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  1. Re: SM gaming league I would give it a go mate but i hardly have time for SM as it is. Sounds great though.
  2. Re: Please Make An Australian Setup For Me Even then peopple would'nt be stupid enough to do it.
  3. Re: PS3 Online Names not sure if i cba to get it plus id lose to you anyone cause im rubbish at football games. Only good at shootes such as COD and GTA and a litlle bit of MGS (A Must buy for you Operation ).
  4. Re: PS3 Online Names have you got COD nath?
  5. Re: PS3 Online Names Celticbhoy1992 add me if ya want a beating on COD P.S you will probely be better than me lol.
  6. Re: youth squad? I think the only way to get a morale boost is by eiter extending their contract or giving them a spot in the starting XI. But i wouldnt extend their contract as it gives a bigger pay which means less money for you.
  7. Re: Bentons Bargain Oldies It does that m8 lol
  8. Re: Bentons Bargain Oldies ino the feeling
  9. Re: How do you fix a pen that has run out ? INO THAT lol just looking forward to skwl on Monday now, If im well enough.
  10. Re: Please Help!! Yildirim SERCAN hes should rise quite a bit problem is he's 18 with 83 rating and his SM value is 3.8m
  11. Re: How do you fix a pen that has run out ? Marspur your a genius! lol
  12. Cameron Smith

    Heroes !

    Re: Heroes ! yeh. What other dude? His neighbour? if so yes.
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