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  1. Re: Pablo PIATTI or Eduardo SALVIO? Just put a bid in for Salvio. Assuming Aguero leaves Atletico this summer, I think Salvio will rise for them and eventually be the main man. I'm sure he was bought for next season anyway and as he's younger and of course, because he plays for a better team I've gone for Salvio. Cheers for the help anyway
  2. Which one should I buy. Obviously both are huge talents, but which one has the greatest potential of being a 90+?
  3. Re: Mamadou Sakho or Emiliano Insua? Thanks a lot guys! I'm gonna put in a bid for Insua in that he's probably got better NT chances as I don't see any one else who's actually better than him (Heinze is useless). I admit that Insua was terrible at Manchester United but I'm already a big fan and I don't know enough about Sakho to spend so much money on him.
  4. I have enough money to buy one of them and both are available for about the same price (10 million). Who should I buy and why? Who has the greatest chance of rising in the future and who's the bigger talent? Here is my squad: LLORIS, Hugo GK FIORILLO, Vincenzo GK SANTON, Davide RB/LB RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB KJAER, Simon CB BOATENG, Jérôme Def/DM ZEZINHO, Santos Pinto LM/LB 18 BUSQUETS, Sergi DM/CM RODWELL, Jack DM/CB RAMSEY, Aaron CM/RM JOVETIC, Stevan AM/Fwd PJANIC, Miralem AM/Wing WILSHERE, Jack AM/Wing KAKUTA, Gaël AM/Fwd LAMELA, Erik AM/Fwd WALCOTT, Theo Wing/Fwd PEROTTI, Diego Wing/AM PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM KEKO, Sergio Gontan Wing/Fwd BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd/Wing NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/AM GALVAN, Martín Fwd LUKAKU, Romelu CF NOUBLE, Frank CF Your help is much appreciated
  5. Re: SM Getting Rid of Transfer Budget ? Very happy to see this happening. The 'new' system was a disaster to put it nicely. This is probably temporary until SM can think of some way to make it work though which saddens me :/
  6. I have a feeling a -1 is in order for this guy and I really, really, really don't want it to happen! An in form Perotti has hindered his development at Sevilla and I just hope that someone buys this guy in january because he has bags of potential!
  7. Re: Micah Richards Cheers lads much appreciated! I put in a bid to re-buy him in the hope that he would increase but looks like I'm gonna have to re-consider my defensive options
  8. Has he done enough to get a rating increase back to 90? He has played a major part in Manchester City's fabulous start to the season. I am beginning to see glimpses of the old Micah
  9. Re: Youngsters in Portugal Cheers mate 10/10 for this thread! repped
  10. Re: Youngsters in Portugal does anyone know if Rechel SIDNEI will be in for a rise in the near future? I've bought him for a few of my teams, and if I'm honest at 20-87 he seems like a really really good buy. Especially since he'd be playing for one of Portugal's top 3
  11. Re: Man Utd Collapsing ? ljajic, tosic, valencia, macheda, welbeck, rafael, fabio, petrucci, possebon, rooney and obertan. That lineup oozes talent and if Man Utd don't win the title this season, then next season it's pretty much in the bag. Watch this space!
  12. Re: Esteban cambiasso. Over rated? have you ever seen Cambiasso play? The guy is sheer class, not to mention he starts for one of the best teams in the world. 95 rating may be a tad high but it's not as crazy as some of you have made it out to be. I'd rate him at a 94/95 tbh.
  13. Re: ballack + 30 million = de rossi ? Mate, I'd bite the owner of De Rossis hand off and accept this deal instantly. Ballack is old and I doubt he'll ever get higher than De Rossi ever again!
  14. Re: LM or W needed ASAP please I've put in bids for the both of them! Cheers Sean, rep for you
  15. Re: LM or W needed ASAP please Cheers Sean! He looks like quite the prospect. Is he just a short term riser though, or does he look like the real deal? I was thinking about Nicolas Lodeiro, 19-84 rated AM/LM. What do you think?
  16. Re: Clemente LUIS FABIANO What's happened to Giovinco!?!?? Luis Fabiano should be 95 if he's rated on just the confederations cup tbh. He was sheer brilliance!
  17. Re: Ramsey vs Wilshere Remember seeing Wilshere at 16 in the Emirates cup last season make mincemeat of Sergio Ramos. He is just absolutely out of this world good.
  18. Re: LM or W needed ASAP please ahhh Hazard was taken at 125k otherwise I would have snapped him up as soon as I joined. That guys **** good. Hmmm - Pedro seems like a decent alternative tbh, think I might do some more research on him! Cheers dude :D
  19. Need a Left midfielder or a winger between the ratings of 80-85 I could go to 78/79 as long as they are bound to rise into the low/mid 80s that are about 22 years of age at the maximum for my Bradford City team. Cheers people!
  20. Re: Worst Transfer rumour that you heard Ruud Van Nistlerooy to Blackburn Rovers for 1.5 million this season. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him at ewood park. :rolleyes:
  21. Re: Raul Albiol to Real Madrid Discussion Puyol one of the best defenders in the world :confused: Puyol is decent but he's by no means the best defender in the world. He has a lot of passion, and he is the heart and soul of what Barcelona are all about, but one of the best defenders in the world? He has no pace, and everytime I've seen him against someone half decent in the air he's been terrible! He and Abidal are the weak link in Barcelonas defence IMO. Albiol is a great signing for Real Madrid, who need to strengthen their terrible defence. Think a left back and 1 more striker is needed and you should be all set for the new season.
  22. Re: TOLOI, Rafael Just put in a bid of Matteo Darmian + cash for this kid. Just hope my gamble pays off
  23. Re: The Story of A Uzbek Team lol! was a cracking player
  24. Re: MARKO MARIN / valencia ? IMO I rate Valencia higher than Marin. Valencia's proven his class in a better league and frankly, I could play through some of the German defences this season. There's no doubting that Marin is a massive talent, I just rate Valencia a little more. It's not a case of whether Valencia is moving to Manchester Utd but when he's moving. On this, I'd go for the cheaper alternative as Valencia's probably going to be playing for the better team next season. which in turn would increase his rating 90+...
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