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  1. In my game world (English Championship 25825) I've made the play-off's and it seems it's over one leg? When in real life the play-off's are played over 2 legs then the final one leg?
  2. Re: Most potential? verrati is a must!
  3. Anyone else think he should be more then 82? I've had him for a while now and he still hasn't gone up. Last went up on the 15th of August 2012, he's always scoring, he's one of the youngest people to reach 100 career league goals, surly he wants to be pushing on towards 85ish?
  4. How long does it take for transfers to come through from external clubs? Made a bid last night, and I play my games on a Wednesday night (Italian Championship 2387 if anyone's interested in joining) will it come through and him be able to play for me on the night?
  5. Re: Young Guns Thank you, much appreciated. Gone with Umtiti because the rest have already been snapped up.
  6. Re: Should I sell or keep. There's only about 6 people on there that you should get rid of, is that your whole squad or?
  7. Can anyone thing of anyone around the age of 17-20 that has 85+ that I could buy to build a decent youth team, I already have Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Nicolas Isimat Mirin, Wellington Nem and Nathaniel Chalobah.
  8. AP4588


    Is there anyway you can stop people joining game worlds and just leaving after like 3 hours? Also why do managers with like a rating of 47 not a gold manager either get offered the biggest jobs when there's like 98+ manager's don't even get a look in?
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