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  1. Re: Al Ahli have announced the shock signing of Fabio Cannavaro His "Real Club" on SM has been updated to Al Ahli Dubai. This should mean that he is not re-rated down when the Italian changes occur as he is not a Juventus player. He should stay 93 until middle eastern clubs are reviewed, which will not be ages. The new Van Nistelrooy perhaps?
  2. Re: Too many Set-Ups I agree. New Dutch and Portugese standard set-ups are churned out every day but no-one is joining them. Here is the take up rate for the last 10 created Portugese Leagues: League Number (Number of teams taken) 1455 (4/32) 1454 (2/32) 1453 (2/32) 1452 (3/32) 1451 (4/32) 1450 (5/32) 1449 (3/32) 1448 (7/32) 1447 (3/32) 1446 (3/32) The speed at which the leagues are created is highlighted in that league 1446 is still on turn 1 of season 1 and there have been 9 leagues subsequently created for which there has been little to no interest. I am waiting for a competitive new (eg at least 10 managers) Portugese Gameworld to join. I am not going to join one where Porto, Sporting and Benfica are going to be the only managed sides. Its a waste of time. But if only one new league was created a week maybe there would be +10 managers and a long lasting competitive set up.
  3. Re: Squad Chemistry My thoughts broadly along the same line is that there should be an incentive to buy players of the same nationality as the league. This would be a natural contributor to squad chemistry. eg if you are in an Argentinian league it would make sense that Higuan is likely to be a more effective player than an equally rated player like Berbatov who in "real life" would face cultural difficulties eg where to buy salmon tartlets in BA. This would create an added variable to the league. Instead of buying the usual suspects eg Kjaer, Vermaelen etc you would be rewarded for investing in local players or bringing back local stars in a different league. And why in the French league wouldn't a team of 90 rated French players perform better over a season than a 93 average bunch of random foreigners? The Aston Villa model perhaps.
  4. Re: Improved Ratings Schedule Yeah I have always thought the same. Everyone knows roughly what the ratings should be. They are available for months on the forum. We just need someone from SM to type them in! People will say that managers will try to get enhanced ratings for favourite players or teams or endlessly squabble but the ratings would only need be submitted by the members individually and reviewed by SM and operate within specific bands aside from the odd exceptional player as they do now. My version of the above is to have 5 "experts" submit their version of the ratings. They would be chosen on the reliability of forum input on specific league ratings. Any variances would be reviewed by SM eg where one person rates a player 85 and another 87. SM would have the final say on all ratings, they would just be submitted by members of the forum to speed up the process. Furthermore there would be a safety net review system as there is now whereby tickets can be submitted to re-review an individual players rating. It is easy to pick holes in any proposed new system or argue about the fine details but surely most people agree a radical overhaul must take place. The current rating system is destroying the playability and enjoyment of the game and despite all the input and frustration of members SM are clearly incapable or unwilling to do anything about it.
  5. Re: SM & The Ratings Schedule : The Great Mystery We can only speculate due to lack of information but my guess is that they have been planning to roll-out a revamped system of how the ratings are made but it is delayed or has fallen through. There have been several posts by SM people on the forum hinting at this, as a way of placating rising dissent over the slow ratings schedule. Either way a 12 months gap between Argentinian ratings hardly represents a step forward for the game. I'm stuck with a 4th division scottish team full of Argentinain risers that won't be doing a lot for the next two seasons. Players like Badstuber and Muller will play a full season for Bayern, most likely win the Bundesliga, go to the world cup with Germany and all the while be rated as an equal to a starting player for Crsytal Palace.
  6. Re: There are no offers. I'm pretty sure that how it works is that bids on transfer listed players by external clubs are generated by a program run by SM in the set-up which in the last month or so was not being run very often due to the maintenance. They used to run this twice a day like clockwork, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. The good old days... There are more bids now in most of my leagues but I have a spanish league where there has not been a bid on any transfer listed player from any club in four days. Bids coming in has nothing to do with asking price, re-transfer listing a player, making a bid on another player etc. Such things would just be a coincidence that you did it the same day they ran the program.
  7. Re: Players rating update schedule !!!
  8. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! 1. Armenia, Belarus, Russia & Ukraine. 2. Australia, Eastern Asia & Southeast Asia. 3. Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden. 4. Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA. 5. Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania & Rep Ireland. 6. Middle East & Africa. If they are now going to review all of the leagues above, does anyone want to guess when Argentina and Brazil will be done? My guess would be at least 3 months from now until Argentina and Brazil. It always takes them way longer than worst estimate. That will mean that they start the main European leagues in June when those seasons are finishing. If that is the case it will be 11 months since Argentina has been done...
  9. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited Revisited, Argentina and Brazil Edition. Thanks for this thread. A couple of questions on CBs. You have Gil down for 84 and Gum 83, I was hoping Gil & Gum would be looking at 85 given they played a lot of minutes last season and the huge break between ratings changes. Is that a tad optimistic? The other player Brazilian CB riser I have bought is WELINTON, Souza, who is not yet on your list. Is he looking at something between 83-85?
  10. 1. Transfer Search - only display players at unmanaged clubs When doing a Transfer Search, I think it would be good to have a "Exclude players at managed clubs" option, similar to how you can specify the nationality of the players searched. If this option was selected, only the players who meet the criteria of the search (eg GK 85-95), and who are at unmanaged clubs would show. This would make it far simpler to see what options you have when looking for a new striker etc In days gone by unmanaged clubs would show in italics but this is no longer the case. The only way to see now is to click on the player and see if the club he belongs to is external or unmanaged. 2. Transfer Search - any position When doing a transfer search there are options for "Any Defender" etc but no option for "Any Position". Coupled with number 1 above you could quickly list for eg all players above 90 not currently at managed clubs, rather than doing a separate search for each position. 3. Finances I'm not an accountant but it would be great if there were some indication as to what your breakeven total squad player wages need to be. I know income is variable but perhaps there could be a rolling 5 week calculation of costs/income that excludes player sales/purchases from which you can ascertain for example, that if your total squad wages are above $700,000 you will be losing money. This would greatly assist budgeting for managers planning to manage smaller clubs on a long term basis and is similar to what a manager would be faced with in real life. It could simply be a statement under the finances section saying something like, "Chairman recommends you maintain total wages at $700,000 to maintain present financial conditions" 4. Notepad I have been using the Notepad a lot lately but need to open a new window as it is in the Home page and the notes I take are all specific to an individual club that I manage eg "Buy Thiago Silva when have funds. Sell Pastore after Transfer Ban". As the notes I take are specific to each club, it would be far easier to have an additional notepad added in the drop down menu of the club. 5, Table Totals in "Club Transfers" section In the tables in the Club Transfer section there are table totals for Transfers In and Transfers Out but not the shortlist. Could these totals be extended to the Shortlist especially , but also "Players In Bids" and "Player Out Bids"? The reason is that if I take over a new club and have eg $20m in the bank, I want to know if I have sufficient funds to buy the players I am adding to my shortlist without doing manual calculations. 6. Transfer Listing Players Many others have stated that we should be able to bulk transfer list players and i'm sure SM are looking into it. The other thing that is a waste of time is having to set an "Asking price" when this has no impact on the bid made by managed or unmanaged clubs. If managers want to set a minimum fee they can do so using the minimum fee option, but the asking price appears to me to be a redundant feature. 7. Quicklinks I like the new Quicklinks but think it would be great if we could choose what we have Quicklinks to. Otherwise, could we possibly get "Shortlist" added to the Quicklinks? Anyway, just some small ideas, apologies if already mentioned.
  11. Re: Game engine hiccups - does this sound right? my 3-5-2 just got beaten 7-1 by a 4-4-2!!!! 7-1 that is crazy. My previous biggest loss all season was 2-0. I've never had a team put 7 on me in 2 years in the game. Shots on target 11 each, possession 49-51. Clubs evenly matched in average player ratings. Something has changed dramatically.
  12. Re: Player Concerns Just some more thoughts on player concerns; 1. There should be a behind the scenes sliding scale so that squads of 30 aren't subject to the same degree of concerns as squads of 130. eg a squad of 30, first team average of 90, an 85 rated player should not develop concerns about lack of game time. As with real life he should realise there are better players ahead of him and he has to improve (ratings increase) or wait his turn (injuries). He should have concerns though if he is 1 of 100 players not playing. This would ensure managers of clubs with small squad numbers who do the right thing are not punished due to the excesses of others. - It should be difficult to sign players when you have an enormous squad. Cut the problem off before it eventuates. If we are saying that these players now have intelligence, then why would a 75 rated player sign for a club with 100 other 75 rated players and a first team average rating of 90, and then decide he has concerns? If a manager who hogs all the risers starts to miss out on the new stars and big risers because they won't sign for an oversized club he will soon trim his squad size. - Players should decline in transfer value toward the end of their contract as they do in real life. My understanding is that an unhappy player will not sign a new contract. But the player hoarding manager knows he can sell him at full value up until the final week of the contract. A manager hoarding stars or 100 risers would then say "I am going to have to sell him, may as well do it now while I can still get some cash". This would see a more immediate decline in excessive squad numbers and maybe reduce the likelihood of selling one hoarded player to buy another soon to be hoarded player.
  13. Re: Player Concerns I would just like to raise a few concerns over the perceived benefits of these changes. I am only a level 3 concern at the moment so no need to panic; 1. A hypothetical example. Man Utd is hogging 6 strikers of mid 90s rating. This is the scenario the Player Concerns are aimed at preventing. Due to the concerns they decide to sell the worst two, say Van Nistelrooy and Raul. The perceived and explicitly stated benefit is that small clubs will now benefit from having access to these players. But with the new finances, what small club will have $25m to buy these players? Why would a smaller club buy players these types of players ie expensive droppers? How can we afford their wages? There is no redistribution of wealth. The big club gets $50m cash from the sale of their worst player options. What do they do with the cash? They go into the market and buy up mid 80 rated risers which are the sole means of survival of the smaller clubs. 2. The reason I play this game is so that the small clubs I support in real life can achieve a level of success they will never achieve in real life. Without that, my time here is done. Now everytime I log on and see I have new messages I get that same feeling in my stomach that I get when I see that I have a text message from one of my ex-girlfriends. What are these ungrateful whingers at me about this time. I've just lost a lot of motivation over this. I already know a young gun like Badstuber wouldn't want to play for my club in real life, that is why I play the game. If in my small club a player like Badstuber gets concerns, after I nurtured him from a mere boy, then guess what Holger, you're not the only one who doesn't want to be a part of the club anymore.
  14. Re: Player Concerns I completely agree with MBN's comments above. For example, I have a squad with 65 players. 30 of these players are players who are awaiting a rise and have their transfer bans completed. When they are re-rated, all these players will be sold and my squad number will be 35. The source of the high squad number in this case is not player hogging. If the player (eg Pedro of Barcelona) has concerns it should be, "Player is concerned about lack of first team football/transfer due to slow ratings schedule" Could the SM person who has been so kind to comment on this thread be so kind as to advise; 1. Does SM see the slow ratings schedule as an issue? 2. If so, is there going to be a solution forthcoming? 3. Why now are there problems with irregular transfer bids from unmanaged teams and why do some transfers not go through for days after being accepted? Or is this now what our ongoing level of expectations should be? 4. Is there going to be a new ratings schedule released that makes a legitimate attempt to communicate to the members when the various leagues are likely to be reviewed? I love the game and am only commenting because I want the game and my experience with it to improve. It is just frustrating to see the game slow down so much, without even the briefest attempt at communication, and with resources spent on new improvements rather than rectifying core problems.
  15. Re: Player Concerns SM have introduced a change (Player Concerns) to deal with a problem of their own creation (Slow Ratings Schedule causing increased squad numbers). My large squad numbers are not caused by player hogging, they are caused by the slow system of rating review. To me this is just another pointless effort by SM to derail all the time and effort that people who put into managing small clubs. I have no interest in managing Man Utd. My interest in this game is managing a lowly ranked team that will one day compete with Man Utd. The opportunity to do this continues to erode. Low attendances. Youth player values dropping to half their worth. Now, 72 player rated players who think they should be in the first team and every player who rises demanding a wage increase. The Player Concerns is simply incompatible with the slow system of ratings changes in SM. If players were re-rated every 3 or 4 months we would all have squads of 30. When a player is re-rated only on a 9 month basis it is simply not possible to turn over your risers and keep your squad number low, which is what we all want to do. Why is SM devoting its time to these so called improvements when the transfer system has deteriorated to a joke. We used to get two sets of bids from unmanaged clubs per day, now it is an irregular one per week. We used to bid for a player and get him in 24 hours, now the transfer bid drifts endlessly in no mans land for days. SM - Please fix the problems before you create new ones.
  16. Does anyone know at what time of the day player offers are made by unmanaged teams to players on the transfer list? eg if you have ten players transfer listed and get offers for five, those offers are made in bulk at a few certain times rather than randomly through the day. I think one is run at about 10am game time and one in the late afternoon?
  17. Re: Ramon Torres Darley - Feyenoord no.1? www.goal.com picked him as goalkeeper in the team of the week, comment as follows... "Darley (Feyenoord): The young Brazilian could be the answer to Feyenoord’s alleged goalkeeper problem. Darley pulled off a number of world class saves against Lasse Schone, Moestapa el Kabir and Bkorn Vleminckx. Too bad he sustained an injury and had to leave the pitch halfway through." Sounds like a buy and a big riser unless the injury is serious.
  18. Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL) This is meant to be a Player Ratings Forum not a place to make well known announcements about Man City recruitment. "Player Ratings Discuss players which you think are under/over rated. If looking for advice, please use the Help section."
  19. Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL) that is a copy of a news story not a comment or question regarding Tevez's player rating.
  20. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Insider, can you give a sneak preview mention of a few players rated in their early to mid 80s who are likely to rise in the next brazillian ratings and that will be in Part 2 of your analysis ? My club has some dosh but it's manager has no patience! Much appreciated.
  21. Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL) possibly the least interesting player ratings thread i have ever read.
  22. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Hello Insides, is there an estimated release date for Part 2 as yet?
  23. Does any Arsenal fan out there have any idea as to whether Wenger is planning to use either of Aaron Ramsey (84 rated) or Jack Wilshere (80 rated) much in the coming campaign? They both smack of being potentially good buys for lower division clubs in new standard setups but I would rather use the funds elsewhere if they are just going to play the odd cup match or late sub in EPL games and be +1 or +2 risers.
  24. Re: TiOChIrI's talent players!! A question. According to the Guardian website, Douglas Costa of Gremio has made 3 sub appearances totalling a whopping 39 minutes in the 8 matches of this season, none of which were in the last month. Seeing as your forecast rating change is on next rating and the Brazilian ratings are in a month, how can he be up for a ratings increase of 6 or 7? Wouldnt stay or plus 1 be more accurate?
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