60s) and therefore of little value to the teams that are loaning them. Could anyone enlighten me as to why this may be? I am a little confused (and have a huge wage bill- fair enough but still, why has the other side found clubs that want their players?)
  5. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players) Evgeni BALYAIKIN, Rubin Kazan (1st), 19/72/91K, forecast to 80, 347 minutes Anyone know why this kid hasn't gone up?
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