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  1. Is he going to have a rise to 93 any time soon? His had a great season this year, definitely think him along with a few more goal keepers needs to have a rise.
  2. Have to drop one of them in the forthcoming days, which one shall I sell off?
  3. Thinking about buying him soon, will he retain 94 rating?
  4. Is he going to get a rating rise some time soon, have had countless people say his bound to get a rise to 91+ shortly but yet to await to see that especially him being nominated for a range of achievements (Balon d'or etc). If he doesn't get a rise then I may result to selling him off along with Pogba, so does anyone know whether the time will come for a rise for him or not?
  5. Re: Edison Cavani or Robert Lewandowski Can someone respond?
  6. Going to use one of them in trading for Sergio Ramos, which one should I sell - I'm aware both strikers are on great forms currently, but got other great strikers to fill in with other's coming my team's way possibly.
  7. All three are in my substitution team along with Alba, need to sell one out of the three to sell off seeing as I have too many defenders - which one shall I sell off that doesn't have anymore hope of keeping his current rating or rising anymore or retiring soon. In addition I honestly have no concern over their current rating but I'm looking for someone out of the three that may keep their rating or increase long term wise. Note: Not selling Alba due to him being a great asset to my youth squad. - Looking for two out of the three to keep which will keep their rating or rise and will not retire long term wise (don't purchase players much anymore).
  8. In order to get Mario Gotze I have to sell off one of these two, which one should I sell? Otherwise shall I keep the two and disband getting Gotze?
  9. Seeing as Chelsea FC are on great form especially with these two and Hazard, would we see a rise to 93 for them two some time soon?
  10. Re: Robin Van Persie - Keep or Sell? Need a response as soon as possible.
  11. Title says it all, current strikers: SÁNCHEZ, Alexis LEWANDOWSKI, Robert CAVANI, Édinson VAN PERSIE, Robin SUÁREZ, Luis AGÜERO, Sergio MESSI, Lionel NEYMAR, Júnior
  12. Re: Xavi for 50 mil, should I buy? In my opinion short term it would be a great deal in purchasing Xavi however within the long term it's not so good. Sooner or later his likely to decrease; his reached his peak and won't be rising anytime soon especially with his age, so if you got a decent team then there's no use buying him when you don't make much profit anyways as his worth is going to keep decreasing. On the other hand if you need a small boost for your team and your careless about money then purchase him as his not likely to retire anytime soon and has a small chance of rising again if he performs good during the world cup.
  13. Re: Joe Hart or Hugo Lloris? Long term wise if they get unhappy would the best option be selling Hart and Lloris and keeping Courtois? (Just signed Courtois a few days and Lloris about a month ago).
  14. Re: Joe Hart or Hugo Lloris? Need a response as soon as possible please.
  15. I've got Thibaut Courtois (92), Joe Hart (92) and Hugo Lloris (92) as my three goalkeepers in my squad - I'm looking to sell one between Joe Hart and Hugo Lloris, which one shall I sell?
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