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  1. Re: The New Players Thread

    Talvares Breno worth getting? He's had 6 starts for Gremio this season. Can he rise as good as Alex Telles? :D

    Probably, almost all their starts are from 1st Division and he's playing well, sufficient to keep the position.

    I don't think he's good as Alex Telles, but will raise untill the end of the year, probably.

  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Bruno Rodrigo 84 cruzeiro - can he get big rise +3' date='4 and how good is he. Can he get 90 in future like dede ?? thanks[/quote']

    He'll rise, definetely.I think at last +2, but maybe +3 until the end of the year - i don't think he'll go more than this.

    About reach 90...hard to say. Only if he got a European transfer, otherwise i think he'll stop at 88 at max-max. And that's not why he isn't good, but 'cause he don't have any hype, even being one of the best defenders of the currently championship - better even than Dedé. And he's a little too old to get more.

    Lucas Silva worth a buy for now. He have personality, good marking capacities and a bomb on his right foot - he's getting more confident to risk shoots from outside the area, and it's doing very well.

    He's being constantly at 1st team, so he'll probably rise. And since Cruzeiro is a good seller team he may get a good European team soon.

    About the list...some players didn't played too much yet or just started to play too recently - the Fluminense guys and Gabriel form Santos for example.

    The list is good in general. I particularly like Vinicius Araújo, Lucas Silva, Mayke, Neílton, Dória and Gabriel. Otávio is a good one for profit too.

  3. Re: Most profit made on one player

    For now is Leo Baptistão :) (take 75, bought for 700k, it's 85 now, with 5M, in 2 clubs)

    But will be Mattia de Sciglio (take 85 in exchange for 2 77 rated players, it's 87 now, with 7M, in Portuguesa)

    And i have some hopes, like Sterling (300k), Gunter (1 73 rated player), Aké (200k), Yesil (290k), Dória (700k) and Lumu (10k), 6 great players :)

  4. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Yeah its really frustrating that he hasnt been added yet when people like Babunski have.

    Have a guy in Flamengo and recently added to SM called Felipe Dias, a LB that NEVER played by the senior squad.

    Now i'm looking for this and thinking "WHY SM WASN'T ADDED RAFINHA YET?"

  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    which one should I keep?

    thanks.. :)

    ABEID' date=' Mehdi

    ADJEI, Samuel

    AIREY, Phil

    ALNWICK, Jak

    AMEOBI, Sammy - keep until it raises again

    BERARDI, Domenico - keep with your life


    DUMMETT, Paul

    FERGUSON, Shane - maybe keep

    INMAN, Bradden

    OKORE, Jores - sell, but put on shortlist. If he get a transfer in the summer window, maybe can be worth again

    RICHARDSON, Michael

    TAVERNIER, James - i like him, but dunno [/quote']

    The other i don't know

  6. Re: My PSG Squad

    Here is my PSG squad in a custom european GW' date=' buying from unmanaged clubs is banned but External is ok, This is more really who to get rid of rather than who to buy but if you want to suggest players to buy feel free :)


    SIRIGU, Salvatore GK 26 90 £7.0M

    DELLE, Joris GK 22 83 £3.4M

    ARÉOLA, Alphonse GK 20 77 £1.0M


    ALEX, Costa D© 30 90 £6.0M

    YAGO, Steeve D© 20 80 £2.1M

    SAMNICK, Richard D© 20 75 £547k

    SAKHO, Mamadou D(LC) 23 90 £7.7M

    FOFANA, Diacko D® 18 75 £578k

    IKOKO, Jordan D® 19 75 £563k

    YANGA-MBIWA, Mapou D(RC) 23 90 £7.7M

    LANDRE, Loïck D(RC) 20 78 £1.3M

    DIGNE, Lucas D,DM(L) 19 85 £4.9M

    SILVA, Thiago D,DM© 28 94 £9.2M

    GINTER, Matthias D,DM© 19 84 £4.3M

    RIVIEYRAN, Cyriaque D®,DM© 21 75 £532k

    JANTSCHKE, Tony D(RL),DM© 22 88 £6.4M

    MAXWELL, Scherrer D,DM,M(L) 31 89 £5.3M

    VAN DER WIEL, Gregory D,DM,M® 25 90 £7.2M

    JALLET, Christophe D,DM,M® 29 89 £5.7M


    MATUIDI, Blaise DM,M© 25 90 £7.2M

    MOTTA, Thiago DM,M© 30 90 £6.0M

    SISSOKO, Mohamed DM,M© 28 89 £5.9M

    CHANTÔME, Clément DM,M© 25 89 £6.5M

    CAMACHO, Ignacio DM,M© 22 88 £6.4M

    VERRATTI, Marco DM,M© 20 87 £6.1M

    OBIANG, Pedro DM,M© 20 86 £5.4M

    CIRIGLIANO, Ezequiel DM,M© 21 80 £2.1M

    RABIOT, Adrien DM,M© 17 78 £1.5M

    EL BAILLAL, Youness AM© 21 75 £532k

    VILHENA, Tonny M,AM© 18 83 £3.8M

    MBAKA, Philtzgérald M,AM© 20 75 £547k

    BODMER, Mathieu DM,M,AM© 30 89 £5.5M

    PASTORE, Javier AM(LC) 23 90 £7.7M

    KLAUS, Felix M,AM® 20 82 £3.1M

    NENÊ, Ânderson AM(RLC) 31 90 £5.8M

    ALESSANDRINI, Romain AM(RLC) 23 85 £4.4M

    KOVAČIĆ, Mateo M©,AM(RLC) 18 84 £4.4M

    TRAORÉ, Alain AM(LC),F© 24 88 £6.1M

    MOURA, Lucas AM(RLC),F(RL) 20 90 £8.4M

    MENEZ, Jérémy AM(RLC),F(RL) 25 90 £7.2M

    KEBANO, Neeskens AM(RLC),F(RL) 21 78 £1.3M

    BAHEBECK, Jean-christophe AM(RL),F(RLC) 19 83 £3.7M

    BERARDI, Domenico AM(RL),F(RLC) 18 82 £3.2M

    NANGIS, Lenny AM(RL),F(RLC) 18 78 £1.4M

    LÓPEZ, Nicolás AM(RL),F(RLC) 19 78 £1.4M

    LAVEZZI, Ezequiel AM,F(RLC) 27 92 £8.1M


    COURTET, Gaëtan F© 24 82 £2.7M

    ORTÍ, Jorge F© 19 80 £2.2M

    ONGENDA, Hervin F© 17 75 £593k

    COULIBALY, Kalifa F© 21 75 £532k

    IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan AM,F© 31 96 £9.6M

    GAMEIRO, Kévin F(RLC) 25 90 £7.2M

    BEN YEDDER, Wissam F(RLC) 22 85 £4.5M

    OLINGA, Fabrice F(RLC) 16 80 £2.4M

    THANKS :)

    In bold - sell as far as you can.

    Underlined - keep until the end of your days.

    For me, Maxwell can go away too, and even Alex is good looking to buy, although he can come to play in Brazillian NT at any time.

  7. Re: The Squad Advice Thread

    This is my squad' date=' any advice on who to keep, sell or future buys???

    [b']FIRST TEAM[/b]

    GK- Julio Cesar

    Wojciech Szcesny

    DEF-Thomas Vermaelen

    Per Mertesacker

    Laurent Koscielny

    Kieran Gibbs

    Carl Jenkinson

    Glen Johnson

    MID-Kevin Strootman

    Joao Moutinho

    Isco Alarcon

    Jack Wilshere

    Christian Eriksen

    Aaron Ramsey

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Santi Cazorla

    Theo Walcott



    Didier Drogba

    Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    How much you have with?

    Well, in GKs, i advice you to sell Szcesny and buy ter Stegen, Leno, Sirigu or Diego Alves. They're all in the same value and much more impressives than letter's soap.

    Sell or keep JC is up to you, although i think he'll drop down in no longer time. If you have money, a looking for Weindefeller may be good for you.

    In DEF role, Mertersacker is a good looking sell. He'll probably go back to Germany, and will drop down with it. For me, Koscielny need to leave too. David Luiz, Phil Jones and Cahill are good looking buys, but by your squad you are in Arsenal, so it's difficult for you. So look for Dante, Yanga-Mbiwa, Godín, Luís Gustavo, Papadopoulos or Varane.

    Westermann, Torosidis and Nagamoto are good buys for squad rotation too.

    Nothing to change for now in your MID ones, they're good now and have perspesctive to up. Just maybe sell Ox when himi became 89

    Your ATK squad is too shorty (perharphs Walcott and Cazorla can play there, right?). Don't think Michu will evolve more in this season, so selling him and buying, don't know, Robben, Mandzukic, Doumbia...

    Don't like Huntelaar too, and Drogba will drop down, but they're not easy replace.

    Also, try to buy some 10k young guys :P

  8. Re: ? Sell /or/ Keep ?

    Who shall I keep ??? :confused:

    I would like to keep only player with a great future (+90 possible) or players that will rise again' date=' significantly, in the near future... :rolleyes:

    REGATTIN Adrien [b'](toulouse)[/b] - don't know

    INSÚA Pablo (Deportivo) - probably sell

    SERRANO Álex (real sporting) - don't know

    HRGOTA Branimir (Mönchengladbach) - sell

    LORI Tiago (sporting) - don't know

    FÜLLKRUG Niclas (Bremen) - don't know

    SALA Jacopo (Hamburg) - keep for now

    RODRI Lozano (Real Zaragoza) - sell

    VAN DER BRUGGEN Hannes (Gent) - sell

    KACANIKLIC Alexander (fulham) - don't know, i saw good thing about this one, he's on loan to burnley, keep until the next rise, then sell

    GREGORITSCH Michael (Hoffenheim) - don't know

    CIGERCI Tolga (Mönchengladbach) - keep

    LONGO Samuele (espagnol) - keep

    KACE Ergys (PAOK) - don't know

    WEIMANN Andreas (aston villa) - keep

    LESTIENNE Maxime (club brugge) - don't know

    FONTÀS Andreu (mallorca) - keep

    COLAK Emre (galatasaray) - don't know

    CENTURIÓN Ricardo (racing club) - must keep

    PAREDES Leandro (boca juniors) - keep

    CORNELIUS Andreas (FC københavn) - must keep

    GARCÌA Rubén (levante) - don't know

    GUSTAVO Luís (barcelona B) - keep

    FRED Santos (internacional) - sell after rises to 86 +/-

    BALLIU Iván (barcelona B) - don't know

    LOCADIA Jürgen (PSV) - sell

    SAMPIRISI Mario (Genoa) - don't know

    DJORDJEVIC Luka (zenit) - don't know

    BARVINKO Denys (metalist) - don't know

    CAVALEIRO, Ivan (benfica B) - sell

    KNOCHE Robin (wolfsburg) - keep

    ABDULLAH Rafidine (marseille) - don't know

    MANQUILLO Javi (atlético madrid B) - keep

    DIJKS Mitchell (ajax) - keep

    CANCELO João (benfica B) - don't know

    KHEDIRA Rani (sttutgart) - keep

    BOSETTI Alexy (nice) - don't know

    JONNY Otto (Celta vigo) - sell

    I really need money , I want to keep the minimum of these players :(

    please help me :o , thank you in advance :)

    Good luck!

  9. Re: The Best Talent of 10k

    Guys, what about Okan Deciri (Turkey), Andrés Valencia (Colombia, but playing for Rayo II/ESP) and Craig Sibbald (Scotland)?

    I made researchs about them, and all play often by your respectives sub-21.

    What your predictions?

    Also, happy to see guys that i have profit in the lists here, like Lumu, Dijks, Valle and Sanson :D

    Have bought Thomson and Cartagena too, before looking this topic. Let's see how it works.

    Have two hopes until the end of the year: Eddy Corozo (Ecuador - Emelec) and Daniel Avramovski (Macedónia). Hopeful that they will have a good evolve :D

  10. Re: Those guys rating is to high(overated)

    Forlan Doesn't play for Inter now' date=' he plays for Internacional in Brazil and has scored 7 goals in 8 starts this season.[/quote']


    Sorry doesn't being specific, i'm from Brazil and here it's common to nickname Internacional as Inter :P

    Sorry again

    And please, *****. 7 goals in State Championship? This means nothing. During the last year was 19 games and 5 goals for real championships. Almost every goal under the bar or in a long shot. But he was too unproductive, he was too slow on the field, badly in finishing, don't produced much assists even playing two of these games in atacking midfield side.

    He's overrrated, although he came from Europe not long time ago. It's undestandable that him is too good, but still an overrrated player :P

  11. Re: chasing south-american LEFT-BACK

    Luiz Gustavo?

    Dunno why the Europe like him, but Juan Jesus maybe be your defender (he's horrible, but playing in Inter is helping him to upgrade). At least, you'll have a profit with him :P

    The rest of them just don't have much future, although some players may be an upgrade (Polenta, Dodô, Hector Quiñones)

    I currently use Camilo Zuñiga. He's cheap (5M), but don't have hope that he'll pass the 89 rating.

    I think the best option is play with 3 defenders :P

  12. Re: Those guys rating is to high(overated)

    Great names, just disagree about Modric and Pedro.

    Other names i can include: Beppe Rossi - 91 (which the eternal injury never do him drop down, or it's just too slow), Gareth Barry - 91 (WHAT?), Forlan - 90 (even if it's too early to put him down, he's playing poorly at Inter), Flamini - 89 (don't like this thing that every player in a giant club have to be more than 88 rating...c'mon, Flamini just don't play well since 3 or 4 years ago...), Corluka - 89 (again: don't like this thing that every player in a giant club have to be more than 88 rating...if Huddlestone drop down to 88 just 'cause a huge injury, then why this guy, who was a flop in Tott'ham and Leverkusen, and is just a regular player in Russia and Croatia national team, still this good?)

    Have some brazillian guys overrated too, but i'll remain in Europe field.

  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Mandzukic has been amazing this season' date=' definitely due a rise to 91 at some point, maybe even a 92 the way things are going.

    Shame you can't keep him and Schurrle (unless thats a possibility?)[/quote']

    Isn't possible, i was looking for a multiposition player and Mandzukic was the only player i have to exchange.

    And don't have money, btw :P

    Don't worried about his substitute for now, 'cause i have Ba and Yilmaz, but in future i want to buy him again. Just little afraid that i can't do that if he grow up :P

    And i think i won't, if he grow something in this next months :/

  14. Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Hi' date=' can you tell me some risers brazilian?

    Mainly 75 with +4/5/6[/quote']

    It's hard to tell 'cause the season just start in the middle of the year (for now are just Libertadores ongoing), so almost ups maybe during a year to happen.

    I'll do some predictions based on my likes and the teams' situation for now, but is hugely instable due to mid-year European window, and the fact that the team are in formation yet.


    Élber (78) (Cruzeiro), Patrick Vieira (78) and João Denoni (76) (Palmeiras), John Cley (76) (Vasco), Rodrigo Caio (78) (São Paulo), Nixon, Hernane (both 75) and Mattheus (78) (Flamengo) (they're badly, but i think they will upgrade 'cause the Flamengo's hype.)

    Again, IT'S NOT THAT FIRM. But there are some players who you can keep an eye in on Brazil, in this rating.

  15. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Is RAFINHA' date=' Gimenes worth purchasing? I see hes got a got a lot of games for Fluminese.[/quote']

    Don't think so, he have much competition in this team (Wellington Nem, Wagner and Thiago Neves), although Fluminense is a team who uses often our youths. And he was playing alot now 'cause of State Championship, which is used like a laboratory by the Giant Clubs of Brazil.

    In the same situation we have players like Giva and Jubal or Gustavo Vernes (Santos), Vinicius Araújo (Cruzeiro), Fabio Braga (Fluminense), Willian Arão, Antonio Carlos and Leandro (Corinthians) and others.

    But maybe he evolve 2 points. I don't think so, but always have the chance :P

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