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  1. Re: SM gaming league I would give it a go mate but i hardly have time for SM as it is. Sounds great though.
  2. Re: Please Make An Australian Setup For Me Even then peopple would'nt be stupid enough to do it.
  3. Re: PS3 Online Names not sure if i cba to get it plus id lose to you anyone cause im rubbish at football games. Only good at shootes such as COD and GTA and a litlle bit of MGS (A Must buy for you Operation ).
  4. Re: PS3 Online Names have you got COD nath?
  5. Re: PS3 Online Names Celticbhoy1992 add me if ya want a beating on COD P.S you will probely be better than me lol.
  6. Re: youth squad? I think the only way to get a morale boost is by eiter extending their contract or giving them a spot in the starting XI. But i wouldnt extend their contract as it gives a bigger pay which means less money for you.
  7. Re: Bentons Bargain Oldies It does that m8 lol
  8. Re: Bentons Bargain Oldies ino the feeling
  9. Re: How do you fix a pen that has run out ? INO THAT lol just looking forward to skwl on Monday now, If im well enough.
  10. Re: Please Help!! Yildirim SERCAN hes should rise quite a bit problem is he's 18 with 83 rating and his SM value is 3.8m
  11. Re: How do you fix a pen that has run out ? Marspur your a genius! lol
  12. Cameron Smith

    Heroes !

    Re: Heroes ! yeh. What other dude? His neighbour? if so yes.
  13. Cameron Smith

    Heroes !

    Re: Heroes ! it was not too bad tbh but nothing too exciting imo
  14. Cameron Smith

    Heroes !

    Re: Heroes ! Suppose. Did anyone watch todays episode on BBC 3?
  15. Cameron Smith

    Heroes !

    Re: Heroes ! A bit random mate as this thread hasnt been used for almost a year now
  16. Re: Translation Help?? sounds great m8 would defo help alot of members aswell.
  17. Re: New Season No Problem m8
  18. Re: New Season Once your last game finishes for the season you get a week for transfers and so on then you begim you next season on a saturday
  19. Re: ppl who should become mods!!! I feel there is plenty mods what we need is for mods to be ALLOWED to make trusworthy reg's temporary mods who they can trust to leave in charge till another mod comes back to take charge again.
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