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  1. Re: New League (o players, 300 Mill) Managers wanted
  2. Re: New League (o players, 300 Mill) Managers wanted Yeah just start to make it now when we got 28 managers and then make it with 32 teams so 4 teams are availeble for some managers that comes in in the very last moment.
  3. Re: New League (o players, 300 Mill) Managers wanted
  4. Re: New League (o players, 300 Mill) Managers wanted Hi all i was just wondering what it is with all those "indian teams" ? They all have the same stadium "salt lake city ? 120.000 spectators.. i see in soccer wiki that 5 teams or so have been said playing there but when i google it up i only find bengals FC and one more of those team chosen in this new gameworld so far.. If they get 120.000 spectators to most games or pretty near that amount then they would have more in income than barcelona or real madrid wich dont really make any sense does it? ( in google i was told that the max that have been there was 75.000 spectators but in bengal money that aint **** compared to the big clubs in europe LOL but i wonder how it is in the game if their income is bigger than even barcelona)
  5. Re: How to get personal contact to the SMFA about CHEAT. It just sucks... Bec it canĀ“t be more obvious what they are doing actually... Just the thing that an new manager comes in and take over bayern, and then all he does is to sell all his best players to his fellow friends of same nationality.. ;-(
  6. Hi all... This is the first thing i write in here as it is my main problem with the game right now... I am in an gameworld were there is alot of cheat going on.. we all know the rules of conduct, were we are told not to cheat in any way. Offcause there will ALWAYS be someone that falls for the temptation of cheating / manipulating the game to their own advantage.. And hopefully these persons will stop after they get their first warning(s) With this said then there are some people that DONT learn from their "misstakes" if we can call them that.. They just keep on cheating and manipulating and using "friend activity/dubbel accounts" to get their own will.. Taking over bad clubs with no good players at all but ALOT of cash since the gameworld have been going on for more than one season.. Then their chairman will allow them to offer ALOT more for an player.. even the middel classed rated players.. (under 90 in my eyes) Then they make like 4 times asking prize MAX offers for their "bad/middel rated players" so they can sell an 6 millions worth player for around 25+ millions.. then they get 25+ millions for one player only!! = one sided.. Then they also take over clubs were others just have made offers for an good/okay player that they maybe also want but had forgotten he was there to buy.. then they also take in an new account or one of their "friends" accounts to take over that club before the deal is finished = i dont get the player.. And in worst cases they might even sell that player to them selves for almost minimum prize or were they offer bad players in return to save their money but still get the player i wanted and had made an offer for that had gotten acceoted. Then they only sell players to them self = all new managers in here that arent one of their "friends" they have NO CHANCE to get an decent team up and running bec they have harvested all good players, and IF they try to make an offer they demand 4 times asking prize for middel rated players... they would NEVER sell their best players offcause to an "none friend".. Then they have started with an other way of cheating.. They got an friend to take over Bayern, then offcause they tried direct to sell both ribery, schweinsteiger etc etc to minimum prizes.. (just the thing that the first and ONLY thing an new manager does is to direct sell his very best players to his friends.. without others ever having the chance to get those players... then when some of the deals got reversed, then they just started to send the players to their extra accounts so they then can send the players to their main accounts when the transfer ban is over again. Bayern did not even need to sell players to gain more cash.. I even wrote to him and he told me that he was thinking about leaving the game so thats why he came in and wanted to help his friends!! I call it cheat when an manager comes in and just sells out of all his best players to his own friends.. it will destroy that club + give the cheaters even more advantage in getting the best players... then they have tried to bribe me with offer for some of my players for dubbel prize or something just so they would be able to say : see you do it your self so shut up!! i have refused their offers as i dont want to start to cheat my self only just to play an game.. I have told them several times that what they do is illegal and cheat, but they dont care.. i have turned in i dont know how manay deals and posible dubbel accounts ( i also turn them in if there is so close friend activity that it is actually the same thing as having both accounts them selves since they can decide prize and players how ever they want to and when they want to.) Then an other thing that bothers me is that when i try to turn in an deal explaining exactly what is going on as the SMFA wants me to when i turn in an deal, then after i dont know how many words i have written and click submit then i get the message : The deal have allready been turned in..!!?? Sure it is good that others than me have seen this deal as illegal, but the bad thing is that ALL should be able to turn an deal in even if others have done the same thing.. maybe this could show the SMFA that they might should take an closer and more personal look instead of only letting the computer SMFA monitoring system look over an deal.. if they then give the same answer back to all the turns an deal in, that is up to them.. I just want to be able to ALWAYS turn in an deal or manager for cheating even do others have done the same thing before or if an deal allready have ben investigated or an posible dubbel account user.. then they sell good players to one profile cheap, and then when the transfer ban goes out the player that sold the player try to bye the player back, but now for almost same amount of cash but also offering Christian Eriksen (i think we all know who he is = no further introduction LOL) (this is an deal with A.song that was sold for 15 millions and then bought back for 10 millions + christian eriksen... they said that he only sold him bec he was unhappy.. so there for he sold him to his friend and they had arranged he should buy him back after the transfer ban.. that is frined activity/help = illegal and cheat.. and then they even send an even better player to the other club.. Btw.. It is this gameworld i am talking about : World Championship 10749 I hop you guys can find it and come in and have an look for your self.. the most cheating clubs are : Liverpool. Sevilla, Atl. Madrid. Ajax. Villareal. Bayern (is the club getting ripped by his friends) Then Bordeaux is used to get their own will + sending as much cash to their main clubs and selling the bets players there for minimum prize to the main clubs.. I hope someoen can do SOMETHING about this.. i hope some from the SMFA can/will come in and have an personal look.. or others that want to see with their own eyes offcause.. regards // Jenny Solros..
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