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  1. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Version 1 looks better.
  2. Re: Graphic Design Feedback I kinda left SM; lost all my teams and everything, i may come back around, but i rarely make sigs these days. You've improved greatly btw.
  3. Re: Graphic Design Feedback There are some very nice sigs in here, i especially like the black & red sig of Kuyt. (Y)
  4. Re: Ill Make u a Sig Try this, imo it's better than paint.net and gimp http://www.sumopaint.com/app/
  5. Re: (GROUP 1) Round 3 GFX Cup 09 Voting and Comments Thread some comments on the pieces please guys.
  6. Re: ROUND 4 GFX CUP Briefing Thread avatars, my one true weakness.
  7. Re: Ashmore' Icons Totally using an Obama one.
  8. Re: Round 3 GFX Cup 09 Briefing Thread Mine is in; this working with one hand is a pain.
  9. Re: Ashmore' GFX Portfolio' I'm a fan, especially of the Natalie Portman sig; on some the text doesn't match and seems to stick out too much; good pieces tho.
  10. Re: Ashmore' Icons Very nice, may request of you soon.
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like the coloured one the most, it's nice and subtle, not overly keen on the text but it's cool enough.
  12. Re: Round 2 GFX Cup 09 Briefing Thread Bah i hate Lamps.
  13. Re: (Group 2) GFX Cup Spring Edition 09' Round 1 Voting and Comments Thread Vote for number 1
  14. Re: aZkin' Avatar Museum Can i use the Giggsy avatar please?
  15. Re: Best Signature (February) Thanks for the votes.
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