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    Halifax Town R.I.P
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    I live and breath Football
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    Halifax Town also mad about liverpool
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    English Championship 593 (Leeds United), 500 (Barnsley), 1009 (tottenham)
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    Steven Gerrard
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    two division 3's, one division 2, one division 1 and 2 english cups
  1. Hi im in a GC and i made an offer for javi martinez the 88 rated CM who liverpool were linked with of Marko Pantelic and Santos Helder because..... I realised pantelic was a free agent so was extremely likely to go down and santos helder is at Bahia which is very low rated, but now pantelic is at ajax and i dont know if it is now worth it as i rely heavily on pantelic although i also have negredo but those two are my only 90+'s, Please can you give opinions on whether it is a godd deal and what do you think of the prospects of the 3 players involved, rep points for helpful answers please help need experts!!!
  2. I wasnt sure which section to put this in anyways last season in GC 54 i came 2nd in German league with Hertha Berlin and it says that the top 3 teams qualify for SMFA champions cup but only the champions Bayern Munich have qualified and has the 3rd placed team Werder Bremen but i haven't! I wondered if there were some previous qualifying rounds but there is nothing of the sort on my schedule. I have sent a support ticket to SM and they say it is solved but I am still not in the SMFA champions cup!! Please help has anybody else had this problem
  3. Re: Gold Championship 30 Match reports/Transfers thread. JUST WANNA SAY THAT I AM IN SMFA CHAMPIONS CUP FINAL WITH AS NANCY LORRAINE. I only have one 90 rated player in squad :D
  4. Says it all in title really, can someone help as i dont know why iv been banned from gc 58, none of my friends are GM's and i have never previously managed a team in GC 58
  5. Re: Benik Afobe- 14 year old wonderkid at Arsenal
  6. Re: Benik Afobe- 14 year old wonderkid at Arsenal well its always nice to know that there are at least sum decent english players coming up through the ranks :)
  7. Re: Young AM or you could try longer term AM's like buonanotte, feghouli, kroos, pjanic and lulinha who are all most likely to be future 90+
  8. Re: Marco Terrazzino -17 year old German Whizzkid is he on db?
  9. hi just wondering who is better toivonen or voronin as im in a gc and voronin is my best striker and toivonen is a very highly rated player just gone to psv, as manager has offered me toivonen for voronin. im thinking take toivonen but i wanna know what you think... ;)
  10. Re: soccermanager not working??? i was using firefox and just tried google chrome and ie but still no hope :mad:
  11. Re: soccermanager not working??? i hav sent a ticket on this problem
  12. hi just wondering why and if anybody else has got the same problems because it lets me log into soccermanager and then onto my home but then when i select a club it just doesnt load up this has been happenin since bout 6 oclock and its the same for all my accounts and it has nothing to do with my internet as everything else works :confused: Plz ppl giv me ur views on wats happenin as this is really annoying as sunday evening is the only proper time i hav free time
  13. Re: New Tactics,bad Player Ratings i hav noticed that after tonites games my substitutes have got match rating 3 even though they didnt even play :confused:
  14. Re: SM you have to fix this immidiatly !!!!!!!!!! hasnt it got something to do with the new transfer budget thing
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