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  1. Re: The Squad Advice Thread
  2. Re: The Squad Advice Thread My youth squad from Portogruaro Summaga. Which players will evolve until the end of the year? (Don't worry about brazillian players, its good to know how they are knew outside the world but i'm risking with them) STILLO, Robert, GK, 72 THOMSON, Robbie, GK, 70 DIJKS, Mitchell, D(LC), 78 ALBERTAZZI, Michelangelo, D(LC), 78 RUÍZ, Salva, D(L), 77 AKÉ, Nathan, D(LC),DM©, 75 DODÔ, Ribeiro, D,DM,M(L), 82 CAN, Emre, D(L),DM© PAREDES, Teodoro, D(RLC), 73 JANKOVIĆ, Nikola, D(RLC),DM©, 60 MCLAUGHLIN, Ryan, D,DM®, 75 SANTOS, Renato, D©, 78 VALLE, Jonathan, D©, 75 VILKAITIS, Aurimas, D©, 75 MAGNÚSSON, Hördur, D,DM©, 75 SILVA, Lucas, DM,M©, 76 LAXALT, Diego, DM,M©, 75 COROZO, Eddy, DM,M©, 60 CRISETIG, Lorenzo DM,M©, 80 CARTAGENA, Wilder, M(RLC), 70 BAŠIĆ, Josip, M,AM®, 72 SCHMIDT, João, M,AM©, 75 DERICI, Okan, M,AM©, 60 LUMU, Jeroen, AM,F(RL), 76 RYDER, Matos, AM(RLC), 75 HIGUITA, Cristian, AM(RLC), 72 IMERI, Demir, AM,F(RLC), 70 VALENCIA, Andres, AM(RL),F(RLC), 70 VIEIRA, Patrick, AM(RLC),F(RL), 78 MARLONE, Silva, AM©, 76 AVRAMOVSKI, Daniel, AM©,F(RLC), 70 GNABRY, Serge, AM(RLC), 77 ÉLBER, Pimentel, AM©,F(RLC), 78 PETERS, Cas, F(RLC), 72 HIMCINSCHI, Fabian, F(RLC), 72 MENDES, Bruno, F©, 75 PROSENIK, Philipp, F©, 74 VESTERGAARD, Mikkel, F©, 60 Thanks for sharing the opinions!
  3. Re: Underrated Players in the game I'm from Brazil and here have an angry opinion that all players are underrated Well, i strongly disagree, but some of them need a mention. In São Paulo, for example, it's just bizarre how can Rafael Toloi (87) be worst than Lúcio (90) and Rodholfo (88), even if he's the most regular defender and it's playing well in Brazil since he was on Goiás and Rodholfo was in Atlético-PR...just bizarre. Other players are underrated due to injury (Cañete, Fabrício) or natural evolution (Ademílson, Paulo Miranda - he's playing in right back now, and improve his perforance), but Tolói was inexplicable - Most bizarre things? Well, how about the best World Champion goalkeeper (Cássio) being less rated than one of the worst goalkeepers ever of the team (Julio César Kuririn, the alligator's arm man, with 86)? The Libertadores and the game played against Chelsea wasn't enough to upgrate him to 88 or something? Really, SM, 85? And what you can think when one of most hot prospects guys in Brazil (Wellingotn Nem, 86) is worst than a flop (Thiago Neves, 88) and same level than a irregular player (Rafael Sobis, 86)? I mean, c'mon, his 2 years of high quality football wasn't enough? And i don't talk about the late upgrades, right, Elber? He was highly used by Cruzeiro on past 6 months, still being used now, and still in 78? Why they just gave a Rick Rolled to you, Elber? Why? Cavalieri (87) and Jefferson (88) being worst than Victor (89)? Leonardo Silva, who's as good as the top defenders of the country, just because have 33 years, he's 85 (and goind DOWN)? Kléber (88) better than Marcelo Moreno and Barcos (both 87)? I don't even will talk about the minor teams D: Why did you do this to Brazil, SM? WHY? T.T PS: Sorry my bad english, but it hurts more on me than on you
  4. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition I'll get a little risky here due to the lack of good players Please, put in there Patrick Vieira, from Palmeiras. He'll play on Brazillian's Serie B, but still playing the Libertadores. Sure he'll get a minimum of 86, and with luck he got a transfer for an Udinese...
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