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  1. Re: Rodrigo Marcos dos Santos- The Destroyer Hello...Another great thread by Sheva. Rodrigo Mancha definitely seems worth a buy and looks to have a very bright future. I like these type of players where they try to break up the attack no matter what , just like Mascherano, Zapater, De Rossi etc: So good scout and keep it up!!!( Thinking of retiring already )
  2. Re: arsenal players are underrated Hello....Arsenalfan2010 I am a really big Arsenal fan but really don't agree with any of your ratings for the Arsenal players. Almunia is a great goalie and has pushed out Lehmann but tht doesn't mean he is going to get a rise to 93. I mean, I don't think Almunia reaches anywhere close to the level of Van Der Sar for the time being ( a bit cruel but yes I feel it is true) Sagna has been excellent for Arsenal but still he had got an increase of +2 and I don't think Soccermanager are going to be so generous to give another +2 or +3. Yes, he was the best RB in the Premier league but still a bit to go to reach levels like 93. Same for Clichy, he has soo much potential to become a 93 or higher due to his consistent and superb performances. But, still he hasn't reached the level of Patrice Evra as yet I feel.( even though he got voted best LB in Premier League) Fabregas has been excellent and the heart of Arsenal but still he is just not better thn Gerrard. Gerrard is the best CM in the world in my opinion and I feel Fabregas can reach tht position one day definitely, but not yet. So 95 is fine. Adebayor maybe should be a 93 but his dip in performances in the late time of the league earned him only an increase to 92. So, I would think he has has to keep up his performances throughout the league and really he can reach 93,94. But really... I do not think Adebayor is as good as Rooney. Rooney has been such a hard worker and really does the dirty work for Man U so I would feel the 96 would stay for Rooney due to his consistent and hard working performances( as firstly I don't think his job is to score goals, that is for Tevez and Ronaldo...LOL) Van Persie and Eduardo are great players no doubt. But still I mean Van Persie did get injured a lot of times so I would think a decrease was going to come( but no doubt I will see him higher thn 93 one day). Eduardo I was pretty suprised maybe as he just got injured and thn immediately decreased. A bit unfair but still I dont think he is rated the same as Aguero or Berbatov. If Eduardo was 93 thn Aguero would be much higher.lol. Arsenal are a great team as thy have great team chemistry, maybe not the highest rated players. It doesn't really matter thy still play amazing football together.
  3. Re: Mahir Saglik -> 27 goals in 34 games!! Hello....Great spot mate. Surely a talent right here, will pick him up for my club since he is only for about 1.8 mil. Seeing him move to VFL Wolfsburg and if he gets good playing time he would be in for good rises. So, Great scouting and hope to see Mahir Saglik become a star....
  4. Re: Will David Villa and Robben go up? Hello....I agree with Welshman on the fact that thy won't increase unless thy carry these consistent performances not only throughtout Euro's but also thy should prove themselves in their respective clubs. I mean Robben and Villa by far had a very dissapointing league but are really proving themselves in the Euro's. So, hopefully thy perform consistently and earn an increase when time comes.
  5. Re: MLS - Some USA League Risers Coming Up... Hello....anyways Tj h a good post with all their matches played, goals scored etc: some good players that are pretty good to sign.....Robbie Rogers looks like the pick of the lot. But, I think a rise to 83-86 might be a bit too generous. I mean looking at the MLS league thy are rated pretty low, so I dont see Rogers rising to 83-86, maybe 79-82.But, Most probably I would see Rogers rise to 80. But, good job and definitely would like to buy Rogers anyways, seems a good talent!!!
  6. Re: Ars4nal_4ever's impressive list of cheap hot prospects/imminent risers... Hello....Great Job mate. Some very good talents mentioned in this thread ( some were mentioned before but still a good way to shine some light on them, lol). You definitely seemed to have worked hard I would rep you for some great work but I dont think my rep will count for much LOL . But, still keep it up and great job!!!
  7. Re: Hello.... Hello...how are you guys??? Thanks a lot for the great welcome. I hope to give my best and just recently have posted my first thread on the Player talent scout. It's just a start so hopefully it is pretty good. Anyways, thanks again guys for the welcome.
  8. Re: Erwin Isaacs Hello...so sorry Seftinho I couldn't reply to your question soon, I was a bit busy. Sorry. Anyways, Erwin Isaacs has played 25 matches and scored 12 goals, but the rest of the team is rated 76/77 which might lead him to not get a big rise. I would say a rise to 78 or 79. But, still he is great potential for the future but like Sheva20 said he needs to move out of Engen Santos to realise his full potential.
  9. Hello....I made this thread due to the South African ratings coming up pretty soon. So I am going to write something in detail about Erwin Isaacs from Engen Santos(in the PSL), I used the search tool and found that Bestpay had already mentioned him but only in ratings....but credit to him for mentioning him and making a great thread. Great Job BestPay!!! Erwin Isaacs Born: December 1986 Club: Engen Santos( ranked 3rd this time in the PSL league) Current Rating: 76 Position: Winger Erwin Isaacs has been phenomenal for Engen Santos for the past 2 seasons. Scoring 11 goals in the 2006/2007 season but not only that, he has scored 12goals in the 2007/2008 season. Also he is the top goal scorer for Engen Santos team and the third top goal scorer in the PSL league( he was down by only 2 goals) Also he seems to be a confident player with good control and pace as I quote " The nippy striker outran his marker and smartly side-footed the ball past the goalkeeper". He is very important to the team as he scores winning goals and gives consistent performances as the team manager said..."In contrast, Isaacs inspirational performances have led Engen Santos on an amazing winning streak. So, If truth be told, this is a young man with a sparkling future." Also, To end he was also had a chance to win the ABSA Premiership Player of the Season.( But he didn't win it) So I think he is a great player and a good talent with a great future, a good buy for smaller clubs or any.
  10. Re: Hello.... LOL.... Thanks Widdy for the warm welcome, and by the way my cooking is Pathetic...really can't cook, if i do find some recipes will send them to you ASAP. LOL. Anyways, thanks Widdy and will take your advice!!!
  11. Hello...Thanks, thnks a lot...will read the rules and I won't Spam...I have seen what happens when those rules have not been followed...lol...anyways.... see ya....
  12. Hello.... My name is Daniel Currie and I am from India. I have been on Soccermanager for quite a while and look on the forums a lot. So, I thought it would be a good idea to join the forum and also my friend Sheva20 persuaded me to join as well. So, hopefully I will be able to contribute a lot and fit in well with everybody in the forum... Thanks...
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