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  1. Re: The Official NBA Thread Confirmed on NBA's offal site now. I honestly believe it may be Heat vs Spurs in the Final now. As you say, it's a huge loss for the Thunder. He gives them great balance defensively and he always seems to have a big block or 2 up his sleeve. Duncan will be rubbing his hands with glee.
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Been a bit quiet lately (really busy) but still taking care of my Ebbsfleet. Have upgraded in 2 positions on the pitch. George Friend and Don Cowie out, Joel Ward and David Meyler in. I also have a healthy budget so can make more moves in the near future.
  3. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread We did it again!!!!!! We're on a horrid run in the League but the Cup heroics continued. West Brom in the 4th Round. Surely we'll meet the end of the run there. This is getting silly now.
  4. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread End the season now! I'm 2nd in the table.
  5. Re: The Official NBA Thread I'm not sure what sort of stock they have now but Eastbay are always excellent when it comes to International shipping from the USA. I used to get things here in the UK about a week after ordering. Can get a bit pricey, I believe their shipping cost is about 25% of the total order value but it was all tracked and delivered in perfect condition. The NBA EU store isn't a bad option really though. Their stock prices are generally higher than other retailers but you get that back thanks to their ridiculously low shipping costs.
  6. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Rating changes have been a nice little boost for my Ebbsfleet the past few days. Lee Nicholls 75 -> 78 (+3) Rob Kiernan 76 -> 78 (+2) Jermaine Anderson 73 -> 75 (+2) Ryan Edwards 73 -> 76 (+3) George Friend 82 -> 83 (+1) Reece Brown 73 -> 75 (+2) Good stuff!
  7. Re: The Official NBA Thread Well tonight was absolutely the single worst night possible to select DJ Augustin in the Drive. What on Earth is he playing at out there tonight? Bulls all but eliminated the way they're playing.
  8. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Remarkably Lincoln continue their current unbeaten run after their second cup upset of the competition! That's now 8 matches in all competitions. League : Woking (A) : 1 - 1 League : Dartford (A) : 4 - 2 Cup : Oldham (A) : 4 - 1 League : Hyde (H) : 1 - 0 League : Barrow (A) : 5 - 1 League : Forest Green (H) : 4 - 4 League : Nuneaton (A) : 2 - 1 Cup : Doncaster (A) : 1 - 0 After beating D3 Oldham in the 1st round, we were drawn against Doncaster of D2. Tonight we picked up a 1-0 win against them! Mehdi Fennouche was the hero sending us on to the next round where we must hope for another miracle as we face top flight Aston Villa.
  9. Re: Please remove player images I'm not sure what that sort of website is, what's the structure? Does it have any similarities to sites considered as 'free hosting' like photobucket and the like? Is all the subsequent data stored on that site or does it open up say to a P2P client? If so, they use barely any data transfer. Remember, there are sites that offer free hosting to it's users, but it is not free for them. They pay for servers, server maintenance, bandwidth and security management for their services. They can just then offer it out for free thanks to advertising. It's rumoured that Facebook pay £300m a year for all their data, servers and bandwidth!! SoccerManager may not be on the same level, but there is no free hosting site around capable of meeting the SM demands. Sites like Photobucket allow you to hotlink from them up to a certain amount of data per month. Other hosting sites that offer dedicated servers and high speed data transfer (like GoDaddy) are far from free. It's a shame there are no exact figures around for how much data SM uses per month and how much storage they require, but if that information came out, you'd soon realise why they have to pay and pay a pretty decent fee too.
  10. Re: Please remove player images Not on a commercial level. Free hosting only goes up to a certain point. A site the size of SM will be paying for their hosting without doubt. I know this because I've looked into all the logistics whilst setting up my bands website. Edit - GoDaddy servers range from £68 a month all the way up to £218 a month based on what you need. They offer 4TB of storage and 20TB of bandwidth for that. SM would be high bandwidth and high storage so they'll be high up the pricing scale.
  11. Re: Please remove player images I'd imagine they're small on the squad page so that they match the amount of space needed for the text information. It would look messy if it was any bigger. You get the full size image in the players full bio. The images aren't bigger as stands because they already take up a huge amount of storage space. Web hosting is pretty expensive and for a site with the traffic that SM generates I'd imagine huge images would cost nothing short of a fortune.
  12. Re: Please remove player images I like the images as it breaks up what would otherwise be a mass wall of text. It makes things much better on the eyes. You cite them making the squad list longer as a reason for not liking them but really if you look they're hardly bigger than the Nationality image. Do you want those gone too? If so you are literally then just looking at a wall of text. That is horrible web design and nobody would ever do it. Just look at how Sky Sports list their squad pages; Chelsea | Squad | Sky Sports Would you say those images are all matching and uniformed? Yet it must work. Your problem with some images having a background and others not is not a problem with the developers, but with the community. Those who use SoccerWiki choose to upload the pictures, and other community members vote. They are the ones to blame for images no longer having the quality of past years (back when you uploaded to a game moderator).
  13. Re: The Official NBA Thread My too. I feel like I've been punched in the gut on a nightly basis. I've already picked 3 Memphis players and they lead the Thunder. And I've picked Nene, who's Wizards lead the Bulls. Last night went for James Harden and Houston finally remembered how to play! Still, at least JH grabbed me 52 points (although looks like everyone went down the Rockets route).
  14. Re: The Official NBA Thread They're brilliant but they're giving me a heart attack trying to decide on my drive to the finals picks. As it stands, I'm royally screwing things up.
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